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Top 30 Vlog music that Vloggers can't miss in 2024

The trend of vlogs has significantly increased in the digital community over the last few years. With notable vloggers taking charge of this responsibility, we have seen many new vloggers starting in this industry. For a good vlog, they look for good vlog music. This article provides vloggers with some examples of good vlog background music that they can use in their production.

Part 1. Top 30 Vlog music in 2024

vlog music

In this part, we shall review some of the best free vlog music that can be used for multiple occasions and events.

#1. 10 best free Vlog music in 2024

1. Memories

This vlog music is a collection of impressive electronic sound that gives the right chills to the listener and enhances their focus.

2. Just Smile

If you wish to make a video with some motivational content for viewers, this fast and happy vlog music is the perfect thing to wish for.

3. Whip

Three-minute excellence, this music enhances the vlog content and makes it lively for the viewers by loads.

4. Golden Hour

This vlog music says loads to the listeners as it helps the creators present some transitions that they have faced.

5. Mwah

A romantic display of music helps users create an environment that presents the ecstasy among the people in the vlog.

6. Sedative

Vlogs with an acoustic sense within the content are perfect for such type of music. It leaves a bright yet elegant essence within the video.

7. Zeal

This is an ambient form of vlog music goes perfectly with different content created across vlogs. From inside vlogs to outside, this music is the epitome of happiness.

8. Horizon

A mild form of music that can be perfect for a great time-lapse of the whole day you've spent doing something adventurous.

9. Saviour

Been to a restaurant lately and loved the ambiance? This music fits perfectly for a video displaying your experience there.

10. Into the Night

This is an energetic display of music across a vlog that brings in considerable suspense and dreaminess across a vlog video.

#2. 10 best travel Vlog music in 2024 you must try

1. Surf

Music represents celebration, this set of sounds helps the listener enhance their happiness and ecstasy of going into the adventure.

2. In the Beginning

A modern classic, this music is perfect for special occasions, the ones that surely represent some dreamy adventure you are in.

3. Midsummer

What else would be better than some out-land music that is only based on featuring travel videos? Use this sound for exceptional results.

4. Tropical Soul

A travel video that displays serenity needs such kind of music in the background.

5. Take It

This can be the perfect option for users who wish to display emotion and motivation in a single place.

6. Positive Day

A good collection of upbeat, soft house, and electronic music for displaying the bright side of the picture.

7. Sandcastle

This music brings out the vibes for a great video ahead that would explain much about the travel.

8. All We Have is Now

A great collection of happiness and ecstasy, enclosed in three beautiful minutes that can be perfect for a video.

9. In the Forest

Ambient music sounds great for a travel vlog, which can be found across this acoustic version.

10. Summer Dance Time

As per the name, your summer vlog should have such music attached across itself.

#3. 10 best YouTube Vlog music in 2024 recommended

1. Craving for You

If you are a food vlogger, this vlog music is the perfect thing for you to consider.

2. Order

An electronic version of the music with futuristic bass, this music takes users to a whole new level.

3. Better Times

Adventure comes with motivation, and so does the music.

4. Fly

A great acoustic version of the music sounds perfect for travel vloggers on YouTube.

5. Spirit Blossom

A great collection of music with the right beats to target the great moments in the vlog.

6. Bliss

This music covers celebration and energy for the vloggers who put in such content.

7. Peaceful Guitar

Want to end your video on a good note? This calm music is the perfect thing to consider.

8. Just Relax

A clear acoustic version of the music that comes under peaceful notes.

9. The Cradle of Your Soul

This represents a romantic version of the sound that vloggers can use on their YouTube videos for special occasions.

10. I Miss You

A tearful sound that makes the vlog look emotionally targeting for viewers.

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Part 2. Where can I get background music for Vlogs?

There are several platforms that can be considered for obtaining background music for vlogs. However, the urge to find the best among them never ends. This part provides details on the best platforms that offer great vlog background music.

  1. Pixabay
  2. SoundCloud
  3. Chosic

1. Pixabay

vlog background music

Pixabay is known to home hundreds of thousands of free music with no royalty, a platform that provides convenience to its users. The platform offers free vlog music, which is great in quality and unique, and accurate. Pixabay provides a free service with no commercial use for multiple departments. It has not based itself on providing access to royalty-free music.

2. SoundCloud

vlog background music

SoundCloud has made an exceptional name in the market for being many things to its users. From providing access to free sound, SoundCloud is home to many users helping them put their sound into the market for the people to enjoy. From being a simple online player that was used to play music, SoundCloud slowly transitioned to become a source of background music for vlogs.

3. Chosic

vlog music download

Chosic is a rather simple and basic platform compared to the other tools surviving in the market. While holding a very extensive set of the library of royalty-free music, Chosic offers a unique experience to its users while helping them search for the sound of their choice. Chosic surely makes it great for users to provide quality music.

Part 3. Frequently asked questions about Vlog music

1. What is Vlog music?

The term vlog music refers to the sound attached to the vlog video while it is being posted across any platform for users to watch. The music that is essentially contained across the video and is running in playback mode is referred to as vlog music.

2. What music do Vloggers use?

Referring to the genre mostly vloggers put themselves in, they usually look for music that is either electronic or represents the house/dance genre.

3. How do you add music to vlogging?

To add music to vlogging, you need to follow the simple guidelines described below:

Step 1: Open Wondershare UniConverter on your desktop and click on Video Editor present on the left-hand panel. Click on the Add File button from the options on the screen and import the vlog video on which you want to add music.

add best vlog music

Step 2: To add a sound, click on the button next to the subtitle button and select Add to import the music that you have to add across the vlog video.

upload the best vlog music

Step 3: Set the location for the export video and click Start All to execute.

save the vlog video
How to add music to Vlog?

Try Wondershare UniConverter for free now! Add music to any video easily!

4. Should I put music in my Vlog?

Music sets the mood and tone of the viewers, which helps them keep up with the vlog. To establish an emotional connection between the viewers and the vloggers, you should definitely put the music across your vlog.


This article provides you with some exceptional tips for putting in vlog music that can be used to develop the best content for viewers. While targeting your niche, you can come up with a lot of music that can fit in according to the content created. While searching for the right vlog background music, you should always select the right tool for executing it to the last shard.

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