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Top Ten 3D Video Cameras

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:26:45 • Proven solutions

For years, if you wanted to see a 3D movie, you went to the theater, donned the blue and red paper glasses, and sat back to see what someone else had created. Later 3D movies were available in domed theaters and with better glasses, but still, your entertainment was dictated by what someone else has envisioned and put on the screen. Modern cameras allow you to be the videographer, director, and producer of your very own films. Some even come with the capability to connect to a projector for instant HD gratification. Here are ten of the best 3D video cameras you can find.

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1. Panasonic HDC-Z100000 twin lens camcorder


This camera can shoot in either 2D or 3D, so you can capture videos in any scale. It has the capacity for close-up shots, too, with a macro range of 17.7” at 32mm. Most other cameras suffer from clarity issues at this distance. The twin lenses provide 3D images just as your eyes would see them. It uses two high sensitivity 3MOS sensors on the left and right. The lenses are f/1.5 with a coating to the front of the lens. The processor is capable of 1080p60, or 60 progressive frames a second, so fast action like auto races are captured in crystal clarity. The body style looks like a professional camera, and it films like a professional camera, too.

2. Panasonic HDC-TM900K camcorder


This camera is feature-packed, with an advanced 3MOS system, 1080p60 recording capability, and 32GB of built in memory. The electronic viewfinder is easy to use, but you also have manual adjustments you can make. The color is rated as accurate, which is always an added plus, so there’s less you have to do in the editing process. This camera’s image quality is very high, with good detail and very little noise. The large LCD viewfinder (3.5”) makes it easy to know exactly what you are filming. The camera body is a bit bigger than other cameras in this class, making it a touch heavier, too.

3. Sony HDR-TD30V


This latest model in the Handycam line is a two channel input camcorder, equipped with two full HD sensors. It films at 1920/1080 on both channels with true HD at either resolution. The large 3.5 LCD screen allows for previews and easy recording. The slimline casing is easy to hold and use the controls. If you choose to film in 2D, your videos will still be crisp and clean. This camera has some other cool features, like a GPS, optical image stabilization, and highlights including adding your own soundtrack.

4. JVC Everio GS-TD1


This first entry by JVC on the list is a camera that has some truly great features. Topping that list is the fact it is able to film in low light, something other cameras might struggle with. It does not lose image quality or color quality when the lights go down. Do you like to be able to manually adjust your settings? You’ll love this camera. It has full manual operation as an option. The battery is a bit large, but that also means it has a long battery life, so you can keep shooting for a long time. It features a large internal memory capacity – 64GB flash memory to be exact – with a memory card slot for extra room. The 3.5” LCD screen features touchscreen input, too. The lenses are F1.2 with backlit CMOS sensors, and the microphone is proprietary to JVC, called Biphonic, so you get full range sound to go with your 3D movie.

5. Panasonic HC-X920


Panasonic returns to our list with their HC-X920 3D ready camcorder. It offers features that are great for people who love to share what they shoot. The Shoot and Share feature is available when the camera is connected to a Wi-Fi network. It means you can send your video to anyone, or livestream your feed on an Ustream channel. Imagine being able to share a special event with someone far away as it happens! If you want to use this camera as a home or business security device, it features two-way monitoring capabilities. The lens is an F1.5 12X optical zoom, and it captures video in true 16:9 at 8.49 MP.

6. Canon Legria HFG30


This is highly rated as a great introductory camera that shoots in full HD. If you like to change your settings and not rely on factory programmed ones, this camera is also for you, including changing the focus. An easily accessed lens ring allows you to adjust both focus and zoom. It uses Canon’s CMOS sensor, and it has advanced image stabilization programs that will even out just about any shake. Above all else, it has great image quality. After all, isn’t that what you want to buy a camera for?

7. JVC GC-PX100


This camera can, like many, shoot video and still photos both, but unlike many, it shoots good still images. Built to resemble a DSLR with lens attached, it can take 12.8MP images thanks to a CMOS sensor with a backlight, and a 10X optical zoom capacity on the lens. Now for those videos, it shoots in full HD at up to 500 frames per second. It features a time-lapse mode for Wachowski wanna-bes to re-enact their favorite scenes. For those who want to share their prize productions with others, there is an app available that you can download to playback your stills or videos on a variety of devices, including tablets and smartphones.

8. Canon EOS C100


Canon is back with a fun camera that produces some stunning work. It’s a professional quality camera that is still easy to use. The DSLR sensor inside has a number of levels and it smokes three chip camcorders in video quality, producing movies that look like they belong on the big screen. The lenses are interchangeable just like an SLR’s are. External sources can be plugged in thanks to the HDMI port on board. There is a large storage capacity for this camera with two SD card slots. The sound quality is dynamic thanks to the XLR audio.

9. JVC Everio GZ-HD6EK


Are you just getting started with digital filmmaking? This is a perfect entry camera for you. Affordably priced, yet still packed with features, it offers full 1080p high definition video and it can shoot 2D in mp4 format, perfect for sharing. Auto setting features help you with exposure and focal points, including a facial focus. It holds its own in low light situations, giving you good video without worrying about the light levels. Auto color settings ensure your videos will be bright and crisp. A touchscreen 3” LCD screen allows you to check your shots and review them on the screen easily. There is one SD card slot for storage.

10. Sony PJ810


For something truly unique, this camera comes with its own projector for instant replays the night you shoot the film. Just point the projector towards any flat surface, even in sunlight. The videos this camera shoots are stunning, with your choice of 1920p24 or 1080p60 resolution. A dual recording capability means you can shoot both resolutions at the same time. Still images can be captured at 20MP with a 12X optical zoom, and you can shoot wide-angle photos if you wish. The built-in 32GB memory lets you film all day long. Image stabilization and a My Voice Cancelling feature allow you to have steady shots with sound focused on your subject, not you.

So there you have it – 10 of the best HD cameras you can find. Our list encompasses a variety of prices and styles, so you can choose the one you want.

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