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Top 20 Facebook Music Apps Recommended

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:26:44 • Proven solutions

Facebook has matured as an app center, especially the music app. Facebook music apps form an important component of social media entertainment. With a network of friends just ready to interact with one another, Facebook music apps are perfect tools to share the fun. As a matter of fact, music apps are designed for sharing music with your friends rather than being used on your own. However, the apps differ based on the mobile device they can be installed on, the type of music and functionality. You can type the music app in the search bar and find them there.

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The following list consists of the top 20 Facebook music apps, together with the current number of users.


1. Spotify

Spotify is a streaming music app that works on your mobile, computer, TV and mobile. It gives you access to millions of songs, from the latest hits to the old hits. Here, you can discover, play and share new music with anyone on Facebook.

Number of users: 10 M

2. BandPage (Root Music)

This app was developed to allow bands to create a custom hub as well as their tour schedule, pictures, music, twitter and wall, all under one roof.  There are over 500,000 musicians who use the app to connect to their fans.

Number of users: 1 M



3. My Band (ReverbNation)

Install My Band to showcase your music collection on Facebook. The app lets you add a music profile to your personal or fan page. It offers you unlimited pics, songs, show schedules, and mailing lists. It also allows you to share, buy tickets or music.

Number of users: 1 M  

4. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio comes in handy if you are looking for the top radio live stations (there are more than 1,500 stations) so that you can create your own custom stations that features your favorite songs or artists.

Number of users: 1 M  



5. iLike

With this app, users can share and discover new music as well as free online MP3s. moreover, you can prove you are a music genius there is a challenge for you. iLike is also loved by fans because it lets them see what concerts their friends are going to. 

Number of users: 1.5 M  

6. Bandsintown

If you are a live band fan, you will find Bandsintown to be a perfect application. It allows you to know in advance when your favorite band will be coming to town. Artists can also use the app to announce their next concert as well as display ticket information.

Number of users: 1 M




7. Last.FM Music

Use Last. FM Music app to get amazing personal music recommendations for your Facebook profile. The app is truly a wonderful music discovery service that gives users a personalized experience and recommendation based on the history of the music you have listened to.

Number of users: 3 M

8. Jango


Get tons of free music on your mobile and Facebook profiles. From the 1960s classics to the the new age songs, you can be sure to get your favorite song. The app is available for iphone, ipad and android.

Number of users: 500 K



9. Vevo

Vevo has been developed to ensure that you receive your favorite videos on YouTube as well as other social medias. This app ensures that your receive the best videos from around the world on your favorite the moment vevo’s website is being developed. So, you can watch the Vevo’s video’s on Youtube.

Number of users: 500 K

10. iLoader for Facebook

Are you tired of uploading One video or photo at a time? iLoader is the perfect app for you to upload as many videos, music and photos at ago on facebook. Iloader is now one of the most popular video and photo uploader in the world. It works for both iOS and android phones.

Number of users: 1.5 M


Radio Nueva Vida

11. Slide FunSpace

Do you want to have fan with your friends? Slide FunSpace brings you all the fan because it brings together over 6 billion fun videos and more which you can exchange with your friends. you can also share videos, graffiti, posters and more with friends.

Number of users: 335K

12. Sound Cloud

Soundcloud makes it possible for you to not only explore the expansive online community of artists, bands, and creators of music, it also allows you explore your creative talents. There are billions of individuals and bands you can access through Sound Cloud.

Number of users: 441K



13. Songza

Songza is a wonderful application Facebook users can use to share music Worthy moments with their friends and families. There plenty of available musicians you can choose from. Actually, nothing comes between you and your favorite artists. If you want to share quality moments with friends, use Songza

Number of users: 500K

14. iCast

iCast was designed for iPush devices and has been rated as one of the most useful tools for sharing media files such as music, videos, photos, tv programs and online videos with your friends and family. If you want to share fun easily, then iCast is for you. Sharing happiness starts with iCast.

Number of users: 500K



15. Deezer

You can listen, discover and take your music anywhere in the planet using Deezer Facebook music app. Currently, there are over 30 million tracks to choose from. Just as your tastes are unique, deezer has made it possible for you to consume music that empowers you.

Number of users: 5M

16. YouTube Video Box

You can easily share your favorite videos on your Facebook pages as well as in your profile. The apps enable users to easily find videos, add them to their favorites and share with friends. also, this apps allows you to view your friend’s favorite videos

Number of users: 850K



17. Slacker Radio

With Slacker radio, you can listen to ad share over 150 radio stations that programed by the experts. The radio stations contain and play millions of songs or playlists. Depending on the stations and plays list you create, you are guaranteed unlimited access to your favorite hits.

Number of users: 100K

18. 8tracks

Whether you want ti listen to some acoustic songs or you want to enjoy the slow hits of love songs, 8trcaks has been designed to entertain Facebook users online. The radio app has been designed by people, not algorithms and one of its major strengths is that it offers you flexibility.

Number of users: 500K



19. Mix Cloud

Mix Cloud enables you to listen to the best DJ and radio presenters in the world through Cloud mixing. On demand DJs and presenters are available in the cloud, meaning you are able to listen to your favorite entertainers anywhere in the world.

Number of users: 500K

20. TouchTunes

TouchTunes was created to give users the ability to control the jukebox from the comfort of your phone. You can access over 60,000 jukeboxes in Canada and the United States. Use the app to search songs and create your favorite playlist on your Facebook profile

Number of users: 100K


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Christine Smith

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