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Perpetual Plan of UniConverter 15
  • More AI-based features (Most at no extra cost). Tips
  • 130x faster, even in batch processing.
  • Compress video/audio to the smallest size in higher quality.
  • UniConverter 15 and the original product you have can be used simultaneously.
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1. Users who bought Subscription Pan (Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Plan) or Perpetual Pan (after 05/01/2022) of UniConverter 13/12 can get our Brand New UniConverter 15 totally free. You only need to download and apply the original Wondershare ID to use UniConverter 15.

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2. Please check the Rules section to see whether your situation has been covered.

3. If your situation still cannot be explained, please contact the support team at to get more information, and you will receive an email reply within 24 hours.


Highlights of UniConverter 15

Conversion speed improved
Newly Upgraded Conversion Speed

Newly Upgraded Conversion Speed

130x faster now! More powerful GPU acceleration to boost file conversion speed. Speed up the conversion of multiple files in different formats in the time it takes to convert just one file.

Conversion speed improved
Improved Compression Quality

Improved Compression Quality

Compress video and audio to the smallest size with nearly zero quality loss while enjoying the NEW level speed.

Conversion speed improved
4K/8K playback is smoother

4K/8K Playback Is Smoother

Support up to 8K HDR videos. Play high frame rate, high-resolution video without hassle.

Conversion speed improved
Powerful AI-Powered Video Toolbox

Powerful AI-Based Video Toolbox

Added Vocal Remover and Noise Remover to AI Lab. 9 AI-based features (8 at no extra cost). Tips

Why It's Worth

The brand new UniConverter 15 includes all features of UniConverter 13/UniConverter 12 while providing higher conversion speed, highly-improved compression quality, and 8 more AI-based features at the same price.

Main Features Video Converter Ultimate UniConverter 12 UniConverter 13 UniConverter 14 UniConverter 15 Best video converter
UI Dark Visual Dark Visual & Light Visual Reimaged UI/UX Reimaged UI/UX Reimaged UI/UX
Conversion Speed Normal 30X 90X Converting multiple files is
as fast as converting a single file
130x-GPU accelerated conversion
4K/8K/HDR high definition lossless conversion
Compression Quality Normal Clear Little Quality Loss Lossless GPU Accelerated Lossless Compression
Supported Formats Common Video & Audio Formats Newly Supported 4K/8K/Blu-ray DVD/AMR/MP2, etc. 1000+ Formats 1000+ Formats 1000+ Formats
AI-Based Features 6 features
Extra charged $5.99/Mo
9 features
(8 at no extra cost Tips )
10 features
(8 at no extra cost Tips )
9 features
(8 at no extra cost Tips )
9 features
(8 at no extra cost Tips )
10 features
(8 at no extra cost Tips )
9 features
(8 at no extra cost Tips )
Video Player Smoothly while playing 1080P Smoothly while playing 8K Smoothly while playing 8K
Alpha (Transparency) Channels Supported MP4(Alpha)
File Management
New AI feature coming soon
We keep on improving >>

Terms & Conditions

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Provided that you are the one who bought the perpetual license for Wondershare UniConverter 13, Wondershare UniConverter 12, Free Video Converter, or Video Converter Pro before 1st May in 2022, you are qualified to enjoy an all-time low price for a full-featured product, UniConverter 15. Free upgrade to UniConverter 15 for UniConverter 14 users.

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1. This page is only for users who purchased Wondershare UniConverter products previously.

2. Only Perpetual License of UniConverter, Free Video Converter, Video Converter Pro purchased from our official website except for other channels such as affiliate, reseller, agents, giveaways can get an exclusive discount to buy UniConverter 15.

3. Users who purchased a Perpetual Plan of UniConverter 13 before 04/30/2022 can get UniConverter 15 at a bottom price, with which you will start a new experience with more powerful features.

4. Users who consumed Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly License or Perpetual License(after 05/01/2022) of UniConverter 13/12 can get UniConverter 15 freely.
Tips: Download the UniConverter 15 and utilize your original Wondershare ID to access it.
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5. Users who purchased quantity more than 1, team or commercial license cannot claim to upgrade on this page either, please contact support directly.

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Questions about upgrading to UniConverter 15 you may have.

  • UniConverter 15 is a brand new product with more features and a better experience. Now is a good time to get the new product with special offers exclusive to our existing users. It does not conflict with the older version you have, and you still have access to the previous version whether or not you upgrade.
    Learn more about UniConverter 15 .

  • We will focus on enhancing the rights of our subscribers, as UniConverter14 will no longer charge for Add-on features. If you have upgraded from UniConverter 13 to 15, we recommend that you manually cancel your subscription to Add-on features in UniConverter 13. If you still need to use these features within UniConverter 13, you can continue renewing your subscription.

  • Please make sure you have the perpetual plan of UniConverter 13, UniConverter 12, Free Video Converter, and Video Converter Pro. If you join the perpetual plan of UniConverter 13 after 2022/05/01, you can just use UniConverter 15 for free after login.
    Please contact us if you have a perpetual plan for any of the products listed above but are unable to determine your eligibility. To solve your problem more efficiently, we recommend you provide a screenshot of the perpetual plan orders you purchased when contacting customer service. You can log in to Wondershare Account Center and find My APP to check. Thank you.
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  • Of course, you can. The choice is yours to upgrade or continue using the old version. We recommend upgrading to UniConverter 15 because it not only has all of the features of previous versions but also has performance improvements and new features. The use of previous versions will not be affected by upgrading.