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2024 year’s top 10 tools to make a Discord GIF

If you have spent some time on the internet recently, you might have heard about Discord. It is a virtual chatting app that offers services similar to Skype and Slack. Users can text, call, video chat, share multimedia, and get in touch with friends and peers quite easily using Discord.

People often enjoy sharing GIFs with their friends on Discord and having a good laugh. If you want to know how to make a Discord GIF, you have landed on the right page. Keep reading to learn about the top Discord GIF maker tools available on the internet and how to use them to make captivating GIFs.

Part 1. Top 6 popular Discord GIF makers in 2022

Are you searching for a reliable GIF maker for Discord? Although there are plenty of such tools available on the internet that claim to do the task for you, it is often tiring to find one that is perfectly suited to your needs. To make things easier for you, here are some top Discord GIF maker tools that can prove helpful.

1. UniConverter GIF Maker

UniConverter by Wondershare is a remarkable tool that can act as an efficient GIF maker for Discord. With its versatile set of tools and intuitive interface, UniConverter can help you create premium quality GIFs from pictures and videos easily.

Key features

  • UniConverter supports and converts a wide range of file formats that can be converted into GIFs.
  • You can also edit the metadata of your media files using UniConverter.
  • The "Auto Crop" feature can automatically crop videos and GIFs into ratios specific to social platforms.


  • Windows & Mac


  • Quarterly Plan: $29.99
  • Annual Plan: $39.99
  • Perpetual Plan: $59.99

Pros and cons


UniConverter can create high-quality GIFs for your Discord channel.

You can convert an unlimited number of images into GIFs using UniConverter.


UniConverter does not support the import of media via cloud storage services.

Steps to create a Discord GIF on UniConverter

Step 1: Open UniConverter on your computer, and from the "Tools" tab in the left panel, click on "GIF Maker."

choose gif maker feature

Step 2: From the popup window, you can choose to either convert a video or images to GIFs. Simply add your pictures or video into the interface by clicking the "+" icon in the middle of the screen or the "Add" icon at the top-left.

add files for making gif

Step 3: Now, you can specify details such as the output size, frame rate, and the file's location. If you chose a video, you could also trim it to the duration of the clip you wish to turn into a GIF. Next, click on "Create GIF" and start converting your media files into a GIF.

tap on create gif button
wondershare uniconverter 13

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2. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is Adobe's most versatile tool, which has revolutionized the platform of digital images. Featuring a comprehensive toolset with everything you might need for image manipulation; Photoshop is the answer to your question "how to make Discord GIFs."

adobe photoshop interface

Key features

  • Photoshop offers a rich toolset for image correction, manipulation, typography, and more.
  • The latest version of Photoshop offers powerful AI tools to make things easier for you.
  • You can create multiple canvases within Photoshop's workspace to work on multiple projects at the same time.


  • Windows, Mac, and iPad


  • Photoshop Plan: $20.99/Month

Pros and cons


Photoshop offers image editing features that are unparalleled by other software.

Photoshop comes with Adobe's Creative Cloud library, which can help you manage and keep track of your design elements with ease.


Photoshop has a steep learning curve, and the interface can be difficult to navigate for some users.

Steps to make a GIF on Photoshop

Step 1: Open Photoshop and specify the dimensions and resolution you want for your GIF. Tap "Create" to open the document.

Step 2: Now go to the "File" tab to import the media files you wish to convert into a GIF. If you want to import images, choose "Scripts" from the dropdown menu and click "Load Files into Stack." To convert a video into a GIF, choose "Import" and tap on "Video Frames to Layers."

select load files into stack option

Step 3: Open "Timeline" from the "Window" tab and select "Create Frame Animation." Then, convert your layers into frames by clicking on the menu icon in the Timeline panel and selecting "Make Frames from Layers."

choose make frames from layers option

Step 4: Now duplicate the frames to form animation and set the delay timer for each frame. Then, specify the number of times you want the animation to loop.

specify the gif delay

Step 5: Finally, export your file as GIF by going to the "File" tab and clicking on "Export," and selecting "Save for Web (Legacy)."

tap on save for web option


GIPHY is one of the world's largest GIF libraries, containing numerous animated GIFs and stickers. If you are wondering how to make a GIF on Discord, GIPHY stands among the top choices. With its creative tools and simple interface, it is the perfect tool for making custom GIFs.

giphy online tool

Key features

  • You can add captions, stickers, filters, and more to your created GIFs.
  • GIPHY can help you create a customized virtual background for your video calls.
  • The tool can directly convert YouTube video links into GIFs.


  • Online, Android, and iOS


  • Free

Pros and cons


GIPHY features a simple user interface that is easy to navigate.

There are multiple custom features using which you can add a unique spark to your GIFs.


The tool can only convert a limited number of file formats into GIFs.

Instructions to follow to create a GIF for Discord on GIPHY

Step 1: Go to GIPHY's website and click on the "Create" button at the top right. You will be redirected to the GIF maker page, where you can import your media files.

tap on create button

Step 2: Add the images or video you wish to turn into a GIF by clicking on "Choose File." You can also type the URL of a YouTube video.

choose files for gif

Step 3: After you add your images, you can decorate them using captions, stickers, filters, and more. If you choose a video file, you can trim it to the duration of your choice and then add further elements to it. Now click on "Continue to Upload" to save your created GIF.

continue to upload the gif

4. Imgflip

Imgflip is an online GIF maker that can turn all kinds of images, videos, YouTube links, and more into good-quality GIFs. With simple yet powerful tools, Imgflip is a good alternative to high-end software such as Photoshop.

imgflip online gif maker

Key features

  • Imgflip lets users make GIFs from existing GIFs or video URLs.
  • You can enable the sound of the GIFs on Imgflip.
  • Users can also add text, images, stickers, and more to your created GIFs.


