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[New] 45+ best Vlog ideas you need to know in 2024

Looking for the perfect vlog ideas? This article has multiple suggestions. A vlog is an online channel where you share your thoughts and skills in audiovisual format. This can be on YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Instagram, etc. But identifying the perfect vlog niche can be challenging, especially for beginners. Although some niches may have more views than others, it's advisable to work with something you're passionate about to make the whole process worthwhile. Now let's jump in and discuss some vlog content ideas in 2024.

Part 1. 45+ best vlog ideas you can't miss in 2024

#1. 10 best Vlog channel name ideas

1. Travel vlogs

vlog ideas

Are you always traveling to famous destinations in the world? Carry your camera along and record those breathtaking videos on your safari trip, scuba diving, rally racing, etc. You can even record a video white at popular restaurants and hotels.

2. Review vlogs

You can help your followers get a first-hand look at popular products in the market. You can review and compare newly-released smartphones, computers, cars, books, soundbars, etc. This is one of the most trending vlog video ideas today.

3. Opinion vlogs

If you're enthusiastic about certain happenings in society, start a vlog and give your opinions. For example, you can analyze politics or sports.

4. Educational vlogs

YouTube is a popular learning platform for students. You can set teach Math, Physics, English, etc. You can even teach programming.

5. Daily vlogs

Carry your viewers in your daily routines by setting up a daily vlog by sharing what you do in the morning, night, at work, etc. It's more like a reality TV show.

6. Health and fitness vlogs

vlog title ideas

Many people visit YouTube and other video-sharing platforms to solve their health and fitness problems. Teach them about symptoms of various health concerns, how to eat healthily, how to perform specific workouts, etc.

7. Food vlog

People are always looking for ways to prepare new dishes. You can help them by teaching them to prepare specific recipes with a minimal budget.

8. Inspirational vlogs

You can be the ray of hope for your online followers. Give them tips about job seeking, setting goals, living within their budgets, etc.

9. Funny vlogs

Funny videos can be the perfect stress-reliever. So, share videos about memes, parodies, fails, and more. Remember to add ideal background music to evoke emotions.

10. Entertainment vlogs

Set up an entertainment vlog and share music videos, movies, animations, etc. However, this niche can be complex due to copyright issues. But still, you can share your own music.

#2. 40+ Vlog content ideas

Vlog title ideas

A vlog title is a gateway to your channel or videos. The perfect vlog title should be catchy and immediately compel viewers to open your video. The title can also determine how your video ranks on YouTube or any other platform you're using. Below are the most popular vlog title ideas:

1. How to …

This is the simplest and most popular title for vlogs. You can create how-to videos for almost all the vlog ideas for beginners listed above.

2. The Beginner's Guide to …

Here's another vlog title that will immediately capture the attention of beginners. Picture this; "beginner's guide to setting up your iCloud account."

3. DIY Methods for …

DIY or Do It Yourself videos are trendy these days. These videos can make the impossible possible. For example, teach them how to organize their kitchen or living room.

4. The Secrets No One Will Tell You About …

This title immediately evokes curiosity from the reader. For example, you can reveal secrets about shooting the perfect vlog video, SEO ranking, alien life, etc.

5. Mistakes to Avoid About …

Everyone makes mistakes. But you don't need to make a mistake to learn from it, do you? This video title puts viewers one step ahead of common mistakes.

Vlog background ideas

Most content creators overlook the backdrop of their videos. This costly mistake can make even the clearest and most entertaining video look unprofessional. Therefore, use these cost-effective vlog background ideas to wow your followers:

1. Lighting

Making sure your room is bright and clear is the first step toward the perfect vlog background. You can pinpoint the light in the object of focus to help viewers maintain attention. But don't make it too bright as that can be distracting.

2. Green Screen

Adding a green background to your shooting scene can help you quickly change the backdrop of your video after recording it. But you'll need a video editor that supports green screen editing.

3. Curtains

This is the oldest trick in the book for setting up filming backdrops. But first, make sure the curtain is clean and attractive. Also, spread the curtain folds evenly.

4. Paper Screens

vlog background ideas

There are many varieties of paper screens. You can use papers with solid colors, patterns, or printings. And yes, they are affordable.

5. Background Changer

daily vlog ideas

Fortunately, some programs such as Wondershare UniConverter allow you to replace the video background with plain colors or image templates. Excitingly, you don't even need to shoot the video with a green screen background.

wondershare uniconverter 13

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Lifestyle vlog ideas

Lifestyle vlogs cover everything that has to do with our healthy living. This is, in fact, the reason why these vlogs are viral. Below are some recommendations:

1. Nutrition vlogs

Eating a balanced diet is vital for living a long and healthy life. So, if you're a nutritionist, help viewers live healthy by giving them tips about what to eat and not to eat.

2. Training

Are you a trainer? Why not become an online fitness coach and earn some money from it? You can upload videos of your training routines and techniques.

