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The Hit DVD Review-Enjoy the Best DVD Moment

The Matrix Film Review: How Scifi Can Change our Thinking

The dark cyberpunk aesthetic of The Matrix combines with some excellent performances, super-slick shoot end up sequences and a side order of futurist philosophy to boot.

Posted by | 2020-05-13 14:22:03

Seeking the Dark, Seeking the Light: I Am Legend

A post-apocalyptic spectacle with a captivating performance from Will Smith, I Am Legend manages to orchestrate its isolated and rather solemn and dark plot effectively to keep the film suspenseful.

Posted by | 2020-05-13 14:22:02

Inception Gets Inside Your Head

The Superb acting and layers of meaning to accompany it's layers of screenplay and action pull this kinetic film together in a very satisfying way.

Posted by | 2020-05-13 14:22:02

How Jojo Rabbit Somehow Made Growing up in Bad World

Can you really make a comedy about Hitler and Nazi Germany? Well, Jojo Rabbit is proof that the only way to see which side of the fence you stand on, is to watch it.

Posted by | 2020-05-13 14:21:21

Is Interstellar the Best Space Movie Ever Made

Thought-provoking and mesmerizing, it tells the tale of humankind trying to find another planet after Earth becomes uninhabitable.

Posted by | 2020-05-13 14:21:21

Movie Review: Once upon a time… in Hollywood

TV star Rick Dalton and his partner Cliff Booth are not famous in Hollywood anymore, and they were trying to become famous in their work, but the reality was differences.

Posted by | 2020-05-13 14:21:20

The Irishman: A Classic Tale of Fading Mob Glamour by Martin Scorses

"The Irishman," tells the story of the crime in the United States after World War II from the perspective of Frank Sheeran.

Posted by | 2020-05-13 14:21:20

Green Book-Fighting Stereotypes with Talent and Courage

Two New Yorkers take a road trip to the infamous Deep South. Challenged by need, compromised and half-blind by racial difference.

Posted by | 2020-05-13 14:21:19

Saving Private Ryan - One of the Best War Movies

There are few movies with a better opening sequence than Saving Private Ryan. It's good precisely because it is so difficult to watch.

Posted by | 2020-05-13 14:20:23

The Pianist: A Holocaust movie like no other

The Pianist is a holocaust movie like no other. Harrowing and beautiful at the same time, it’s little wonder that the movie won three Oscars.

Posted by | 2020-05-13 14:20:23

Star Wars: The Rise of SkyWalker – Is it Worth Watching?

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Let us look at the battle between the light and darkness of the Force from the perspective of human nature.

Posted by | 2020-05-13 14:20:22

A Heart-wrenching Childhood Nostalgia

We have a lots common in Toy Story 4 . Let's check this movie review and find the common together.

Posted by | 2020-05-13 14:20:22

Is Joker darker than The Dark Knight?

He is nobody. Everyone didn't care about him, and treated him like the air. Here is the review of Joker.

Posted by | 2020-05-13 14:20:21

An Extraordinary Adaptation

In the 2019 version of "Little Women", why Laurie fall in love with Amy and eventually chose her to be with her for life?

Posted by | 2020-05-13 14:20:21

Will it Soar or Burn?

Here is the DVD review about A Star is Born. Let's enjoy it.

Posted by | 2020-05-13 14:20:20

Avengers: Endgame a Wonderful Gift to the Audience

It feels that Avengers: Endgame is not a movie, but an award ceremony for heroes. Each of the characters we are familiar with exudes unprecedented light.

Posted by | 2020-05-11 21:08:48

Ford v Ferrari: An Exhilarating Ride of 700 RPM

The movie is based on the real 1966 Le Mans 24-hour endurance sports car event. It is about Ford participating in the race, challenging Ferrari for five consecutive years.

Posted by | 2020-05-11 21:08:48

1917: A Chilling Masterpiece of War Terrors

The ruthlessness of war is to redeem war crimes, and the "1917" is no exception.

Posted by | 2020-05-11 20:58:08

Why Watching Forrest Gump will Give You All the Life Advice

Thanks in large part to the superb acting from Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump has become a timeless classic that can't fail to move you, no matter how many times you see it.

Posted by | 2020-05-11 20:46:15

Titanic-How the Epic Film Holds a Special Place in My Place

Titanic as a near-perfect accomplishment of grand Hollywood cinema. It may almost 2 decades on from Titanic now, but it's heart will go on, that's for sure!

Posted by | 2020-05-11 20:41:39
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