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How to Easily Enjoy Your Video with Dual Subtitles

by Kayla Morrison • 2024-07-03 14:34:00 • Proven solutions

How wonderful and relaxed it is to watch your favorite movie or choose to display two subtitles? Yeah, at present as you can see many videos have dual subtitles so that it is easy for you to understand the problematic phrases easily. Displaying dual subtitles enable you to learn and understand any foreign language. You would have noticed them in videos of Netflix and Youtube. Not only professionals and experts, but you can also enjoy your favorite video by adding dual subtitles to it. To facilitate and guide you on how to do it, we have some simple methodologies discussed in today's article. Take a look at them, and you will learn how to add dual subtitles to your videos at ease for sure.

Part 1. Best Alternative Dual Subtitles Player: Wondershare Uniconverter

The Wondershare Uniconverter helps to switch between dual subtitles when the video is in play mode. You can import any number of video files into this platform to perform this functionality. You can enjoy the video with dual subtitles with the help of this effective software. Convert the output to MP4/MOV format using this converter tool.

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Watch Your Video with Dual Subtitles With Uniconverter

Step 1 Add Video Tracks

Install Wondershare Uniconverter tool and tap the icon. Add the files by clicking the add dvd files icon in Wondershare UniConverter option.

add video into uniconverter

Step 2 Play the Imported Video Tracks

Select the video track and tap the Preview Windows.

click video preview uniconverter

Step 3 Switch between Subtitles

You can switch between the subtitles by tapping the dropdown icons below the play window. This option in this tool helps in displaying dual subtitles when the video is in play mode.

switch video when uniconverter

Step 4 Output File Format as MP4

To convert all the files into MOV format you have to tap the dropdown icon near the Output Format: label.In the Video menu choose the MP4 and the Same as source.

Finally, click the Start All button at the right bottom of the screen. To view, the converted files press the Finished menu in the top middle of the page.

choose video output uniconverter

Part 2. How to Display YouTube and Netflix Movies in Two Languages

It is sometimes convincible to add dual subtitles to a video; one for the understanding purpose and one for the grammatical or vocabulary skills. In the last session, we have seen how to add dual subtitles to a video in VLC and this session, we provide two methods to display dual subtitle to a Youtube or Netflix video.

Method 1: Use of CaptionPop tool

More than a subtitle adder, CaptionPop is your assistance in learning a language, slow down a video, repeat the last sentence with a single keystroke, bookmarks the subtitles to be read later. It is reliable for any Youtube or Netflix video. Let’s take a look at steps on how to add dual subtitles to a video with CaptionPop.

Step 1: Open CaptionPop tool in your browser.

Step 2: Choose your native language from the first dropdown and on the next select the language you wish to learn or is desired or understandable. Hit on the Find Videos button.

Open captionpop tool

Step 3: You will get directed to a YouTube movie search page where you have to paste the YouTube link and click on the Search option.

Click search option

Step 4: The movie or video will now appear on the screen dual subtitles. One in your native language and the one in your desired language you have specified in step 2.

View Youtube dual subtitles

You can stop/pause a video, playback, and fast forward also. Now, do you believe that CaptionPop is not only a subtitle adder but also the best language teacher?

Method 2: Use Youtube and Netflix Extensions

Step 1: Visit Two Captions for Youtube and Netflix in your browser.

Search the Two captions for Youtube and Netflix in the chrome web store or the Execute Home. Click the Extensions: Two captions for Youtube and Netflix.

When you open the website page, just below the search box on the left, there is an extension option. You need to click on that. Then in the search box, type the Two captions for Youtube and Netflix. After that, you will see the page carrying extension addition option.

Open two caption youtube and netflix

Step 2: You will be able to see the option for that extension and hit on the Add to Chrome button. The extension will get added to the top bar.

Step 3: Now, play a video on the YouTube and to add subtitle click on the icon. You will be allowed to select the desired language and swipe to the ON status. The subtitle will appear on the screen.

Swipe to on option

Hope you would have learned how to add dual subtitles to any videos on VLC, YouTube, and Netflix. Now, you never need to worry about watching your favorite movie in other languages. You can add not just one but dual subtitles files to your videos.

Part 3. How to Display Two Subtitles Simultaneously in VLC

With no doubt, everyone would be familiar with the old but still in existence video media player called VLC. It is the most widely used platform for video streaming in both laptops and PCs. But, you must be thinking, how it is possible to add dual subtitle to a video in VLC?

Open dual subtitle vlc

The concept is simple; the first subtitle that VLC has is made primary, and the newly added one is known as a secondary subtitle.Now, let’s look on a step-by-step guide on how to add dual subtitle to a video.

Step 1: Download the Subtitle Files to be Included

Whatever the subtitle file it is, it is always compatible with all the media player applications. The primary or first subtitle file can be loaded and added to VLC video with the aid of the in-built feature. To add the secondary subtitle, you can use the VLC plug-in. The only point is that the name of the file should be similar to that of the data running or playing currently.

Step 2:Download the Subtitler Lite Mod Extension

It will get downloaded in a zip folder, and all you have to do is to place it within the VLC Subdirectory/Lua/extensions.

Find subtitler lite mod extension

Now, start to play the video in VLC media player and with the help of built-in feature, add the original subtitle file.Once done, execute the View Menu > the VLsub option.

View vlsub option

You will get directed to a small window with the following interface. Select your desired subtitle file or press the Refresh button that will load the other subtitle files too. This process needs continuous pressing of the Enter key, and you can also automate it by the use of key presser tool.

Pop up key presser tool

Step 3:Download the Key Presser Tool

To use Subtitler lite simultaneously, you have to run the key presser first and then select Subtitle lite from the app dropdown. Specify Enter from the key selection and specify a value like 100 ms for the time interval. Click the Start button, and you will see the refreshment of subtitle list regularly and loaded alternatively while the video is playing.

The process of dual subtitle adding to a video might seem to be tedious but yet is an effective procedure that you can follow in VLC.


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