3. Losing weight tips

Many people are obese, thanks to the junk food they eat. So, to help solve the problem, start a vlog to share some helpful weight-shedding tips.

4. Jogging tips

lifestyle vlog ideas

Tell your audience what time is perfect for jogging and how long they should jog. You can also include tips about selecting running shoes, clothes, post-jogging workouts, etc.

5. Challenge videos

You can introduce daily or weekly challenges on your YouTube vlog. For example, challenge your followers to a fasting session, long-distance running, weight lifting, etc.

6. Weekly/Monthly goals

Setting and sticking to goals can be challenging for most people. But with the right inspiration, achieving their plans at the end of the week or month is a cakewalk. Help them with that!

7. Workout playlist

Seasoned gym-goers know that not all music genres are meant for workout sessions. Choosing the perfect music can push someone to do more workouts. Therefore, curate a workout playlist and share it with your audience.

Travel vlog ideas

There are many awesome travel vlog ideas that you can share on your vlog. They include:

1. Popular travel destination

There are many travel destinations worldwide. So, reserve a session in your travel vlog to suggest these destinations to your viewers.

2. Travel bucket list

What do I need to include in my travel backpack? This is one of the most challenging questions that people ask before traveling.

3. Tips to reduce travel costs

Traveling can be costly, especially if you're going on a holiday to those exotic destinations. On your vlog, you can give tips on how travelers can live on a budget and till have fun.

4. Best camera for traveling vloggers

travel vlog ideas

Not all cameras are perfect for travel vloggers. For example, the camera should be waterproof and have the all-important autofocus mode. Give suggestions!

5. Dos and don'ts for shooting travel videos

Tell your viewers what they need to do and not to do while shooting travel videos. Like, they shouldn't record everything that they see.

Educational vlog ideas

Your vlog followers are always keen to learn from you, no matter which content you upload. Here are some ideas:

1. DIY vlog videos

Teach viewers how to perform activities like building, fixing, decorating, and more at home.

2. Compare and review products

Your audience may look up to you to help them make informed decisions in the market. You can compare gadgets, books, shoes, etc.

3. Routine vlogs

You can help your followers set a helpful routine for sleeping, training, eating, etc.

4. How to edit

educational vlog ideas

Teach people how to edit videos and audio on programs like Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Filmora, Audacity, etc.

5. Daily motivation

Sharing motivational videos can inspire viewers to always come back for an additional dose every day.

Study vlog ideas

Do you want to become an online teacher? Here's are some vlog ideas for students to consider:

1. Teach foreign languages

Many people hire private tutors to teach them international languages like English, French, Espanol, etc. Do that for free on YouTube and rake in the views.

2. Healthy studying

Teach your viewers some techniques to study healthily without putting immense pressure on themselves. For example, tell them how to minimize stress, read certain books, get sound sleep, etc.

3. Music coach

There are lots of people who want to have music knowledge. Therefore, open a YouTube channel to teach them how to play piano, write vocals, prepare for a karaoke performance, etc.

Vlog ideas for students

This is somewhat a continuation of study vlog ideas. But in this case, your primary target audience will be students.

1. Teach subjects

Teach students math, English, Physics, Biology, Geography, and other school subjects. There's a lot to teach, actually.

2. Programming languages

study vlog ideas

Learning how to code is now a subject in most schools. So, set up your own online coding class and teach C++, Visual Basic, Java, and other languages.

3. Update students on school events

This vlog benefits both students, teachers, and parents. You can update them on school events like opening dates, exam dates, sports, etc.

4. Student coupons and rewards

Most programs and students offer student discounts on most of their products. So, keep them updated on student promotions.

Food vlog ideas

You can always start a vlog for your foodie followers if you're passionate about this niche. Check out these ideas:

1. Make a foreign dish

Who wouldn't want to learn how to make a foreign delicacy? Certainly not me! There are many international foods to try.

2. Interview a famous chef or baker

You can interview a chef and teach your followers a few things about cooking a tasty meal.

3. Baking

food vlog ideas

Baking is one of the most flexible cooking methods around. Teach viewers how to bake a cake with unusual ingredients.

Part 2. Frequently asked questions about vlog ideas

1. Why should I create a vlog?

Create a vlog to share your experiences and knowledge with the world. Also, you can earn from vlog platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

2. Which type of vlog is best?

There is no vlog type better than the other. Always choose a vlog niche that you're passionate about. For example, select cooking if you're passionate about food.

3. What should I do for my first vlog?

If you're creating your first vlog, make sure it's fun and exciting to watch. Also, learn a few tricks about editing and enhancing your vlog video before uploading.

4. How long should Vlogs be?

Ideally, as short as possible and as long as necessary. For DIY videos, it can last for a few seconds, whereas interviews and subject lessons can be detailed enough.

Part 3. Conclusion

Any questions or additions? These are the best vlog ideas for beginners to implement in 2024. But always remember that successful vlogging is all about choosing a niche you're passionate about. Give it a try!

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