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Adopting the most cutting-edge technology, Ani3D has launched two creative features-Split Depth 3D and VR 3D video. Ani3D can present you with a breathtaking 3D video effect in a short time. Watching 3D videos without 3D glasses is no longer impossible!
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Windows 11 / Windows10 / Windows8 / Windows7 (64 bit OS)

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How Does Ani3D Convert 2D Videos to 3D Videos

Convert 2D Video to Split Depth 3D Video

Ani3D can convert 2D portrait videos into glasses-free 3D videos.
Ani3D constructs the foreground, middle ground, and background with straight lines to create a parallax effect.
Ani3D applies multiple algorithms including foreground segmentation, mask tracking, and depth estimation. With Ani3D, you can enjoy a naked-eye 3D effect with just one click.

Convert 2D Video to VR 3D Video

Ani3D can convert any ordinary 2D video into a 3D video with the dual-view effect suitable for VR devices.
Taking advantage of parallax to generate two videos side by side or on the top and bottom screens.
The converted video can be played on the VR headset Meta Quest 2.

Why Choose Ani3D To Convert 3D Video


Efficient with multiple algorithm

Based on multiple algorithms, Ani3D allows you to produce a 3D video within 5 minutes while it takes more than 80 hours to make a 3D video if a traditional method is used.


1:1 processing speed

Video processing is fast, and the processing time of a single video is 1:1 with the length of the Video. In this case, users can get to know the processing time easily in advance without waiting.


Abundant VR videos

VR 3D Video Converter is perfectly adapted to Meta Quest 2. You can convert any favorite video into 3D and then watch it on VR devices. There are 2 3D formats available for the converted video-Side By Side or Top And Bottom.


User-friendly interface

It's easy and convenient to operate with a very clear option interface.


Generate videos with one click

Video processing can be finished within 3 steps: upload video, convert, and export.


Support batch operation

Ani3D allows users to import, convert or export 5 video files simultaneously.

What Can 3D Video Processed by Ani3D Surprise You

Produce Eye-Catching Dance or Exercise Videos
Ani3D can accurately achieve portrait segmentation through algorithms. By converting ordinary 2D videos into split-depth 3D videos with one click, you can easily present 3D effects in dance and exercise videos so as to attract more followers on TikTok and YouTube.
Create More Possibilities to Video Effects
By taking advantage of bars, it's easy to create a split depth video with a special 3D effect. You can apply this effect in the intro or transition part of your Vlog.
Enjoy 3D Movie Viewing Experience at Home Easily
Ani3D supports converting 2D video into dual-view 3D video and allows users to play on mainstream VR devices. There is no need for you to exert effort to search for VR film resources everywhere since you can convert 3D effect videos with Ani3D quickly. Just enjoy your 3D movies at home!

What Is the Tech-Specific

Auto-adapt devices

Win, Mac
The converted VR 3D video could only be played on Meta Quest 2

Supported output formats


Supported input formats


Questions You May Ask About 3D Video Converter

  • We recommend a powerful 3D video converter-Ani3D. It is the only product that allows you to convert 2D videos to naked-eye 3D video with one click currently, and it also supports 3D VR video conversion. With a user-friendly interface, you can get a 3D video easily with simple steps.

  • Split depth 3D video or naked eye 3D video means you can experience the 3D effect without glasses. Ani3D can quickly segment portraits in videos through a combined algorithm so as to achieve a naked-eye 3D effect with parallax caused by straight lines.

  • SBS 3D video refers to the side-by-side 3D video format. This video format comprises two frames suitable for the screen on the left and right, and both screens are scaled down to fit each half of the frame. The videos should be played and viewed with special equipment. It is the same case with the top and bottom format, which divides the video into upper and lower screens.

  • You can enjoy the 3D video effect without 3D glasses if you convert videos to split depth 3D video. But if you use the VR 3D Video feature, you are required to watch videos through VR glasses. Ani3D only supports playing videos on Meta Quest 2 by far.

  • The split depth 3D video could be played on computers directly, but VR 3D videos need to be played with a special VR device. Currently, the VR 3D video converted by Ani3D can only be played on Meta Quest 2.

  • No. Split depth 3D is only applicable to portrait, and it cannot cover all objects and scenes in videos at present. However, we will keep optimizing our algorithm. More technical updates and functional iterative optimization are coming soon in the near future.

  • Yes, you can achieve it with the VR 3D Video conversion feature. Import 4K movies into Ani3D, select Side by Side or Top and Bottom format, then click Export button, and finally select the parameters of the device. The conversion time varies in accordance with the length of the video, and the conversion speed is generally 1:1.

  • No, Ani3D doesn't support such a feature yet.

  • No, Ani3D doesn't support post-editing after conversion, but we will add intro/outro feature, batch modification feature, etc. to Ani3D in the future. We recommend you choose UniConverter to process the converted video for the time being.

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