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What Is Anaglyph 3D, and How To Create Anaglyph 3D Images?

We are experiencing the peak of the cinematic industry, with new and creative cinematography introduced with each passing day. Everyone has once in their lifetime watched or thought of a 3D movie. Cinemas are the best option for watching these movies if you want to experience the best 3D experience. But some prefer to enjoy these in their alone time.

3D images impose an optical illusion for the brain, causing us to see the trick but viewing these images is only possible with 3D glasses. Because each eye perceives what is in front of it differently and conveys that information to the brain, we can perceive 3D in the real world. When the brain combines the two images, a natural 3D image is appropriately perceived.

Have they ever wondered how you can watch these movies at home? What do you need to watch these images and movies at home? Is it possible to produce a 3D anaglyph at home? What are anaglyph 3D photos? We have created this article for you so that these questions can be answered and help you learn more about anaglyph 3D images.

What Is Anaglyph 3D

Since the 1850s, anaglyph technology has been around. It was an excellent technique for producing black-and-white photos because wearing colored lenses did not necessitate any compromises in color quality. Anaglyph 3D is far less suitable for recent full-color photos since the colors it employs to encode 3D information are also present in the final image.

Layered pictures that, when viewed through red-cyan glasses, create an optical 3D illusion are known as anaglyph 3D. These glasses have red lenses on the left and cyan lenses on the right, so the stacked image is seen differently by the left and right eyes.

When using red and cyan filters, the right look can only view the green or blue portions of the anaglyph image, while the left eye can only see the red component, making the green and blue parts of the image dark.

example anaglyph 3d

The 3D technology is becoming more and more popular in the film industry. Artists are even using it to give their masterpieces a sense of depth.

3D images can be very hard to focus on without 3D glasses, but once we stare at the images for a long time, they become more clear and more vivid. To get a better view of the image, the viewer can move away from the image, or the images that are projected to the viewer should be from different angles. This can enhance the experience of the viewer and can create intriguing optical illusions.

The original 2D frames are converted into 3D images using a 2D to 3D converter or color filters in an anaglyph camera. Similar filters are used in the viewer's eyeglasses; the left and right images should be sent to the respective eyes. Most typical glasses have cyan on the right and red on the left lens. The cyan lens blocks out the blue and green, while the red lens blocks out the red. Colors like red/green and red/blue are also used.

We know that everyone wonders if these glasses are available or if they are looking to buy 3D glasses. The common and cheap anaglyph 3D glasses are made of cardboard, and the lens is made of blue and red paper. There are also plastic glasses with glass lenses. They are not too expensive and are widely available in the market.

If an individual wants to enjoy the complete 3D experience, we would recommend buying 3D glasses made from plastic and glass lenses. These are reliable and efficiently filter the images so you can feel the scene's depth.


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How To Create Anaglyph 3D Images With Photoshop?

While viewing anaglyph 3D images, ensure that you have anaglyph 3D glasses to see this nifty trick. You can easily recreate this incredible effect with your photos and videos for an exciting twist.

In this part, we will discuss how to create these anaglyphs 3D images using Adobe Photoshop with a step-to-step user guide.

Step 1. Open Photoshop on your system and open the image in photoshop.

open photoshop on your system

Step 2. After the image is loaded, duplicate it (by pressing Crtl+J or Command+J), double tap on the first layer, and rename it right and the other layer left.

double tap on the first layer

Step 3. Select the layer' right' and right-click; a dropdown menu will pop up. From there, choose Blending Options.

select the layer right

Step 4. A window will pop up; go to Blending Options, uncheck red from the channels on the correct layer, and press OK.

go to blending options

Step 5. Repeat the above step but uncheck the Green option from channels on the left layer and press OK.

uncheck the green option

Step 6. Now select the left layer and move it (by pressing Crtl+T or Command+T) to the left using the left arrow key.

select the left layer

Step 7. Your anaglyph 3D image is ready.

anaglyph 3d image is ready

Is There Any Technology To Watch a 3D Movie With the Naked Eye?

In today's cinematography, 3D is incredibly important. For fans of 3D technology, more and more films are being released. Most of us have experienced 3D movies in theatres or 3D rides in amusement parks. They give the spectator a full 3D experience that allows them to feel as though they are physically present in the picture.

And we know that enjoying these intriguing rides and movies is impossible without 3D glasses.

It's pretty safe to assume that whether you like 3D or not, you won't always have a pair of 3D glasses on you. What if we told you that there is a way to view 3D movies at home without those 3D glasses?

In this part of the article, we introduce you to software that allows viewing 3D images without the hassle of keeping and seeing through the anaglyph 3D glasses.

The application name is Wondershare Ani3D, an application introduced by the renowned software company Wondershare. The software is available for computers only; the mobile version is not currently available. The application can be used on both Windows and Mac. It allows you to view 3D images with the naked eye through the built-in function 'Split Depth 3D'.

The steps on how to view 3D videos on Wondershare Ani3D are given below. Follow these steps, and you will see your 3D movie at home in no time.

Step 1. Open the application.

Step 2. After the application is opened, you can see that the interface is straightforward to understand. The application offers two options for viewing 3D videos, and one is to view videos with the naked eye. And the other allows you to video 3D videos in VR. Here we will only see how the Split Depth 3D video option works.

split depth 3d video option

Step 3. A button at the bottom left for adding files to the player. Click on Add File to import files to Wondershare Ani3D.

click on add file

Step 4. Choose the 3D files you want to view without the glasses and import them to the application.

choose the 3d files to view

Step 5. After importing the file in Ani3D, you can trim the video's length before conversion by the slider given.

trim the videos length

Step 6. After that, click on the Preview Button to start the process.

click on the preview button

Step 7. After clicking on Export, a window will pop up. Here you can change the save directory for the file, the file format in which it will be saved, the resolution of the video, and the frame rate. Then after the changes have been done, click on the export button.

change the save directory for the file

Step 8. Let the process be completed by clicking on the Export button. Your video has been processed and can be viewed with the naked eye.

clicking on the export button


This article was written to quickly understand an anaglyph 3D image and how to create an anaglyph image in Photoshop with a step-by-step guide. We also discussed that viewing 3D photos is not possible without glasses. Hence, we also included a short part for you on how to view anaglyph 3D videos without the glasses, a software name Wondershare Ani3D to be used for viewing these videos, and a detailed step-to-step guide on how to use the software. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Ani3D tool and start experimenting by yourself.

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