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The Complete Guide for Editing Video and Audio

We could take the videos anywhere and anytime we want. How can we share our perfect videos on social media and our friends? Generally, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo has limitation for the length limit. Here we provide various method about how to cut and remove unnecessary fragments of VOB/MPEG/WMA/AVI file without losing quality. We also offer tutorials for improving the quality of the video by cropping/adding effect/adding watermark.

Which is the Best 4K Camera?

This article will show you which the best camera for shooting GoPro 4k and introduce other top 8 4K Video Cameras.

Posted by | Nov 28,2019 17:31 pm

Best Alternative to Quik App for Editing GoPro Video

This article will introduce the best alternative to Quik App for editing GoPro video and you will know how to edit GoPro videos easily.

Posted by | Nov 27,2019 15:18 pm

Top Ten 3D Video Cameras

This article shows top ten cameras which can record and shoot 3D videos with main features.

Posted by | Nov 26,2019 14:09 pm

Top 10 Free Music Video Makers

This article list the top 10 most useful free music video makers for you to create your own music videos.

Posted by | Nov 26,2019 11:59 am

Windows Media Player Not Working What to Do

In this tutorial top cases from the internet have been chosen to make sure that the user gets the best and the state of the art process handling when it comes to windows media player issues.

Posted by | Nov 26,2019 9:45 am

Introducing Vine: A Brief History

Have heard a lot about Vine but do you know its history? If not, you should check out this article.

Posted by | Nov 25,2019 17:53 pm

Top Five Online Video Encoders

If you need a reliable video encoder for editing movies and quickly converting file types online, this article introduces top five online video encoders and you will find the right one.

Posted by | Nov 25,2019 16:49 pm

How to Post Music Notes on Facebook Status

Want to post music notes on Facebook status? Find the easiest solutions here.

Posted by | Nov 25,2019 15:46 pm

Top 50 Music Player for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android

This article will show you Top 50 music player for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android. You will find the right one according to your need.

Posted by | Nov 25,2019 15:06 pm

7 Ways to Repair Windows Media Player

Many errors and issues have been detected while using the media player and this article has been directed towards this issue to make sure that the users never face any kind of issue in this regard.

Posted by | Nov 25,2019 14:46 pm

Top 10 Free 3D Video Makers

Want free video makers to create and make 3D movies? This article shows top ten free 3D video makers with main features.

Posted by | Nov 25,2019 11:39 am

10 Plug-ins for Windows Media Player You Have to Know

Plug-ins make sure that the browser based file is not only played but the user also gets the best result in this regard when it comes to the windows media player based files and extensions.

Posted by | Nov 25,2019 10:36 am

How to Add and Share iMovie to iTunes Library

You can share all your iMovie projects in an instant by sharing directly via the movies section of the iTunes library.

Posted by | Nov 25,2019 9:45 am

How to Fast Forward in iMovie on Mac/iPad

According to a research, young people like fast forward and they use it in order to make funny videos. You can search on YouTube.

Posted by | Nov 25,2019 9:38 am

How to Share iMovie Video to iCloud with Easy Steps

Saving iMovie Video to your desktop is the worst thing you can do.You will lose a lot of important videos, photos and data. Check the steps on how to share iMovie video to iCloud with easy steps

Posted by | Nov 23,2019 13:47 pm

How to use Maps and Backgrounds in iMovie for Mac

This article will show you step by step process to access the tools and add professional looks to your home movies.

Posted by | Nov 23,2019 12:01 pm

Top 10 Torrent Links to Download iMovie

Want to get the download imovie easily? So that you can edit the video on Win/ Mac. You can't miss this guide.

Posted by | Nov 23,2019 11:50 am

MP4 Video Merger: 3 Solutions to Merge MP4 Videos Online and Free

Do you want find an easy way to merge/combine/join MP4 files? This guide tells you 3 MP4 video joiners to merge video online, merge video with VLC, and the best MP4 joiner for Windows/Mac.

Posted by | Nov 20,2019 21:06 pm

Top 5 Ways to Rotate GoPro Video Recommended

How to rotate GoPro video easily? This article will introduce top 5 simple methods to rotate GoPro video.

Posted by | Nov 20,2019 17:57 pm

12 Best Free CD Burning Software Recommended

If you are trying to find a simple best free CD burning software, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best free CD burning software based on your burning and media file editing needs.

