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360 Video Converter: Convert Video to 360 VR 2024

by Kayla Morrison • 2024-02-20 11:57:32 • Proven solutions

Although there are multiple modes when it comes to virtual reality or VR, it is best if a 2D video is converted to 360 VR either in the vertical orientation or the horizontal one. In order to get this done with efficiency, you need a robust and flawless 360 video converter that can be installed on your Windows or Mac computer for better performance and outputs or could be accessed via web interface for convenient operations.

That said, the following sections discuss and explain about a couple of efficient applications that can convert video to 360 VR in merely a few simple steps.

Watch Videos to Learn How to Convert Video to 360 VR

Free Download Free Download

Part 1. Best 360 video converter for Windows and Mac

One of the best and easiest operable programs that can be installed on your Mac or Windows computer is developed by Wondershare and is called Ani3D. Wondershare Ani3D adopting the most cutting-edge technology, Ani3D has launched two creative features-Split Depth 3D and VR 3D video. Ani3D can present you with a breathtaking 3D video effect in a short time. Watching 3D videos without 3D glasses is no longer impossible!


Wondershare Ani3D - Convert from 2D to 3D videos, from good to great.

  • Lets you create 3D videos in 5 minutes.
  • The processing time of a single video is 1:1 to the video length.
  • Convert any video you like to 3D and watch it on your VR device.
  • Simple and convenient operation, completed within 3 steps.
  • Support batch operation.

How To Convert 2D to 3D Video With Ani3D?

Step 1 Import files and select your desired feature

Click Add files, import video files, and choose Split Depth Video or VR 3D video.

Add files

Step 2 Preview the converted video

Click the Preview button and take a quick glance at the converted video.

Preview 3d video

Step 3 Export video

After previewing the video effect, click the Export button to run the complete video conversion and then save the Video; You need to select device parameters before exporting when converting VR 3D video.

Export video

Free Download Free Download

Part 2. How to convert video to 360 videos with a free converter

Wondershare has also developed another, rather free application for those who do not want to invest in any program right away without testing its efficiency. This software is called Free Video Converter, and can be downloaded from Wondershare’s official website.

Wondershare Free Video Converter is as efficient and robust as its other sibling, Wondershare Ani3D, and is also capable of recognizing the same number of formats for conversions as Ani3D does.

You can follow the instructions given below to use Wondershare Free Video Converter as a free 360 video converter on your Windows or Mac computer:

Step 1: Go to the VR Converter box.

Launch Wondershare Free Video Converter, go to the Toolbox tile from the top, and click the VR Converter from the available built-in tools.

load files into Wondershare Free Video Converter

Step 2: Import a file and pick output preferences.

Use the Browse button from the right-most side of the Choose file field present at the top of the VR Converter box to select and import a source video to the application. Next, pick your preferred 360° angle for VR from the Video Mode section, and then click to select the target VR device from under the Convert to category.

choose output format as VR

Step 3: Convert the video.

Set an output folder and a file name in the Save file field, and click the Convert to convert video to 360 VR using Wondershare Free Video Converter. After the process is complete, you can go to the destination directory, and safely use the produced clip as needed.

convert file to VR by Wondershare Free Video Converter

Part 3. How to convert video to 360 with an online 360 video converter

If you are not interested in downloading and installing any desktop program for VR conversions, you can always use any no-cost 360 video converter online. One such Internet solution that has been helping some global companies is Zamzar.

Because Zamzar can be accessed via web browser, i.e. without installing any program on your PC, it can be used on any computer with any operating system, regardless of the state of the hardware resources (old or new, weak or powerful, etc.) that it may have. Furthermore, the entire conversion process can be completed in merely three simple steps with Zamzar.

With that being said, you can follow the steps given below to use Zamzar as a free 360 video converter on your web browser:

Step 1: Upload the source video for conversion.

On your computer, start any web browser of your choice, use the link to go to Zamzar’s corresponding page, click the Add Files, and select and upload the source footage from your local hard drive to the portal. Alternatively, you can also upload the video using its URL by clicking the select link.

load files into Wondershare Free Video Converter

Step 2: Pick an output format.

Click and open the Convert To drop-down list, and choose 264, MP4, AVI, or WMV format from the Video Formats category. Since all these formats are supported by Xbox, choosing any of them should serve the purpose pretty well.

choose output format as VR

Step 3: Convert and obtain the video.

Click the Convert Now to convert video to 360 videos for Xbox. After the transcoding is done, click the Download button on the next page, and follow the on-screen instructions to save the converted file to your computer.

convert file to VR by Wondershare Free Video Converter


  • Zamzar supports more than 1200 formats for conversion.
  • The web portal is trusted and used by some of the leading organizations of the world such as The New York Times, Princeton University, Dupont, etc.


  • Free users can only convert files that are up to 50MB in size.

online VR video converter - Zamzar


The entire 3D VR conversion task can be made quite simple with an efficient 360 video converter as long as it is a feature-equipped program like Wondershare Ani3D. However, if you are looking for a free application or a solution that doesn’t require any installation on your PC, using Wondershare Free Video Converter or Zamzar would be your best bet respectively.

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