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How to use YouTube Closed Captioning to Get Subtitles on YouTube?

"What is YouTube closed captioning? I have seen the option in the YouTube settings, and I have no clue what it stands for. Moreover, what is the best YouTube subtitle generator available?"

We all know that YouTube is a platform for everyone, including the viewers who have a hearing disability. For them, the service offers various utilities to make the viewing experience good. YouTube closed captioning is among such features. Today, we will discuss all the CC YouTube meaning and create subtitles for your videos using a YouTube subtitle generator.

Part 1. What is YouTube Closed Captioning (CC)?

Closed captioning, also known as closed-captioned or CC for short, is a type of audio track that provides descriptions and notations about what's happening in videos. It was designed to assist hard-of-hearing viewers to enjoy media content better. However, now it's widely available on movies alongside other related products like television programs and DVDs/BluRays with Subtitles included too!

So what exactly does the CC mean in YouTube? Why is it there, and how can you use them to your advantage as a creator or viewer.

The closed captions (CC) are symbols that appear on videos with audio descriptions for deaf people who wish to watch YouTube content hassle-free. However, they're also beneficial even if one has no difficulty hearing. This icon will help highlight certain words during dialogue scenes when needed most.

YouTube Closed Captioning

Part 2. How to Get Subtitles on YouTube with CC Automatically?

The process of enabling YouTube CC on the video is fairly straightforward. If you run into trouble turning the feature on, then the following step-by-step guide will surely help you:

How to turn on and turn off when users watch on Browser:

  • Open a video on YouTube using your browser, and click on the CC button next to the Settings icon.
  • A red line will form under the CC tab, meaning that the feature is now enabled. You will now be able to see the generated captions on the video.
turn on and turn off

How to turn on and turn off when users watch on the Mobile App:

  • Access the YouTube mobile app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Head over to the top-right corner, and tap on the video.
  • Select the CC icon to enable the option. That's it!
watch on the Mobile App

Part 3. Best YouTube Subtitle Generator to Add Closed Captions (CC) to YouTube

We can also add subtitles or closed captions to our YouTube content. There are two ways you can perform the specific action, and we will share the guide to both in this section. Keep reading!

1. Steps to add subtitles on YouTube (add manually or upload a subtitle file)

Here's how you can use the built-in YouTube video subtitle generator to add an already established SRT file or type captions yourself manually:

  • Sign in to your account's YouTube Studio interface.
  • Head over to the left side of the display and click on Subtitles.
  • Select the YouTube video you want to edit.
  • Next, click on the Language tab, and choose your dialect before clicking on Add Language.
Steps to add subtitles on YouTube
  • Go over to the Subtitles section and click Add.
  • Next, click on Upload File to import the subtitle file or select the Type Manually option to adjust the captions yourself.
  • Finally, click on Publish to complete the process.
Go over to the Subtitles section

2. Create subtitles for your video with Wondershare UniConverter, export SRT files, and then upload to YouTube

If you find the interface of YouTube studio to be inadequate, then it is better to access a third-party software to create a new subtitle file and then sync it with the video. For that, we recommend using Wondershare UniConverter Subtitle Editor, which is available on your standard Windows or Mac system.

The Subtitle Editor lets you write your own content with a preferred font, background color, and size. Moreover, you can adjust the subtitles' opacity and start/End time without any hassle. The preview window will assist you throughout the editing process.

Here are some extra yet powerful features offered by the UniConverter:

wondershare uniconverter 13

Wondershare UniConverter — All-in-one Video Toolbox for Windows and Mac.

safe mov video converter free download Security Verified. 3,591,664 people have downloaded it.

With the Auto Reframe function, the tool can automatically resize your YouTube video.

You can add images or text as a watermark using the Watermark Editor utility.

It lets you convert the YouTube video to any format you want(1000+ formats supported).

Convert videos to any format at 90X faster speed.

Compress your video or audio files without quality loss.

The steps to create subtitles for your video with Wondershare UniConverter are as follows:

Step 1 Access the Subtitle Editor

After installing the UniConverter, launch it on your desktop system. Next, go to the Toolbox section, and click on the Subtitle Editor tab.

Access the Subtitle Editor

Step 2 Upload the Video

Once the Subtitle Editor window pops up, click on the Add/+ button to import the video file you want to edit. Next, you can write the subtitle content by selecting New or clicking the Import button to add the SRT file to the interface. UniConverter also offers the Auto Subtitle Generation utility to create captions for the video automatically.

Upload the Video

Step 3 Save the Video with New Subtitles

Now, select the File Location for the SRT file and video before clicking on Export to save the video. Next, head over to YouTube Studio and upload the captioned video. If you have created new subtitles using the UniConverter, follow the instructions listed in section 3.1 to add the subtitle file to your video using YouTube Studio.

Save the Video with New Subtitles

Part 4. More tips about using YouTube closed captioning

Still, have some confusion related to Youtube CC not showing or the overall concept of closed captioning? If yes, follow this section as we will share helpful tips.

1. Why is YouTube CC not showing?

If the YouTube CC isn't showing on your video, it could be because of a YouTube-related bug, which could easily be fixed by deleting the browser cache, cookies, or the entire history. Another reason could be that the YouTube channel owner has disabled captions for this video.

2. How to make youtube captions bigger or smaller?

Check out the steps below to understand how to make YouTube captions bigger:

  • Open the YouTube video, and click on the Settings tab, available at the bottom of the clip.
  • Click the Subtitles/CC tab, and select the Options button.
  • There, click on the Font Size feature, and choose your preferred size.
  • That's it!
ake youtube captions bigger or smaller


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