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smart trim videos

AI trim a clip with a single click for
We Media|

It's common to record videos with unwanted segments for We Media, online classes, YouTube channels, etc. So, use UniConverter Smart Trimmer
to auto-select and remove video scenes with verbal errors, low sounds, noisy background, and so on. This AI-supported video trimming software
can trim silent and low-voicing content as well as specific video portraits.

Remove Silent Video Segments

Auto-trim and erase video scenes with low volume or short audio playback
duration with a mere mouse click.

remove silent video segments

Remove Specific Portrait from Video

Based on the selected people (Single or multiple), this mode
enabled you to smart trim the selected people or portraits on a video. Tips

smart remove specific portrait

Advanced features to enhance your video trim experience.

trim any video

Trim Any Video

Quicky auto-trim 40+ standard video formats, including MP4, MOV, MTS, MKV, WebM, VOB, AVI, etc.

trim without quality loss

No Quality Loss

Import and smart trim videos without any quality loss or unwanted watermarks.

trim with flexible settings

Flexible Settings

Smart trim videos based on audio volume, playback length, and buffer. You can also select people portraits to trim.


Timeline View Edit Zone

It supports a user-friendly timeline edit zone to make trimming fun and precise.

Here's why they love smart trim tool.

we media user

By Rock Star

We Media

trim mp4 file
The best beginner-friendly way to trim videos on Windows 10. The smart trim feature lets me trim MP4 file automatically, saving time in the process. I love it!
we media user

By Tina M

We Media

trim video windows 10
The flexibility of this video trimming tool is impressive. I can trim videos on Windows 10 or Mac. It also features flexible settings to trim video size with ease. Most importantly, I can trim an MP4 file and other video formats. It is amazing!
we media user

By Brendan Steve

We Media

trim video size
Very nice AI tool to trim videos on Windows 10 or Mac. I love that I can easily trim video size by merely entering the audio settings.
lecturer user

By Prashant Shah


video tool
I've never regretted installing this video tool to trim MP4 file. I can easily trim video size manually or automatically with the smart trimmer tool.
lecturer user

By Morris


Perfect tool to downsize videos, and it works very well with videos (.MOV) captured by the new iPhones! Highly recommended and worth every dollar!
lecturer user

By Abul Patel


trim large video
This is an excellent trimming software to trim a large video. I can easily cut part of a video by simply entering the audio settings, and this software will select the unwanted sections for me.
insurance practitioner user

By Kate Madison

Insurance Practitioner

cut part of video
The collection of AI tools on this MKV video trimmer is just incredible. I can easily auto-select and cut part of a video with unreal precision. Simple yet powerful
insurance practitioner user

By Ryan Curly

Insurance Practitioner

MKV video trimmer
I like this. A very handy MKV video trimmer. I can manually cut part of the video or automatically select video scenes to trim. It's free to install, by the way.
insurance practitioner user

By Scott Adkins

Insurance Practitioner

trim avi
I've used it for months to trim AVI and other videos formats, and I can't complain. I love the frequent updates, which usually come with new and exciting features. The AI-backed trimmer and background remover have proved handy so far.
teacher user

By Viktor Kae


video trimmer windows
My work just got a lot easier with a video trimmer for Windows and Mac like this. This AI tool lets me trim video clip easily and customize it further. It simply makes my presentations fun and engaging.
teacher user

By Aaron Lawson


trim video clip
This is a great video trimmer for users who don't want to spend an eternity trimming videos. It can automatically trim video clip by selecting silent segments or human portraits.
teacher user

By Don Pierson


trim my video
This is so easy and simple to use. I can easily trim AVI, MP4, MOV, MTS, VOB, and other formats. It also lets me trim my video manually or automatically using the smart trimmer. I'm definitely renewing!

FAQs about triming videos.

What is smart trim?
To smart trim is to basically cut and trim video scenes before deleting, rearranging, adding transitions, etc. But in this instance, the smart trimmer uses advanced machine learning to auto-select scenes based on workflow. For example, you can auto-trim silent scenes or human portraits on UniConverter Smart Trimmer. Adobe Premiere Elements is another program that allows smart trimming based on activities or people. Learn how to trim a video on Mac >>
To auto edit video, get an intelligent program like Wondershare UniConverter Smart Video Trim tool. It uses advanced AI technology to auto-recognize and trim silent video scenes or parts with human portraits. This video trimming software also boasts automatic background removers to change video and photo backgrounds without doing much. But, that's not all; this intelligent video editor can automatically convert video narrations to SRT subtitles. Learn what do most YouTubers use to edit their videos >>
There are many programs to trim videos on Windows 10. But if you need something fast and easy, use Wondershare UniConverter Smart Trimmer. Here, the AI system will do all the donkey work for you. Follow these steps:
Step 1. Launch Smart Trimmer and choose whether to auto-select and remove silent segments or specific portraits.
Step 2. Suppose you choose to remove silent segments; go ahead and upload your video by clicking Add Files or dragging and dropping.
Step 3. Now enter the audio selection settings like buffer, volume, and playback duration.
Step 4. Click Run to see the auto-selected scenes and then tap Export. That's it!
Learn more about how to trim the clips without person in a video >>
Trimming and cropping are two different video editing techniques. To trim a video is to change the playback time by erasing unwanted scenes. This can be at the start and endpoints or anywhere in the video timeline. On the other hand, cropping is to change the video frame so that some objects are not visible. In other words, cropping has nothing to do with changing the playback duration. You'll often find video creators cropping a video to zoom it or remove unwanted objects like logos and watermarks. Learn best Video Trimmer App 2022 >>