Posted by | Nov 16,2019 20:27 pm

9 Quick AVI Cutter to Cut AVI Files without Quality Loss

The article will introduce 9 practical AVI cutters to help you cut AVI video files and make it smaller in size to upload to the video sharing site.

Posted by | Nov 15,2019 18:15 pm

Complete Video Software to Add Movie Metadata

Movie metadata holds a lot of importance as it keeps the link between each frame and sound and is very important for synchronization of the data while the video is being ingested.You can tag movies with metadata manually by using various online and offline tools.

Posted by | Nov 15,2019 16:03 pm

Top 6 Easy-to-use Video Editors for Primary Users

How to edit videos with easy steps and clear interface? This article will tell you the best 6 easy-to-use video editors for beginners, based on both Windows and Mac system.

Posted by | Nov 14,2019 15:55 pm

How to Edit Videos Easily with Trim/Cut/Merge/Crop

Are you troubled with editing videos on Windows/Mac? This article will tell you detail steps on how to edit videos with trimming, cutting, adding subtitles, merging videos, and more other options.

Posted by | Nov 14,2019 11:34 am

Best Audio Tag Editor Software in 2019 Recommended

If you are tired of searching the best audio tag editor, we are going to write details information about it in this article so you can easily understand and choose the best one according to your requirement.

Posted by | Nov 01,2019 15:24 pm

Top 5 Alternatives to Automatic Tag Editor for Android You Cannot Miss in 2019

This article will show you 5 excellent automatic tag editor program or apps to add to your music files easily. Please read more.

Posted by | Nov 01,2019 15:22 pm

Top 6 Free FLAC Tag Editor Recommended in 2019

If you have a large music library and there is no proper Meta information available for your songs, you may need to find the best FLAC tag editor software. Here in this this article we have covered few best FLAC tag editor programs for you.

Posted by | Nov 01,2019 15:21 pm

Top 10 ID3 Tag Editors for Mac Recommended in 2019

Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) is a powerful and the best id3 tag editor Mac program which is developed for both Mac and windows computers. This article will show you how to edit id3 tag easily.

Posted by | Nov 01,2019 15:20 pm

id3 tag editor: What it is and how to use it?

id3 tag editor programs can quickly add tags to your files. In this article. we have shortlisted some of the best id3 tag editors for you.

Posted by | Nov 01,2019 15:19 pm

Top 8 Free MP3 Tag Editors for Linux system

In this article we will have a look on some of the best Linux MP3 tag editor programs for editing the Meta information of the audio and video files.

Posted by | Nov 01,2019 15:18 pm

Top 6 Music Tag Editors for Mac Recommended

Music Tag Editor is a music tag editor Mac program that allows users to quickly edit the audio tags on the Mac computers. Using this program you can easily update the audio tags of the music files without doing any effort. The program is able to edit mostly all kinds of id3 information of your audio files.

Posted by | Nov 01,2019 15:17 pm

6 Best Music Tag Editor Software Recommended

In this article, we will tell you about the top 6 music tag editor software, that you can start using from now on.

Posted by | Nov 01,2019 15:17 pm

Top 10 Video Metadata Editor for Mac Recommended

Meta information comes with the audio and video files. But, if there is lack of Meta information in your files, then you can use video metadata editor Mac or windows programs to edit the Meta information manually again.

Posted by | Nov 01,2019 15:16 pm

10 Best Video Metadata Editor Recommended

This article will introduce some best video metadata editor for you to edit your video metadata information. Please read more details to know the easy and simple steps.

Posted by | Nov 01,2019 15:16 pm

How to Change Metadata in Your Videos/Images

While uploading videos on YouTube or any other website this is important to place the Meta information about the video to make them popular between the YouTube users. Here we are going to share some of the most popular ways about how to change metadata on video files.

Posted by | Nov 01,2019 15:15 pm

Everything You Must Know about Music Metadata

Music Metadata is a very important part of the music files and if the music metadata is not complete then your music files will not be ready to share.We will share all information about the metadata for songs in this article with you.

Posted by | Nov 01,2019 15:14 pm

How to View and Edit Video Metadata

In this article, we will list some of the best video metadata and audio format tag updater programs. You can read more to know the details on how to view and edit video metadata.

