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Top 5 Photo Enhancer to Increase Resolution of Images Online Free

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:29:08 • Proven solutions

"How to increase resolution of image online? I don‘t know much about image editing and fear that if I change the resolution of the picture, it will damage the quality. What is the best image quality increaser online?"

When you aim to change image resolution, the essential thing is preserving the original quality. Using a below-standard tool can ruin every aspect of the photo. However, the right tool can help with this task. Read this post to learn how to convert image to high resolution using high-quality software.

Part 1. Image Resolution Vs. Image Size

Image resolution and image resizing are two different things. Managing the image resolution is related to file quality. The higher the resolution, the better the quality. You‘d be surprised that an image with a significantly smaller size can be of the best quality. Moreover, the image resolution is measure in megapixels, and the image size is calculated using megabytes.

Part 2. 5 Best Image Quality Increasers online free

If you want to increase the overall quality of the images for free, these 5 tools listed below can enable you to complete the process successfully.

1. LetsEnhance

LetsEnhance is a go-to online image editor to upscale your images for free. A powerful AI backs the interface, and you can enhance the quality up to 16x with the tool. Moreover, you can adjust the color and tone of the image using this platform.


  • Access the tool using your account.
  • Upload the image, and manage its resolution.
  • Click on Start Processing to finalize the adjustments.
  • Download the image.


  • High-quality image editor


  • You can only edit 5 images for free
  • It doesn‘t allow to edit photos without creating an account

2. Fotor

From managing the brightness/color to adjusting the complete structure of the image, Fotor is an excellent online editor. You can easily convert low resolution image to high resolution online free using the trial offered by Fotor.


  • Click on the Open Image tab to upload the image.
  • Use the tab on the interface to increase or decrease the image resolution. You can also use the Mouse‘s scroll wheel to adjust the resolution.
  • Lastly, click on Download to save the image.


  • Multiple features
  • Free trial


  • The interface is congested due to ad placements.

3. Online JPG Tools

It is a simple tool that manages JPEG files efficiently. You can readily increase or decrease the image resolution and convert it to other formats as well. It works flawlessly on any web browser available.


  • Click on the Original JPG tab to upload images for editing.
  • Under the New JPG Quality section, adjust the image resolution.
  • Finally, click on Save As to download the images.


  • Simple to use
  • Image conversion and downsizing is available


  • It only edits JPG images.

4. Upscale Pics

Upscale Pics uses AI to manage the image resolution. Besides, the tool compresses the image and even removes noise from a JPG file. Moreover, it offers you to upload pictures via URL.


  • From the web interface, click on Upload Image to add files.
  • Hit Start Processing, and select JPG or PNG as the output format.
  • Finally, Download the new high-resolution file.


  • The online tool is simple and elegant.


  • Bulk processing is only available with the Pro version.
  • Pricey

5. icons8

icons8 can upscale your standard JPG image into a 3000pxX3000px masterpiece. However, the robust online editor only edits file up to 5MB in a single go. Nevertheless, it offers fast processing and offers a simple interface.


  • On the online editor, click on Browse to upload the images.
  • Enlarge the image to your requirement.
  • Click Download to save the new high-res photo.


  • Powerful AI-based editor
  • Easy to navigate


  • You can only enhance up to 3 images for free.

Part 3. Bonus Tip: How to batch convert and resize images for Email or Web?

The most popular screen resolution among all users worldwide is 360x640. Moreover, this dimension is handy on both mobile and desktop platforms. Anything beyond that would make it challenging for mobile users to view the image for email or web. You can resize the photos to the said resolution using the Wondershare UniConverter on Mac or Windows systems.

Not only that, but you can also manage multiple images simultaneously using this software. The processing speed is 90x quicker than an average image quality increaser online.

Here are some essential features that the UniConverter offers:

  • It can convert images to any file format.
  • You can compress images as well.
  • The AI-based Background Remover can erase a picture quickly.
  • It offers you to add images as a Watermark
  • The tool provides a handy GIF Maker.

Check out the following guide to compress or resize the image with Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1 Run the Wondershare UniConverter

From the UniConverter‘s interface, click on Toolbox and Image Converter to start the resizing process.


Step 2 Add the Image

Click on Add to upload the file before moving to the next step.


Step 3 Resize the Image

Now, click Settings to open a new window. From there, uncheck the "Keep Original Size" and the "Keep Aspect Ratio" tab. Next, under the Custom Size option, state the preferred Width and height for the image. After that, select the new File Location, and finally, click on Convert to start the image processing.



Image resizing is a common task for many people, and there are plenty of tools out in the market. You can select any online platform to change the image resolution to complete the task instantly. However, we recommend using the UniConverter because it‘s not only fast but also simple for users from every background.

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