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Top 5 YouTube Subtitle Downloader You Must Know

by Christine Smith • 2024-07-03 14:34:00 • Proven solutions

Subtitles are an important part of our viewing experience. If we love watching a movie but can’t understand the language, you can’t enjoy it. A dubbed version of the same movie may not be available (or even good). Subtitles can even help us learn a language we are not familiar with when we try to be accustomed to the words. Hence, subtitles are important for our viewing experience.

You need the right cc downloader for YouTube videos to access the subtitled videos. A YouTube cc downloader lets you download any subtitled video from the site, to store on your computer. Here are the best cc downloaders that let you pick the quality of your resolution, along with subtitles in any language. Hence, with that in mind, we have compiled the best Youtube subtitle downloader websites for you.

  1. Downsubs
  2. 4kdownload
  3. LilSubs
  4. YouSubtitles
  5. Nitrxgen

1. Downsubs

Downsubs is the online hub where you can download YouTube content with any subtitle of your choice. Not familiar with English? Not a problem? Downsubs gives you the option to download a video with any subtitle language. Downsubs supports several websites that stream. If you are using a MAC, then Downsubs is the perfect subtitle downloader MAC. Working with Downsubs is easy. You will get the downloads you want, no matter which platform you use. Downsubs provides superb quality, any content is sharp, clear, and the subtitles are easy to read. The process is efficient, effective and completed in a few minutes.


To download videos from Downsubs, the best subtitle program follows the steps outlined below.

Step 1. Visit and load the website.

visit downsub

Step 2. Add the URL of the video/song you want. Click the Download button.

paste video url

Step 3. Select one of the available subtitle options.

select video subtitle

2. 4kdownload

Downloading subtitles and closed captions becomes quite easy with the 4kdownload tool. It uses to provide a simple interface, accessible by anyone. Provide compatibility for Mac, Windows, and Linux OS. And, most importantly, supported by all video players. Now, as your concern is to get access to YouTube closed captions or subtitles, then follow the step guide mentioned below in detail.

4k download

Step 1. Download and install the application from Open the main interface of the tool and click on 4K Video Downloader.

open 4k video downloader

Step 2. Now visit the YouTube page to copy the URL link of the video.

copy video url

Step 3. Now from the 4kdownload page, click on the Paste Link option to proceed with the next step. Then specify the quality, language and other details and press the Download button to complete download YouTube video with subtitles online.

download youtube video with subtitle

Now your closed captions/subtitles are ready to use while watching the video.

3. LilSubs

If you are searching for a subtitle downloader free download, then look no further than Lilsubs. The website allows you to download video with subtitles free of charge. The best feature of Lilsubs is the number of websites it supports. Besides YouTube, you can download videos from Dramafever, Viki, Dailymotion, VLive, and other streaming sites. If you want to download videos from foreign countries, such as Korean dramas, then Lilsubs will have it. Thus, you have access to a wide variety of content with the subtitles of your choice. Provide a simple interface.


The process of downloading from the YouTube subtitle downloader online is quick, for it consists of only the following steps.

Step 1. Obtain the URL of the video you want, and load the website:

open lilsubs

Step 2. Add the URL and click on Download.

search video url

Step 3. Select the resolution of your video and any subtitle options (if available) and click Download.

download video subtitle

4. YouSubtitles

Yousubtitles is convenient because it gives you a choice between downloading individual videos or an entire playlist of content, with the subtitles you want. Yousubtitles is in choice due to the sheer length and breadth of content available to users. Yousubtitles lets you download videos from different categories including education. You can even obtain videos made in countries outside of North America. The process of obtaining videos is simple and fast. You need only follow a simple process consisting of a few steps because the UI is simple and accessible to work with.


Step 1. Visit, make sure you have the URL with you.

open yousubtitles

Step 2. Enter the URL into the text box and click on Download.

enter video url

Step 3. All available subtitles will be listed out below.

search video subtitles

5. Nitrxgen

Go to google and search for the best YouTube cc downloader, and Nitrxgen will be first on the SERP. The website lets you take any video you want from YouTube and download a subtitled version. The downloader is free. You will not be bombarded with advertisements or pay a subscription. The best part about Nitrxgen is its accessibility, and you can complete the process in a few seconds.


Step 1. Find the YouTube URL for the video you want to download.

search youtube url

Step 2. Copy and paste the URL into the textbox.

paste url to textbox

Step 3. Click Submit and wait for the conversion/download to complete. If there are no cc subtitles available, you will get a notice.

download cc subtitles

We have introduced the 5 best YouTube cc downloaders for you to choose from. Select the right cc YouTube downloader for you because you save a lot of time finding your favorite content. Having the right downloader lets you get your favorite videos in any subtitle quickly. You can also get the videos in any resolution you deem suitable, including full HD. Many of these downloader sites are accessible, and you can access your content quickly. YouTube is the best streaming site because of the wealth of options available. But if you want to take full advantage of these options, you need to have a website where you can download the subtitled versions of the video. You can search for more information here to meet your demand.

Christine Smith

Christine Smith

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