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Powerful Tools for Subtitle Editing

To help people better understand the video, subtitles are the most import parts of the video. It is not only could help non-native speaker follow the video easier, but also could help the native speaker improve comprehension. The theme of this article shows us several solutions to add subtitles to a YouTube/MP4/MKV/DVD on Mac or Windows. And how to find the best YouTube downloader CC websites. However, you cannot customize your subtitles like the Font Color, Font Size, Outline Width/Color/Style of your subtitles by these online downloaders. Here we provide full guidelines about how to use professional editors for video editing on Windows/Mac easily and how to extract subtitles from MP4/MKV.

How to Extract Subtitles from MP4

How to extract subtitles from MP4? This article will tell you how to remove subtitles from MP4 no matter it is hard coded subtitles or soft subtitles easily with step-by-step guide.

Posted by | Oct 12,2019 14:04 pm

How to Free Extract Subtitles from DVD with 2 Easy Solutions

The article will show you 2 simple ways to extract subtitles from DVD disc. read on to choose one that suits you best.

Posted by | Sep 18,2019 13:31 pm

How to Free Extract Subtitle from MKV

MKVExtractGUI-2 could be used together with mkvtoolnix as an MKV subtitle extractor to extract subtitle from MKV file. Read more to learn the step-by-step guide and the best subtitle editor for DVD and 1000+ formats videos.

Posted by | Sep 18,2019 9:41 am

Top 2 Ways to Extract YouTube Subtitles with Ease

The article will show you 2 simple methods on how to extract YouTube subtitles both free and online, read on to learn more details.

Posted by | Sep 18,2019 9:40 am

Everything You Must Know About Subtitle

I hope now you would have understood what is a subtitle and what is an srt file? You can watch a foreign language movie with the subtitle specification. It is an imperative knowledge to understand the meaning of another part of the country or world. In this article, we shall understand what is a subtitle and its importance. Let us start reading further.

Posted by | Sep 18,2019 9:27 am

How to Turn On/Off Subtitles Easily on Netflix/Hulu/SamsungTV/Apple TV

You may confused about how should you turn on or turn off subtitle on Netflix/Hulu videos when playing on TV. This article gives an full guide about how to switch on subtitles easily on any devices.

Posted by | Sep 09,2019 21:59 pm

Top 2 Methods to Add Subtitles to a Movie

The article introduces 2 simple ways to add subtitles to a movie permanently, read on to learn the detailed steps.

Posted by | Sep 06,2019 17:42 pm

How to Download YouTube Video with Subtitles

The article will show you how to free get YouTube subtitles with 4 alternative methods, read on to choose one that suits you best!

Posted by | Sep 06,2019 15:42 pm

10 Video Players that can Embed and Play Subtitles

Most of the video has the subtitle and it helps us better understand the contains of the video.We provide best 10 video players with subtitle.

Posted by | Sep 06,2019 9:58 am

Best Way to Download Subtitles for Videos

Short comparison for how to download subtitles processes is as: Wondershare tool for srt download gives you a comprehensive guide for downloading, editing as well as other video editing related.

Posted by | Sep 05,2019 17:16 pm

Best Fonts for Subtitles

Getting the right font for your video is not an easy task. But you can change, modify, or search for the required font style for the video Subtitles with the details given in the article. Listed are the top 5 font styles. Additionally, if you need to modify the Subtitle fonts, try the Wondershare Uniconverter. It will help you get the best font for Subtitles while watching any video or movies.

Posted by | Sep 05,2019 17:11 pm

How to Convert IDX Subtitle to .SRT Format

This article lets us know multiple solutions to convert IDX to SRT format.You only could convert convert IDX to SRT online,but only use best Subtitle Editor Wondershare Uniconverter to edit your IDX file to SRT format.

Posted by | Sep 05,2019 17:04 pm

Top 7 Subtitle Converters You Must Know

There are various subtitle of the video and we introduce top 7 subtitle converters for our users to know how to convert subtitles step-by step.

