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How to Auto Generate Subtitles from Video Easily and Quickly

by Christine Smith • 2024-02-21 17:30:48 • Proven solutions

For videos without subtitles, writing them manually is a time-consuming and hassled task and especially when the videos are longer. To help you in such situations auto subtitle generators are the best tools. There are a variety of these programs available that helps you generate subtitles from the videos using artificial intelligence. Learn about these tools that helps to auto-generate subtitles from video from the details given below.

Part 1. [Recommended 2024] How to auto-generate subtitles from video

Using the right tools makes auto subtitle generation quick and easy and the best program that we recommend for the same is Wondershare UniConverter. Using Artificial Intelligence, the software search and generates subtitles online. You can even add the subtitles manually or insert locally saved SRT files to your videos. Customization options for subtitles are also available where you can change the font, size, position, and opacity of the captions.

Key features of the software:

  • Works as a fast and simple auto subtitle generator
  • Create subtitles manually or add SRT files
  • Works as an excellent subtitle editor by giving options to customize the font, size, and other parameters
  • Allows converting video formats to over 1000 formats and devices
  • Built-in editor supporting multiple editing functions
  • Support for all latest Windows and Mac systems

Steps on how to subtitle videos automatically using Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1 Launch Wondershare Subtitle Editor and add video

Open the installed software and then from the Toolbox section click and open the Subtitle Editor window. Clicking on the + sign or Add Video icon will let you browse and import for the local video to which subtitles need to be added.

Step 1a

Step 1b

Step 2 Choose to auto-import subtitle

After the video is added, click on the Auto-Subtitle Generator button. A new pop-up window will open from where choose the language from the drop-down menu at the Video Language tab. Click on the Start Now button for the software to start the process.

Step 2a

Step 2b

Step 3 Open or import subtitle

After the subtitles are auto-generated you can choose to Open its system location or Import Subtitles.

Step 3

Step 4 Export Video

The Subtitle List tab will show all the imported subtitles. The folder path to save the processed file can be selected from the File Location tab. Finally, click on the Export button.

Step 4

Part 2. How to automatically add subtitles to video online free

Several online tools are available as well that let you add subtitles to your desired videos for free. To automatically add subtitles to video online free checkout the popular tools as below. s

1. Zubtitle

Free plan support: 2 files in a month.

This browser-based tool allows adding subtitles automatically and the free version support processing 2 files in a month. In addition to automatic video captions, other supported features are progressing bar animations, video resizing, upload of the logo, over 200 preloaded fonts, support to more than 60 languages, and more. The process of adding subtitles is easy where you need just to create a free account and upload the video after which the tool will automatically add the subtitles. If needed, you can also edit and customize the subtitles.



Free Plan Support: 10 minutes of video with 50MB size (watermark files)

This is a widely and popularly used online tool that helps generate subtitles for a wide range of video formats automatically. The free version of the tool support to auto generate subtitles from video of up to 10 minutes in length with a size of a maximum of 50MB. The processed files have a watermark and 720p quality. In addition to the local videos, you can also record them or add them using Dropbox or a link. Option for adding subtitles include automatic, manual, and using local SRT file.


3. SubtitleBee

Free Plan Support: 1 video per month with a maximum duration of 10 minutes and 1 GB size

To add captions and subtitles automatically easily, this is a good tool to use. The program supports a free and paid version which you can choose depending on your requirements. Several options for customization are also available where you can change the head titles, fonts, and others. A social media sharing option is also available.


Part 3. 2 Totally free ways to auto subtitle videos

If you are looking for methods that allow you to add auto subtitles for your videos without any limitations, check out the options below.

1. VLC Media Player

Though VLC is among the most widely used media player app, it supports a wide range of additional functions as well including auto-subtitle generation. The program can be used to add subtitles to the videos automatically using an add-on called VLSub. After the plugin is installed on your system, it will automatically lookout for the subtitles of the videos played using the VLC media player. Multiple available options of the subtitles will be displayed by the program and you can choose the most suitable one.

2. YouTube auto-captioning

Another interesting way to automatically add captions to your videos is by using YouTube. The captions are available in multiple languages using the program and generated using the machine learning algorithms. The process to automatically add the captions is simple where you need to sign in to your YouTube Studio account, choose the Subtitles option, add the desired video, select the language and finally add the subtitle.

Part 4. Bonus tip: Which video player has automatic subtitles?

VLC is a video player that in addition to playing your videos in all key formats also allows adding subtitles to your videos automatically. To get this task done, you need to install an add-on called VLSub.


Adding subtitles to your videos automatically can be done using any one of the above listed online to the desktop-based tool. Though online tools are free, have limitations to the file size and the number of files that can be processed, Wondershare UniConverter works as the best alternative. Using this professional tool, you can not only auto-generate and customize the subtitles but perform a host of other additional functions as well.

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