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Change your voice online with diverse sound effects to add fun, hide gender, etc. in a video or audio before uploading to social platforms or sharing with others in a group chat. Get all solutions you need: PC version for handling large files and diverse formats reliably, and an online version for quick and easy access.

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Modify Voice with 5 Different Sound Effects

UniConverter Voice Changer offers 5 different sound effects and you can add a desired voice emulator to change your voice like male, female, child, robot or transformer depending on the occasions.
Editing the voice of other recorded videos can also be achieved effortlessly and instantly.

Male Sound Effect
Female Sound Effect
Baby Sound Effect
Robots Sound Effect
Transformer Sound Effect

Add Fun to Any Video or Audio

UniConverter Voice Changer is a powerful tool to bring you fun. With professional level voice effects, you can give full play to your creativity and can add some hilarious sound effects in a video/audio to cheer your friends up or change your voice to a robot to surprise your family when sending voice message to them.

Add Fun to Any Video or Audio

Protect Your Privacy by Hiding Gender

Have you ever tried to disguise your true voice and hide identity with a voice effect when sending your audio to others? UniConverter Voice Changer is a good helper to prohibit privacy disclosure. It enables you to achieve a voice change from male to female or from adult to child, etc. so as to protect your voice from being recognized.

Protect Your Privacy by Hiding Gender

Frequently Asked Questions about Voice Changer

How many voice effects does UniConverter offer? Does it support batch conversion?
UniConverter Voice Changer provides 5 different voice effects, namely, the voice effect of male, female, child, robot and transformer. It also allows batch conversion of videos and audios and you just need to click the button of “Apply to All” to achieve batch conversion.
No, UniConverter Voice Changer is a tool easy to operate and you can follow the guide to achieve voice change within just a few steps.
It’s not allowed to customize in Voice Change tool directly, but you can upload the resultant audio file across the Editor of UniConverter to customize it accordingly after converting your voice.
Yes, the converted voice is accessible in real time after you add a desired sound effect and export the file.