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Vocal Remover
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Best vocal remover to remove vocals from any song automatically with AI algorithm. Both Online and Desktop solutions are provided.

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Best Vocal Remover for
Music Lovers & Musical Instrument Fans

Enjoy singing

Karaoke: Enjoy singing

Singing typically makes people happy. Karaoke is a great way to release stress and anxiety while socializing with friends. If you like singing, you can use our Vocal Remover to remove vocals from a song to turn it into a karaoke.
remove vocals from a song

Light music: Level up your day

Enhance your day by extracting vocals from a song, leaving only the background music while working, studying, reading, or meditating. Enjoy light music by separating vocals from music using Vocal Remover of UniConverter.
remove vocal song

Practice playing instruments

As the best instrumental remover, UniConverter supports removing musical instrument sounds from music. You can practice playing the instrument you like without any hassle.

Powerful Vocal Remover App for Music Producers & DJs

Take your music to the next Level!

Get high-quality vocals and instrumental tracks from any audio file to create your own song! Vocal Remover of UniConverter automatically isolates voice and instruments in any song with an AI algorithm. As a music producer, you can easily make your own music with extracted accompaniment.
song vocal remover

Cheer up your audience with DJ remix!

After removing vocals from a song, you can save the vocals or instrumental track to use in DJ. DJs can easily inspire and motivate the audience in bars or clubs by making a remix using the vocals or accompaniment isolated by UniConverter.
vocal remover and isolation

Why choose Vocal Remover of UniConverter

Vocal Remover of UniConverter VS. Vocal Remover Online
Software Vocal Remover of UniConverter
Vocal Remover Online
Easy To Access
Speed Fast Slow
Audio File Size Without limit Limited audio file size
Supported File Formats MP3, M4A, WAV, OGG,
Convert Karaoke
Video to Audio (With built-in Converter)
No Ads
100% Free With limitations (Some of them)

How to remove vocals from a song easily

Frequently Asked Questions about Vocal Remover

Is Vocal Remover of UniConverter free to use?
Yes, users can download UniConverter and use the feature of Vocal Remover for free now, but it is only free for a limited time. However, you can use this new feature without limits during the free trial period.
Vocal Remover removes vocals from a song with AI technology. Users can get the karaoke audio file and isolated vocals easily. Once you upload a song to the Vocal Remover, it will automatically analyze the audio/video file and you will get high quality karaoke tracks from your song.
Vocal Remover allows users to remove vocals from music files in the MP3, M4A, WAV, OGG, MP4, MOV, MKV, and AVI formats. However, it is limited to MP3 export. If you want the vocals or karaoke in another format, you can open the exported file with UniConverter's Converter feature and convert the MP3 file to any format you want.
Import the audio file with the vocals you want to isolate, and the Vocal Remover of UniConverter will begin analyzing it. In a matter of seconds, the vocals and instrumental track will be fully isolated.
Yes, simply upload your YouTube video to UniConverter's Vocal Remover. Your YouTube video's vocals will be automatically removed.

More than just a Vocal Remover