Posted by | Sep 03,2019 10:12 am

Top 3 Methods to Convert Video with Subtitles

The article will show you 3 simple methods on how to convert video with subtitles both free and online, read on to learn more details.

Posted by | Aug 30,2019 15:50 pm

3 Recommended Ways to Create SRT File on Windows/Mac

The article will introduce 3 effective methods to create SRT file on both Windows and Mac in detailed instructions.

Posted by | Aug 27,2019 16:42 pm

Top 2 Things You Must Know About Subtitle Editing

Editing a subtitle though looks simple but without a proper medium may lack proficiency and appropriate appearance. It all requires a good medium that can make subtitle editing task a cake walk and provide you with all tools that makes viewing and reading subtitle media quite interesting.

Posted by | Aug 27,2019 13:49 pm

Top 3 Effective Solutions on How to Add Caption to Video with Ease

If you're looking for how to add caption to video, then read on to learn 3 effective methods below and select one that suits you best.

Posted by | Aug 26,2019 17:01 pm

Everything You Need to Convert TXT to SRT File

If you want to convert .txt to .srt format, you can read the article carefully, which not only explain both format, but introduce 3 effective solutions to help you out!

Posted by | Aug 23,2019 17:13 pm

Top 2 Free Subtitle Converter to Convert Sub Subtitle to SRT Online

In this article we'll introduce 2 simple free ways to convert Sub subtitles to SRT format online, read on to learn more details.

Posted by | Aug 23,2019 16:20 pm

10 Free Useful Subtitle Maker Tools

To assist in making subtitles, we collect 10 useful subtitle maker tools for your information. Read on and make best of them totally for free.

Posted by | Aug 23,2019 14:29 pm

Top 11 Subtitle Editor Tools for Your Video Editing

When you are editing videos, you may want to add some subtitles to your videos. Here you will find the best and free 11 video subtitle editors easy to use.

Posted by | Aug 23,2019 14:25 pm

Top 5 Youtube CC Downloader You Must Know

No need to search for best Youtube cc Downloader, this article will provide sufficient information about Youtube cc downloader with step guide.

Posted by | Aug 23,2019 14:24 pm

3 Things You Need to Know About M2TS Subtitles

This topic will tell you about how to add subtitles to M2TS video, How to extract subtitles from m2ts files and Where to download subtitles for movies.

Posted by | Aug 23,2019 14:20 pm

Top 20 Subtitle Download Sites to Free Download Subtitles for Movies & TV Series

No need to search anymore, here you will get the list of top 20 subtitles download sites with free downloading facilities.

Posted by | Aug 23,2019 14:10 pm

Top 3 Solutions to Download Subtitles for Movies and Videos

Tired of looking the appropriate subtitle for your movies or videos? Here you will get the complete details about how to download subtitles with top 3 ways.

Posted by | Aug 23,2019 14:07 pm

Top 5 Ways to Add Subtitles to YouTube Video

Isn't it nice to watch videos with subtitles in your own language.If yes then read the article to learn top 5 methods to add Subtitles to YouTube video.

Posted by | Aug 23,2019 13:44 pm

How to Add Subtitles to MP4 Files on Mac/Windows (Windows 10 Included)

Have got MP4 video and subtitle files, but don't know how to add subtitles to MP4 video? This article will guide you how to add subtitles on Mac/Windows.

Posted by | Aug 23,2019 13:36 pm

How to Add Subtitles to Your Video in VLC

The article mainly introduces how to add subtitles to your video with VLC media player as well the most recommended alternative Wondershare UniConverter in detailed steps.

Posted by | Aug 20,2019 14:23 pm

Top 4 Ways to Free Add Subtitles to Video Online

Want to free add subtitles to video? Here we collect 4 online subtitle tools for you to easily put subtitles on videos.

Posted by | Aug 20,2019 14:06 pm

Top 3 Ways to Add Subtitles to a Video

Here we'd like to share you 3 simple methods to add subtitles to your video or movies.

Posted by | Aug 20,2019 14:05 pm
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