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iTunes Movies to MP4

4 Ways to Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 Easily

by Christine Smith • 2020-06-23 21:05:14 • Proven solutions

It is quite annoying when you fail to play the iTunes downloaded movies on your non-Apple devices and players. It happens because iTunes uses M4V format to encode its films, TV shows, and other videos. Moreover, these videos are protected by Apple’s FairPlay DRM policy that makes iTunes M4V videos restricted to play only on Apple devices. So if you wish to enjoy iTunes content on non-Apple players, the best solution is to convert iTunes movies to MP4 format. Being a universally accepted format, MP4 is compatible with playing on all types of devices and players. The following part lists the best and free online ways to convert iTunes to MP4.

Part 1. How to Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 on Windows (DRM-Protected)

Movies downloaded from iTunes are in the M4V format, and they may or may not be protected by Apple’s FairPlay DRM Copy Protection. So even if the movies are DRM-free, there might be compatible issues playing on other devices and players. Thus, MP4 conversion is needed. Professional software is required for the task to ensure quality conversion, and here we recommend Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate). It is an excellent program supporting over 1000 formats for conversion and process the entire task at super fast speed owing to its APEXTRANS technology. You can even personalize your videos before conversion using the inbuilt video editor. The movies after conversion are without any quality loss and can be played on your desired device.

Supported iTunes version:iTunes V12.9.3 and earlier versions

Wondershare UniConverter - Best iTunes Converter for Windows / Mac (Catalina Included)

Mac MOV to MP4 converter
  • Allows converting M4V (iTunes Movie) to MP4 without any quality loss.
  • M4V to MP4 video conversion is 30 times faster as compared to other converters.
  • Allows converting multiple iTunes M4V video files to MP4 format with just simple clicks.
  • Convert M4V to other video formats, and specific devices targeted preset profiles.
  • Download videos from 10,000+ sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, AOL, and others.
  • Support download YouTube playlist and subtitles together.
  • Works as powerful editing software with features like merging, rotating, adding special effects, adding metadata, cropping, and others.
  • Works as a perfect all-in-one DVD toolkit with features like converting DVDs, editing DVDs, and burning DVDs.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/2003/XP/Vista, Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7.
Security Verified. 5,481,347 people have downloaded it.

Steps to Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 Using Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1 Launch iTunes movie converter to MP4 and import iTunes movies.

Open Wondershare UniConverter on your PC/Mac. Click +Add Files from the Convert tab to browse and add iTunes movies present on your system. You can also drag and drop the files. Multiple files for batch processing can be added.

Import iTunes movies to iTunes movie converter to MP4

Step 2 Edit file and Choose MP4 as output format.

The added files appear as thumbnails with details on the interface. To edit the files, if needed, select desired edit icons under the thumbnail. Next, open the drop-down menu beside the Convert all files to option on the top-right corner. Choose MP4 as the output format from the Video tab. You can keep the resolution as the source file or choose as needed.

Edit file and Choose MP4 as output format

Step 3 Convert iTunes movie to MP4.

At the Output tab, select location on PC where you want to save the converted file. Click the Convert All button to start the process of converting iTunes movies to MP4 format.

Convert iTunes movie to MP4


For iTunes V12.9.3 and earlier versions, you can use Wondershare UniConverter to convert iTunes videos to MP4 and play. If it fails to convert iTunes videos and play, please record the iTunes video first, and then convert the recorded video to MP4 and play. Just move to How to Record Videos Easily >> to learn more.

Part 2. How to Convert iTunes Video to MP4 Mac

Unlike Windows, Mac has a more strict limitation to iTunes DRM-protected video conversion. These videos with Fair-Play protection cannot be changed and played on non-Apple devices. Still, if you need to convert DRM-protected videos to MP4 on Mac for playing much easier, there is another way to do so. You can play and record the video. Good software is needed for the same, and we recommend Wondershare UniConverter. Using this trusted program, you can record the video in high quality, and the default MP4 format makes it compatible with a range of devices. The process of video recording is fast and straightforward. You can even edit the videos after recording if needed.

