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3 Recommended Ways to Create SRT File on Windows/Mac

by Kayla Morrison • 2024-03-13 14:32:38 • Proven solutions

Lip-reading is an art and if you are worried about not being good at this art and want to enjoy some video or movie in other languages, no worries as SRT is there to your rescue. Having movie translations in different languages is a costly affair and thus avoided the majority of the time. In such situations creating SRT helps a lot as it facilitates creating subtitles of the video in your language with appropriate feel, goal, and slang. The next question is how to create SRT files? The following parts of the topic discuss various tools to create SRT files.

Part 1. How to Create Subtitles for a Video via YouTube

If you videos to be uploaded to your YouTube account subtitles, YouTube itself works as a subtitle creator tool. Know the steps on how to create subtitles using YouTube. YouTube also allows uploading SRT subtitles to already posted videos.

Step 1: If you wish to add subtitles to a video that is not yet uploaded, first of all, upload the file to YouTube as unlisted. For the videos that are already posted, choose the Video Manager option

Step 2: Next after the video file is uploaded click on the Edit option of the video. From the main editing window, choose Subtitles and CC option

create subtitles for youtube video

Step 3: Auto-subtitle of the video is attempted by YouTube but the majority of the time they are not correct. So here select the English (Automatic) option to correct it. In place of adding or fixing the captions, you can also upload the transcript file.

Step 4: Next, hit on the Edit button above the captions for editing them as needed. You can delete the not wanted captions, add the missing ones, fix the others, and also adjust the timings.

Step 5: Next, when all settings are done, choose the Publish option and a message saying "This will overwrite the existing subtitles" will appear. Click on the Publish option to continue. Again select the newly edited subtitles which appear under the English (Automatic) option

Step 6: Expand the drop-down menu at Actions and choose .srt. The SRT subtitle file will download to your PC.

Thus YouTube works as a decent subtitle creator for new as well as already posted videos.



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Part 2. How to Create .srt File on Mac

If you wish to create subtitles for video on your Mac video, listed below are the steps.

Step 1: On your Mac system, open a new file in the TextEdit program

Step 2: Next start with writing "1" as the first caption and then hit the enter button

create subtitles on mac

Step 3: Next, write the start and the end time code in hours: minutes: seconds, milliseconds-- > hours: minutes: seconds, milliseconds format, and then hit the enter button. Example- 00:00:00,000 -- > 00:00:04,440

edit srt in notebook

Step 4: Enter your captions in the next line and it is recommended to keep 32 character limits. It is advisable to keep 2 lines per caption that makes it easy to read without occupying much screen space. Ensure to enter your subtitles within captioning guidelines.

edit caption on mac

Step 5: When the last line is done, click on the enter button twice. To have new caption sequences leave a blank line in between.

Step 6: Next after the blank line write 2 and start with the second caption with its time and content. These steps can be repeated until the entire transcript is written.

create subtitle on mac

Step 7: Open the Format menu and choose the Make Plain Text option. Next move to the File > Save option. Then use Save As to type the file name and change the .txt extension to .srt format

change file extention

Step 8: Also uncheck the boxes at “Hide extension” and “If no extension is provided, use “.txt”. option at the bottom left corner.

edit srt file mac

Step 9: Finally, hit on the Save button and your subtitles are ready.

Thus it can be said that the TextEdit program works as a good subtitle creator Mac.



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Part 3. How to Free Create Subtitles on Windows

If you want to create a subtitle file on your Windows system then Notepad can be used as SRT creator using the steps mentioned above for the Mac. The steps for writing the captions are similar to that of the Mac, and the only difference lies while saving the file. Once the file is created on the Notepad, go to File > Save. Then at the File Name, give the desired name and use .srt extension at the end. Choose All Files under Save as a type and finally hit on the Save button.

create subtitles on windows

Alternatively, there are several sites to create srt files online like Amara, DotSub, Universal Subtitler, and others. Using these and other sites you can watch the movie while subtitles are written. The format for these sites includes selecting the start time for the subtitle, content of the subtitle, and the ending time. Multiple captions can be written for a movie and upon completion, the SRT file can be downloaded to the system and saved to the folder having the movie file.

Part 4. How to Add SRT File to Videos (Further Reading)

After creating the SRT subtitle file, the next task is to insert it into your video file. Therefore, we recommend Wondershare UniConverter as an ideal subtitle adding tool. This excellent software allows you to add the created local SRT file to video formats like MP4, MOV, M4V, and many others. After adding, you can edit the font color, size, type, style, transparency, position, outline color, and outline width. You also have the option to download subtitles or create new SRT subtitles from scratch. Overall, it’s the best subtitle tool for desktops.

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Steps to Add an SRT Subtitle File to Videos using Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1 Load the video file to edit.

Run Wondershare Subtitle Adder on your PC, then click the Add Files tab from the Converter tab on the left pane to upload your video.

open add subtitle window

Step 2 Select an action to complete.

After successfully adding your video file, tap the Crop or Effect tab and click the Subtitle button. There, you’ll see two options to complete the following actions:

  • Search Subtitles – Sometimes, you may not have enough time to make brand new subtitles for your video. In that case, press the Search icon to browse and download thousands of SRT subtitles.

search subtitles by subtitle tool

  • Add Subtitles – If you’ve already created an SRT subtitle, you can add it by clicking the Add tab from the drop-down menu next to the Search icon. You’ll also see the available subtitles in your video file if it has any.

import subtitles by subtitle tool

Step 3 Customize the subtitle tracks.

Now let’s customize our subtitle tracks to make them look more attractive. To do that, select the new font size, color, type, subtitle opacity, subtitle position, and outline width. Refer to the preview screen to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. Click the Apply to All, then tap the OK to apply the changes.

edit subtitles

Step 4 Save your new video file.

Open the Output Format menu and select a video format under the Video tab. For the best playback experience, choose the MP4. After that, set a target folder under the File Location, then click the Start All. Wondershare UniConverter will begin adding subtitles to your video in a heartbeat. It’s that easy!

save subtitle to videos

The article above deals with all your queries on how to create and add subtitles to a video using the best tools.


With Wondershare UniConverter, you can convert MP4 to DVD as well. Move to How to Convert MP4 to DVD Online Effortlessly>> to learn more.

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