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Convert Any File to Play in Windows Media Player

Everyone has Windows Media Player on their computer. But it is impossible to support all kind of video format. Have you thought about finding another video players? In this topic, it tells about various players supported multiple formats in Windows/Mac/iOS/Android and some special player for MP4, MKV, AVI, and Video_TS file. Moreover, it suggests us try Wondershare Uniconverter to convert the MKV file for LG Optimus and LG TV smoothly.

All-round Way to Easily Play MKV on Your LG TV

Can LG TV play MKV? Yeah, you can do it effortlessly if you use a professional MKV to LG TV converter to convert your MKV files for smooth playback on it.

Posted by | Nov 11,2019 15:27 pm

How to Play and Edit JVC Everio Series Camcorder Videos on Mac

Have got a lot of videos with your JVC Everion camcorder but can't open? Read this article to learn the step-by-step guide to convert JVC camcorder videos for easy playback on Mac/Windows.

Posted by | Oct 31,2019 18:13 pm

How to Play Video_TS Files Easily on Windows/Mac

This article focuses on what VIDEO_TS is and how to play VIDEO_TS files on computer with a great VIDEO_TS converter. You can even convert Video_TS files to any digital format you need.

Posted by | Oct 29,2019 11:12 am

Top 10 Best Free Torrent Players

Do you want to know the free torrent players? Read this article to know the 10 best and free torrent players for Windows/Mac.

Posted by | Sep 27,2019 11:39 am

Top 30 MKV Players for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android

We have reviewed the top 30 MKV players for different platforms, read this article to choose the best MKV player for your Windows/Mac/phones.

Posted by | Sep 18,2019 21:48 pm

NTSC to PAL Converter: How to Convert NTSC to PAL (Windows 10 Included)

This article will show you not only how to convert video from NTSC to PAL, but also how to convert NTSC DVD to PAL DVD step by step (Windows 10 included).

Posted by | Sep 02,2019 16:28 pm

What Kind of Formats Does A DVD Player Support

What kinds of formats A DVD player can play? Let’s take a look at what each one of the various formats actually is and how you can ensure your player will be able to play it.

Posted by | Sep 02,2019 15:57 pm

How to Play A DVD on Xbox One/360 Effortlessly

Does Xbox One and Xbox 360 play DVDs? If you have the same question, you're on the right page. Read this article to learn how to play DVDs on Xbox On/360 easily and quickly.

Posted by | Aug 12,2019 18:00 pm

Can't Add M4V/MOV/MP4 Videos to iTunes? Solved!

You may feel confused that why you can't add M4V/MOV/MP4 files to iTunes sometime. This article will teach you the reasons and the solutions to convert M4V to iTunes for easy playback.

Posted by | Jul 26,2019 11:48 am

Top 8 MP4 Players for Windows 10/8/7/Mac

Do you want to play MP4 videos on Windows 10/Mac smoothly? Read this article to know top MP4 players for Windows and Mac, and get the solutions that you can't play MP4 too.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 17:28 pm

How to Play MOV on iPhone/iPad Smoothly

Can't play .mov files on iPhone/iPad smoothly? This article tells you the reasons and free and best solutions on how to play MOV files on iPhone/iPad easily.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 17:27 pm

How to Play AVI on iPhone Xs/X/8/7/6 Easily

Do you want to play AVI on iPhone Xs/X/8/7/6 easily? Here shows the detailed steps on how to play AVI on iPhone free without converting on free players as well as the solution if you can't play AVI on iPhone directly with AVI players.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 17:23 pm

How to Play AVI on iPad smoothly

How to Play AVI files on iPad smoothly? This article tells you easy ways to play AVI on iPad without converting and with converting, you could choose the proper way to watch AVI on iPad easily.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 17:23 pm

Top WMV 11 Players to Easily Play WMV Files on Windows/Mac

The article collects 11 useful WMV players to help you easily play WMV video on both Windows and Mac. Read on and select one that fits you best.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 17:16 pm

Different Solutions on How to Watch A DVD on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac

How to watch a dvd on Windows 10/8/7 or Macbook Pro? Don't worry, read this article to know full solutions to watch DVD on Windows/Mac easily.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 17:16 pm

Top 30 AVI Players for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android

In this modern era of advanced technology, watching videos and movies has become as easy as making a call and can be even done through your mobiles. This article collects 30 widely-used AVI players fo

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 17:12 pm

The Most Effective Way to Play QuickTime MOV Files on TV

Have some amazing MOV (Quicktime) files, but can't play them on TV after trying all your efforts? Follow this smart way to get rid of the incompatibility issue quickly.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 17:07 pm

Top 3 Tips on Windows Media Player Shortcuts

This article tells 3 tips about Windows Media Player shortcut, including how to change Windows Media Player shortcuts and how to use windows media player shortcuts when minimized.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 17:07 pm

How Can You Play Any Video Formats for Mac (Catalina Included)

Learn more about the popular and commonly used video formats, causes of failed playback as well as the recommended solutions.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 17:05 pm

Recommended Video Formats For LG Optimus

The article is mainly about the compatible formats and settings for LG Optimus, read on to make full use of video converter to playback videos on your device.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 17:04 pm

How to Play Quicktime MOV 100% Successfully

Have a trouble in playing MOV (Quicktime) in your media player like Windows Media Player or VLC? If so, the article below is absolutely useful for you.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 17:04 pm

Windows Media Player Download: 5 Alternatives to Windows Media Player

Find an alternative to Windows Media Player so that you can achieve more functions and play more video formats? Wondershare UniConverter is the best alternative you're looking for.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 16:52 pm

2 Methods to Play AVI Video in Chromecast

This article introduces 2 methods on how to stream AVI video files to TV​ with Chromecast for better viewing experience.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 16:42 pm

How to Play MKV Files on Xbox 360

If you have lots of MKV files and Xbox 360 device, chances are you want to play MKV files on Xbox 360. Here is a detailed guide you can follow step by step.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 16:34 pm

4 Methods to Play MP4 Files on TV (Samsung TV Included)

Have some MPEG-4, MP4 files can’t be read by your TV? Try this quick and easy solution to trouble shoot this problem.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 15:51 pm

Top 6 M4V Players for Android to Play M4V Files Easily

What should you do when iTunes M4V files can't be played on Android devices? Read the article to learn the top 5 M4V player for Android and the best way to convert iTunes M4V to Android compatible formats for easy playback.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 15:50 pm

How to Smoothly Play M4V on Windows 10/8/7

Can Windows play M4V? iTunes M4V videos can't be played smoothly using Windows Media Player due to the DRM-protected.In this article, you can learn the best method to play and convert iTunes M4V files on Windows 10/8/7.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 15:50 pm

Top 6 MOV Player for Android to Play MOV Files on Android Devices Easily

MOV videos can't paly on Android phones? Why not try to convert MOV to Android supported format or MP4? This article tells you the best way to convert MOV to Android format and the top 6 MOV plays for Android.

Posted by | Jul 22,2019 19:53 pm
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