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Top 2 Things You Must Know About Subtitle Editing

by Kayla Morrison • 2020-11-20 17:15:39 • Proven solutions

How about keeping pace with a video by editing the subtitle? Hereby, read the process with a complete guide about Subtitle editing and things you must be aware of the subtitle edit process.

Part 1. What's SRT Files Content

What are SRT files and how to deal with them while keeping a pace with the video and how to go with subtitle edit on Mac/windows? Might be quite unknown terms to you, but they hold a great weightage while watching videos of a foreign language.

You must have heard about Subtitle-(Which are written visible parts that reflect the translated text represented at the bottom of the video), which hold its own value. But what about editing those Subtitles, well this all goes through the SRT files better known as SubRip Text to edit the written part (Audio in text form) to understand the movie/ video to its users.

Importance of SRT Files:

  • It is one of the easiest Subtitle Format.
  • They are used to carry time codes for start and end time of a video.
  • Carry translated text (of Audio) extracted from the Video part.
  • You can open the file by any text processor such as Notepad, Word Doc, etc.

Summarized common solutions:

Srt files are represented with a simple interface for editing purposes that gets saved in .srt extension. It is important that while doing a translation of the data in the srt file, you do not interfere with number duration and timeline (they should remain as it is. Otherwise file might get corrupted). However, you can edit the translated text as per the requirement. You can open SRT using a text editor, and then you can adjust the subtitle to synchronize with the video. Now let us move on to the subtitle edit tutorial.


Part 2. How to Adjust Subtitle Font/Color/Size/Position

Would you like to customize the subtitle track of your video file to make it usable as per your language with an interactive look? Then just have Wondershare video converter ultimate and enjoy reading adjustable subtitles while watching the video. Wondershare video converter will act as a solution to all subtitle related tasks, whether that be adding, searching correct subtitles, or editing them as per the requirement and dimension of your TV screen, projector or PC.

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Now the most important thing to understand is how to edit subtitles with the video converter tool and to adjust it to your favor.

Step 1 Add Video for Editing

Download and launch the tool. Open the main page, visit the Video Converter. Click the +Add Files icon to select a video from your system. Once uploaded, you will see at the bottom of video editing options, select the middle one to open the edit page, and to learn how to use subtitle edit.


Step 2 Add Subtitles and Edit them

A: If subtitles of the video are already stored in your PC, then directly go to the (...) sign else you can search the required subtitle for your video from the Search icon.


B: After importing the subtitle next, you can make the necessary adjustments in terms of font, its color, size, texture, positioning, or style. Then press OK for the best font for subtitles and edit subtitles.


Note: Now, to save your edited file to the system with the desired format. Please go to the Setting icon to select the output format. And press the Convert button. Your final file will get saved and visible in the Finished tab (from there, you can access the output folder.)


Part 3. How to Edit SRT Files Content

1. Edit SRT File Via Notepad

You can add your own words to the subtitle that gets displayed on the screen by editing the SRT file using Notepad. First, create the backup of the SRT file before you go for any editing (For future reference)

Step 1: Open SRT file with the help of Notepad.


Step 2: Now, you can go for the editing for either BTime displayed or "Written Phrase" as per your need.

Note: Subtitle phrases should be separated in a numbered section.

Step 3: To save Go to file menu Select file name save type as Ball files Encoding as UTF-8 and finally press BSave to save the editing done by your end.


2. Subtitle Edit online

If instead of going for the desktop version, you are looking for some alternative to edit srt file online that does not require any downloading process, then you can Edit the Subtitle online with this tool.

Step 1: On visiting the site, you will be encountered with subtitle editing interface, from there you can open your srt file by visiting the Subtitle menu or the Video menu, click to open the file.


Step 2: After the file gets opened up select the duration and text which you want to edit (once select will get highlighted with light green color) below that you will see the editor box, from there you can type or make changes to the subtitle as soon you write there, immediately subtitle will get changed and saved automatically.

After making necessary changes on the top right side, there is a play window, and you need to click on the play button to play the video with changed subtitles.


That's it, and the process is quite simple. You just need to follow the instructions to edit the srt file online.

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