Posted by | Nov 01,2019 14:52 pm

Top 8 CD DVD Burning Software to Burn Music and Videos

In this article, we will explain to you the top 8 CD DVD burning software which will help you burn cds and dvds with simple and easy methods. Please read on to know more details.

Posted by | Oct 31,2019 17:48 pm

Top 5 CD Burner for Laptop Recommended

This article is solely written to provide you with the top 5 CD burner for laptop recommended in 2019, along with several steps to complete the process.

Posted by | Oct 31,2019 17:14 pm

13 Best CD Burning Software for Mac Recommended

If you are looking for professional CD burning software for Mac with advanced options, you will need to read this article.It will introduce some best CD Burning Software for Mac and will help you burn cds with simple and easy steps.

Posted by | Oct 31,2019 17:02 pm

5 Excellent Methods to Burn Video to a CD

In this article, we will look at five of the most efficient methods to burn video to a CD using different programs. Read on to find out what programs these are.

Posted by | Oct 31,2019 10:01 am

Top 6 ways to Burn Files to CD in Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ Mac

Step 1: launch the program,Step 2: Choose Data Disk,you can burn files to CD on Windows/Mac, Step 3: Click on the OK button once you select the option. Step4: Click on Burn Disc option. The software will start the process.

Posted by | Oct 23,2019 10:48 am

A Full Guide to Use VLC as An Video Editor You Deserve to Collect

This article introduces some basic editing features of VLC media player, you can learn how to trim, cut, merge video using VLC. Meanwhile, the best alternative to VLC video editor is also introduced here.

Posted by | Sep 23,2019 15:34 pm

How to Effortlessly Reduce MOV (QuickTime) File Size

How to reduce MOV file size easily but without losing quality? Read this article you'll learn the step-by-step guide and the 5 tips to make MOV smaller on Mac/Windows.

Posted by | Sep 19,2019 15:54 pm

MP4 Compressor: Full Solutions to Compress MP4/MPEG/MPG Video on Windows & Mac

Want to compress your MP4 files to upload online or send via email? It can't be easier with the help of Wondershare MP4 compressor to reduce video size. Read this article to learn the top 6 ways to compress MP4 free online and desktop.

Posted by | Sep 19,2019 11:59 am

5 Excellent MP3 Tag Editors to Edit MP3 Tags

The article introduces the best MP3 tag editor and some free editors to edit your MP3 tags, including file name, language, release date, genre and other details that will help keep your video library tidy and organized.

Posted by | Sep 18,2019 15:20 pm

How to Convert 4K Videos to 1080p Easily and Quickly

How to convert 4K videos to 1080p so that it can be played on many devices? In this article, you'll learn the best 4k to 1080p converter and the 4K video editor for Windows/Mac to handle your 4K videos easily.

Posted by | Aug 23,2019 15:10 pm

Top 11 Subtitle Editor Tools for Your Video Editing

When you are editing videos, you may want to add some subtitles to your videos. Here you will find the best and free 11 video subtitle editors easy to use.

Posted by | Aug 23,2019 14:25 pm

Top 3 Ways to Remove Vocals from MP3

Do you have a mp3 that you like but you need to remove the vocals from the file?How to remove it?Read this article to know the ways to remove vocals from mp3.

Posted by | Jul 26,2019 11:14 am

Top 5 Common Ways to Cut MP3 Files Free/Online

Did you know that you can cut mp3 files? Here we will teach you everything about MP3 trimmer, actually there'll be 5 MP3 cutter tools.

Posted by | Jul 26,2019 11:11 am

DVD Editor: How to Edit VOB or DVD Files Easily

Are you wondering on how to merge DVD files into one or combine VOB files into one? Read this article to know the full solutions to edit VOB files easily.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 17:06 pm

How to Add Metadata to Your M4V Video Effortlessly

The article lists 5 different types of M4v Tag Editors that allow you to easily add metadata and the detailed steps for adding metadata to your m4v files.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 16:56 pm

How Can I Change the Video Frame Rate in Batch

It is totally possible for you to change the video frame rate. You can either decrease or increase the frame rate easily with this guide.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 16:09 pm

3 Solutions to Edit FLV in Windows Movie Maker

There are a few ways an FLV file can be made compatible with Windows Movie Maker for editing. If you are looking for such a solution to edit your FLV file, you’ll find the article really helpful.

Posted by | Jul 23,2019 15:45 pm
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