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How to Post Music Notes on Facebook Status

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:28:32 • Proven solutions

Facebook is a vast ocean, and there are always interesting things to search for it. One of the amazing things that you could do is insert Facebook music notes and Facebook music symbols, and other generic symbols while you are updating your status, or commenting on posts, and even while sending messages over. The method of inserting symbols is fairly straightforward, and through this, you are sure to get instant recognition. Assume that you are posting song lyrics as your status. Such music symbols before and after your status can add an instantly cool look to your status, and it is sure to grab the attention of everyone who sees it. People who are well versed in typing ASCII texts would have known this for a long time. Facebook simply uses the ASCII character set as its typing scheme, and hence, these symbols not only work on Facebook but on almost every other place where you would want to insert text, including other websites and text formatting situations. There are two common ways of entering such music symbols, and you will read about both of them here. These styles are suited for specific types of computers, and they are very easy to implement.

Solution 1: Copy and Paste Music Notes from Facebook Symbol Sites

Certain users may use laptops as the main device through which they access Facebook. Likewise many others may access Facebook through their phones and other portable devices. For such users, the ‘Num Lock’ key may be absent. This is very vital to insert musical notes in the other solution of inserting them. In this case, the most viable option would be to copy the symbols from any of the many websites that display such symbols. Many websites and blogs are there exclusively for such symbols, and you can access them for the symbols. After that, it’s just a piece of cake. All you have to do is copy and paste. Since these symbols come under the ASCII set of symbols, you can be sure that they can work. ASCII symbols work in all, but some places, and this method of inserting music symbols is very efficient and easy.

1. Symbols & Emotions

This is one website from where the music symbols can be copy-pasted with ease. It is a verified source, and the symbols work.

symbols and emotions

2. Fsymbols

Like the previous example, this website also provides a list of symbols that can be easily copy-pasted onto Facebook and a host of other social networking sites.


3. Facebook Emotions

A third example for a website that offers you to copy-paste music symbols for Facebook.


The above websites are just the most prominent ones among the many. Facebook, by itself, has a group dedicated to such special symbols that can be used while typing content within it. The one disadvantage of using this method to copy-paste symbols onto your entered data is that a new window or tab that has the website from which you plan to copy-paste the symbols must be open at the side all the time. It can be a bit distracting for users, and if you are planning on entering a large number of such symbols in your status, it will be strenuous. But it has its advantages too. Unlike the other solution where you have to remember certain key combinations to enter such special music symbols, this method does not require you to remember anything. Also, while inserting various and multiple music symbols, solution 2 can be a bit strenuous as a small error in typing numbers can give a different symbol altogether. Many other symbols other than just music symbols are also available on websites.

Solution 2: Type Music Notes by Yourself

This is a very easy method, where the power and capability to enter special music symbols in your Facebook status lies with you on your keyboard. Since these music symbols are basically ASCII symbols, that is, Unicode, there is an alternate way through which they can be developed. The key combination for inserting such symbols is given below. But one main step to be remembered while using this method is that the ‘Num Lock’ key in your keyboard must be enabled. If not, when you follow this method, you will not get anything displayed on your screen. The method of inserting music symbols is explained below.

Once you have typed down the status text, bring your text cursor to the place where you wish to insert the music symbol and hold down the ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard. While holding it down, enter the combination of numbers to get the music symbols. The combination is given for various symbols. (Note that this method may not work on some computers.)

Operations on the keyboard Symbols you will get
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 1 smiley face ☺
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 2 shaded smiley face ☻
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 3 heart ♥
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 4 diamond ♦
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 5 club ♣
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 6 spade ♠
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 7 black bullet •
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 8 square box ◘
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 9 circle ○
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 10 square with a black bullet in it ◙
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 11 masculine symbol ♂
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 12 feminine symbol ♀
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 13 single musical note ♪
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 14 double musical note ♫
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 15 sun ☼
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 16 right side arrow ►
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 17 left side arrow ◄
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 18 top/down arrow ↕
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 19 double exclamation mark ‼
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 20 ¶ symbol
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 21 § symbol
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 22 single dark dash ▬
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 23 up arrow ↑
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 24 down arrow ↓
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 25 right-pointing arrow →
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 26 left-pointing arrow ←
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 27 ∟ symbol
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 28 two-sided arrow ↔
Hold down ‘Alt’ and press 29 up arrow ▲

Many more combinations can be used to get symbols.

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