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Full knowledge about camera raw file: Easy record, easier sharing.

There are multiple types of cameras , camcorders, and more solutions for professionals or officers, etc. No matter what kinds of camera devices you use, you may encounter some file format problems as the file formats for movies and still images recorded with cameras are in several specified formats. Normally, we may get a recorded file in MOV/AVCHD/MXF/MPEG-4/H264/RAW/CR2/JPG or other and need to convert these movie files to normal MP4 or other formats for better playback, editing, or sharing. Check some situations below if you also encounter and don't know how to solve them.

Choose your camera brand and check the solutions below:

Travel, life, work. Record with Camera, embellish with UniConverter.

Why do you need to try UniConverter as a YouTuber or Vlogger?

· Convert H264, H265, AVI, AVCHD, DAV, MOV, MP4, and many more camera movie files and raw images in one click.

· Compress raw files (videos/images) without quality loss for easy transferring and handy usage.

· Auto trim and subtitle recorded videos with ease. Separate portrait and background from video perfectly.

Vlogging camera file solutions

Why do you need to try UniConverter as a Video Producer or Photographer?

· Batch Convert H264, H265, AVI, AVCHD, and many more camera movie files and raw images at 90X faster speed.

· Batch reduce raw files (videos/images) file size to small quickly to save storage.

· Upload to Cloud Driver after converting and compressing easily.

File solutions for best camera for videography

Why do you need to try UniConverter as a Student or Teacher to make a video presentation?

· Convert and compress group presentation videos or speech videos to smaller MP4 files for easy sharing.

· Auto trim videos to delete silent clips and merge clips with ease.

· Remove the background from videos , replace noisy background with pictures or colors.

Live streaming camera file solutions

Why do you need to try UniConverter for family or traveling videos?

· Burn traveling, holiday greeting videos into DVD with elegant DVD templates.

· Trim and merge clips, subtitle videos manually or automatically.

· Convert and compress videos for iPhone, Android, YouTube and other more.

Recording camera file solutions

Why do you need to try UniConverter as a Sports Lover to share sports videos?

· Play your GoPro 4K videos smoothly and capture the inspired moment anytime.

· Convert 4K videos to MP4 or any other format for easy playing and sharing.

· Auto reframe and remove background from your movies files for easier editing and sharing.

Gopro file solutions

Frequently Asked Questions for Camera recording project.

To choose a YouTube video recording camera, you can consider High Definition (HD) outputs, Sensor resolution, image stabilization, easy-to-handle recording format, suitable price, etc. See Recommended 7 best recording cameras for YouTube >>
There is a long list of video file formats that are supported by different cameras and camcorders. Each of these formats has different file size, quality, and behave differently when it comes to working with them on PCs and other tools. Some of the commonly used formats by known camera brands include DV, HDV, MPEG-2, AVCHD, , MPEG4, and others. Check the roundup of the most popular camcorder file formats >>
There are several software over the internet with the help of which you can effectively edit GoPro videos. VSDC, Avidemux, Openshot, iMovie, GoPro Quik and more you can choose. Learn more >>

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