How to convert iTunes to MP4 Mac using Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

Before proceeding with the steps below, open and keep the DRM-protected iTunes video ready on your Mac.

Step 1 Open Wondershare iTunes video to MP4 converter.

Launch UniConverter on your Mac. Open the Download tab from the primary interface and click the Record button.

Enter the record section of Wondershare iTunes video to MP4 converter

Step 2 Adjust the recording frame.

A pop-up window of screen recording will appear for adjusting the frame of the video. You can drag the frame to adjust, pinch the edges, or can enter the desired width and height of the recording area. To change the recording setting like record timer, frame rate, file location, and others, hit the drop-down button.

Adjust the recording frame

Step 3 Start playing iTunes movies.

To start the recording process, click the REC button. A 5 seconds countdown window will appear when you can play your video to make it ready for recording.

Step 4 Stop recording iTunes movies.

When the entire video is played, click the Rec button to stop the recording.

stop recording iTunes movie

The recorded video will appear under the Finished tab. By default, the recorded video is in MP4 format, and you can transfer your MP4 videos to many devices with Wondershare UniConverter conveniently.

convert iTunes movies to mp4 mac

Part 3. FAQs About iTunes Movies to MP4

1. Can Handbrake Convert iTunes Movies to MP4?

Handbrake is an open-source, multi-platform video transcoder that supports a wide range of formats and facilitates video conversion. When it comes to iTunes movies, this free program allows converting the DRM-Free iTunes movies to MP4 format. But DRM-protected film cannot be converted using Handbrake.

Steps to convert iTunes movies DRM Free to MP4 using Handbrake:

Step 1: Download, install, and launch Handbrake on your PC.

Step 2: Hit the Source key to browse and select M4V videos on your PC.

Step 3: Under Output settings, select MP4. You can also choose the codec, bit rate, and frame rate.

Step 4: Click Start to proceed with iTunes movies to MP4 conversion.

Handbrake convert iTunes movies to MP4

2. How to Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 Free Mac (DRM-Free)?

If you are looking for a free solution to convert iTunes video to MP4 on Mac, VLC Media Player proves to be a decent choice. Using this media player, you can turn your M4V videos to MP4 in good quality. Here it again needs to be remembered that only DRM-free files can be converted and not the DRM-protected ones.

Steps to convert iTunes movies to MP4 using VLC:

Step 1: Open VLC Media player on your Mac. Open the Media drop-down menu and choose Convert/Save from the available list. A pop-up window will open from where you select M4V videos that you want to convert.

Step 2: Choose the Convert/Save button on the lower-right corner. Choose Video –H.264+MP3 (MP4) from the profile menu.

The M4V files will be converted to MP4.

convert iTunes Movies to MP4 free Mac

3. How to Convert iTunes Movie to MP4 Online (DRM-Free)?

Besides desktop software, there are several online converters available as well that needs no software download or installation. These online tools can be used directly from the browser and are free most of the time. One such online tool to convert M4V iTunes video to MP4 is Online UniConverter (originally Compatible with Windows and Mac system, this online program allows a maximum of up to 100MB file upload and supports an array of formats for conversion. Only DRM-free videos can be converted by using this method.

Steps on how to convert iTunes movies to MP4 using Online UniConverter

Step 1: Open Online UniConverter on your PC/Mac browser. Click +Add your files to import M4V videos present on your system.

Step 2: At Convert to tab, select MP4 as the output format.

Step 3: Click Convert to start the process of converting M4V to MP4.

Once the conversion is complete, you can download the MP4 video from the link at the program interface.

convert iTunes Movie to MP4 online

4. How Do I Remove DRM from iTunes Movies?

A lot of movies, TV shows, and other video content purchased on iTunes have DRM Fair-Play Copy Protection by Apple to prevent illegal distribution of the files. DRM protected movies and videos cannot play on non-Apple devices and can neither be converted to any other format. DRM policy cannot be removed from the iTunes movies. There are different ways like recording or converting to play these movies on non-Apple devices, as discussed in the above parts of the article by Wondershare UniConverter. Download and have a free trial now.

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