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How to make your voice sound like Tiko by a Tiko voice changer

Gaming fans need no introduction to Tiko. He is an American YouTuber famous for his unique video creation skills that use a fish avatar with a Tiko voice changer. He usually uses the voice changer to sound like an 8-year-old baby on Fortnite and Omegle. His skills have earned him 6+ million YouTube subscribers and 2+ million on TikTok. So, in this article, we'll help you sound like this YouTube star by creating a Baby voice using three excellent desktop methods.

Part 1: How to get a squeaker voice changer by using Clownfish

Tiko confessed to using this squeaker voice changer to sound like a baby in his videos. Clownfish is a free open-source voice changer for Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, or iPhone. This Tikos voice changer gives users lots of creative voice-changing capabilities on Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak, Google Meet, Hangouts, WhatsApp Desktop, and other apps. Clownfish embeds on your system's microphone making your live voices sound unique, anonymous, and funny.

Below is how to use this voice changer for Tiko:

Step 1 Install and run Clownfish voice changer.

tiko voice changer install clownfish

Head to Google or any other search engine, then search and download Clownfish from the official website. Remember to check system compatibility because Clownfish has 64-bit and 32-bit versions. Nonetheless, the installation package is small, so the process should be quick and easy.

Step 2 Turn on Clownfish voice changer.

tiko voice changer turn on tiko

After successfully installing Clownfish, click the desktop "Hide" icon at the bottom-right corner, and you'll see the Clownfish icon. If the icon is grey, right-click it and choose "Turn on" to enable Clownfish on your PC.

Step 3 Select a voice input/output device.

tiko voice changer set up voice devices

Next, proceed to choose your microphone. To do that, plug in your mic and then right-click Clownfish. Then, go to Setup and tap Microphone to select the voice input device. You can also choose the sound output device under the Audio Output option.

Step 4 Choose and customize voice settings.

tiko voice changer choose baby voice

Right-click Clownfish Voice Changer, then tap Set Voice Changer. On the pop-up window, set the voice filter as "Baby pitch." To make the voice sound more like Tiko, play around with the Pitch slider until you find what works best. You can also adjust microphone settings like sensitivity, bass, and treble.

Step 5 Record sound with a Tiko voice.

Lastly, "Turn on" Clownfish Voice Changer and start sounding like Tiko on compatible apps. Note that Clownfish is now the default voice changer on your system.

Part 2: How to get a Tiko voice by using UniConverter

Sometimes you may have a footage shot on your smartphone that you want to customize with a Tiko voice changer. In that case, install UniConverter Voice Changer on your macOS or Windows system. It's an excitingly easy-to-use desktop software that supports all standard audio and video formats. You can add a Tiko voice filter to MP3, MP2, M4A, MP4, MOV, AVI, Apple ProRes, etc. Besides a child voice, you can also add a male, female, robot, or transformer voice.

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Follow these steps:

Step 1 Install and launch the voice changer.

tiko voice changer open voice changer

Download, install, and run UniConverter Voice Changer on your Mac/Win computer. You may have to wait a minute or two to finish installing because the program comes bundled with other essential file editing tools. After running UniConverter, you'll land on the Home page by default. Here, click Voice Changer on the AI Lab tools to launch the function automatically.

Step 2 Upload the video on the voice changer.

tiko voice changer upload video or audio

Now drag and drop your video or audio on the Voice Changer interface. Alternatively, click Add Files to open a file from your local storage on external drives. Note that UniConverter Voice Changer supports batch processing.

Step 3 Choose the Tiko voice filter and apply it.

tiko voice changer choose child voice

Once the video is loaded successfully, select Child as the voice filter. You can also apply the voice effect to multiple videos by clicking Apply to All. If satisfied, preview the video, set a folder path, and export it. That's all!

Part 3: How to get a Tiko voice changer by using iMyFone MagicMic

Another Tiko voice changer online is MagicMic. As expected, it's a lightweight program, making it quick and easy to install. Like Clownfish, MagicMic is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android systems. Also, it's a live voice changer, meaning that MagicMic will alter your live voice on voice calls, video games, and other live streaming. It works with desktop apps like Zoom, Fortnite, Skype, CS: GO, and more. And lest I forget, you can import MP3 or WAV audio and customize it with sound effects.

Steps to add Tiko voice to your voice with MagicMic:

Step 1 Install and run MagicMic on your PC.

tiko voice changer install magicmic

Visit the official iMyFone website and download MagicMic on your PC. Depending on your computer system, you can download the macOS or Windows version before installing the program. This should be quick.

Step 2 Set the microphone settings.

tiko voice changer choose voice devices

Next, click Settings on the left menu bar to select the input and output voice devices. For example, plug the microphone into your PC and set it under the "Select your microphone" drop-down menu. You can also choose your headphone as the output device and adjust the volume of both devices.

Step 3 Choose the voice effect and record the audio.

tiko voice changer select a voice filter

Click the VoiceBox button on the left to view all available voice filter effects. After selecting a voice, open VoiceStudio on the left menu bar and customize the voice to sound more realistic. For instance, you can adjust the bass, midrange, treble, pitch, volume, etc.

Step 4 Record the Tiko voice.

tiko voice changer record voice

Click the Record Voice Change at the bottom-left corner to capture sounds with a Tiko voice filter. After recording audio, you can customize it further before exporting it to WAV or MP3.


I hope you've found a Tiko voice changer free from the list above. As you can see, all these desktop programs are simple to use, with others like MagicMic having countless voice filters and sound effects. But if you want to add a Tiko voice changer to a pre-recorded video easily, use UniConverter.1.


What voice changer do most YouTubers use?

As mentioned before, Tiko himself uses Clownfish Voice Changer to alter his voice on YouTube videos. But because successful YouTubing entails more than just changing the voice, you might need a comprehensive program like UniConverter.1.

What's the user's account of Tiko on YouTube and TikTok?

Tiko has a verified YouTube account called TikoYTOfficial. You can also see all his YouTube creations by simply searching "Tiko." On TikTok, he goes by official tiko.

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