Empowered 1:1 quality screen recorder

Record full screen, custom screens, games, webcams, video calls, system audio, and microphones at will.


For Windows 7 64-bit or later (32-bit users? Click here)


For macOS 10.10 or later (10.7-10.9? Click here)

Record full-screen activities

UniConverter Version 12.0 allows you to record full screen with ease whether you're playing games, watching movies, or delivering presentations. The full-screen recorder offers features like:

Recording the full screen with
no quality loss.

Recording the full screen along with
system audio.

Recording games without any
frame rate loss.

Record custom screen

UniConverter Version 12.0's custom screen recorder enables you to record any area on your screen. It offers features like:

Customizable recording frames help you
record any section of your screen.

Set up the recording frame rate
and quality.

Set up the audio recording

Schedule the recording task anytime
you want.

Record webcam

UniConverter Version 12.0 enables you to record webcams with full detail and high video quality. The webcam recorder helps with:

  • Recording webcams with original quality

  • Recording webcam voices without quality loss

  • Recording webcams, NetworkIP cameras, and input devices

Record system audio and microphones easily

UniConverter Version 12.0 allows you to record audio files on your computer. It allows you to:

  • Record the system audio only with no quality loss

  • Record the microphone only without compromising quality

  • Record the system audio and microphone simultaneously

More recording features

Record Two Screens (Coming soon)

Record two screens simultaneously without
any quality loss.

Paint while Recording (Coming soon)

Draw on a video while recording it.

Picture-in-picture Recording (Coming soon)

Record your webcam and screen

Preference Settings

Define your preference settings to make your
recording easier than ever.

New intuitive interface design

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Compress video

Edit video


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