  • Online and Android


  • Pro: $9.95/Month

Pros and cons


Being web-based, you can use Imgflip on multiple devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

The created GIFs can be directly shared to external sites such as Facebook or Gmail, and you can also generate a link for your GIF.


The GIFs created on Imgflip retain a watermark that can only be removed in the paid version.

Step-by-step guide for creating a Discord GIF on Imgflip

Step 1: Go to Imgflip's Animated GIF Maker tool and upload your media files. You can see the bifurcation between images and videos, so choose accordingly.

upload your images or videos

Step 2: Once you upload a video file, you can trim it to suit your requirements. Then, you can add text or stickers to it, crop or rotate it according to your needs, and even reverse the GIF. You can also adjust the dimensions of uploaded images.

tap on generate gif button

Step 3: Now click on "Generate GIF" and click on "Download .gif" to save it to your device.

initiate download gif

5. ImgPlay

ImgPlay is an easy-to-use GIF maker for Discord. Available as an app on Google Play and the App Store, ImgPlay provides a variety of features for creating alluring GIFs for every need. Designed for all levels of users, the app offers powerful customization options for GIF creation.

imgplay features

Key features

  • You can use ImgPlay's Camera Mode to record a video directly and turn it into a GIF instantaneously.
  • Various creative filters can be applied to the GIFs.
  • You can change the frame play rate of each individual frame on ImgPlay.


  • Android and iOS


  • No Watermark & Ad, All Filters: $2.99
  • ImgPlay Pro All things: $7.99
  • Unlock New Features: $4.99

Pros and cons


There are multiple playback options on ImgPlay so that you can create boomerangs.

You can export the output as a video and choose "Repeat Save" so you can make it look like a GIF.


The output quality of GIFs created on ImgPlay is low.

Simple steps to create Discord GIF on ImgPlay

Step 1: Launch the application on your phone and select the media files you wish to create into GIF. To switch from photos to videos, click on the dropdown icon at the top-left corner. Once you have chosen your files, click on "Make" in the top-right corner.

tap on make button

Step 2: You can now edit the properties of your GIF, such as adding text and applying creative filters. You can also adjust the length of your video and change the playback direction. After that, click on "Next" and choose an option to save or share your GIF.

click on next button

6. Ezgif

Ezgif is another remarkable web-based tool that can provide satisfactory results as a Discord emoji GIF maker. It allows users to create animated GIFs by combining several different images. Ezgif provides a range of customization options to make your GIFs unique and inspiring.

ezgif online tool

Key features

  • Ezgif allows users to combine multiple file formats into a single GIF.
  • A wide range of file types is supported by the site.
  • You can upload up to 2000 images or a total of 100MBs on Ezgif to turn them into a GIF.


  • Online


  • Free

Pros and cons


Ezgif produces good-quality output files without any watermark.

You can create smooth transitions between images using its "Crossfade frames" feature.


The processing time on the site is a bit slow.

Easiest steps to make a Discord GIF using Ezgif tool

Step 1: Launch the Ezgif website on your device and click on the "Choose Files" option to upload your media. After that, tap on the "Upload and make a GIF!"

tap on choose files button

Step 2: You can now customize options such as the delay time and effects for your GIF. You can also set the duration of your video clip or apply other options such as crop, resize, or rotate your GIF. Following this, tap on the "Make a GIF" button and save the result to your device.

hit the make gif button

As explained above, each GIF maker tool has its own strengths and weaknesses. Despite the differences, UniConverter certainly stands out to be the top GIF maker tool for Discord, providing you with impressive services and high-quality content in no time.

Part 2. The most commonly-used GIF in Discord

Now that you know how to make a GIF for Discord, it is now time to know what GIFs are popular these days. Here are some commonly-used fun GIFs that can stir up an interesting conversation among your friends:

1. Sorry, What?

This GIF radiates the disapproving energy that might come up in a conversation when you think, "Did you really just say that?"

2. Side Eye Monkey

The monkey giving you the side eye expresses a ton of emotions, from embarrassment to awkward looks and suspicion.


3. Khalid's Dance

Taken from the "Yung, Dumb, and Broke" music video by Khalid, this snippet radiates happiness, positivity, and excitement.


4. Kombucha Girl

If you are looking for something that describes a range of emotions in length, shifting from good to bad in mere instants, go for this GIF that has become a popular meme worldwide.



Among the plethora of Discord GIF maker tools available on the internet, the task of finding the perfect tool can be overwhelming. With the above-mentioned list, you are now aware of the top tools that can help you out. Wondershare UniConverter, in particular, has all the features you might be looking for in a GIF maker.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. How to attract others' attention with a gif in Discord?

If you want to catch people's attention in Discord, make sure you use high-quality GIFs that are not too large. Keep your GIFs relevant to the subject, and make eye-catching designs to fit the mood.

2. Where can I get the materials to make a discord gif?

You can find good-quality images and videos on several websites, such as Pixabay and Unsplash, which can act as raw material for GIFs in Discord.

3. What could people do in Discord?

Discord is a platform where people can share images, texts, audio, and videos. From video chatting with friends to streaming video games and meeting people with similar interests, you can do a lot with Discord.

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