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[2 Proven Ways] How to Speed up Facebook Videos

by Christine Smith • 2024-03-13 14:28:35 • Proven solutions

Just found an interesting video on Facebook, but it is too long and does not seem to finish?

Watching long videos on Facebook may become monotonous and also is time-consuming. Unlike YouTube, Facebook does not have a direct option to speed up videos for watching them quickly and without missing any vital information. So, if you, too, are looking for ways to speed up Facebook videos for watching or saving them locally in fast motion, you are reading on the right page. We will help you to know the proven ways to speed up Facebook videos. 

Part 1: Speed up Facebook videos for watching with Video Speed Controller

If you are playing your Facebook videos on your Windows system, then using a ready-made browser extension is the best way to speed up the video. One such popular extension is Video Speed Controller that is offered by igrigorik. The extension allows an optimized viewing experience by changing the speed of any HTML video, including Facebook videos. After the extension is installed, a speed indicator will appear to let you adjust the speed as desired. Shortcuts for speed adjustments can also be used. You can even customize the settings and use the preferred shortcuts and choose the increment values for speed change.

Steps on how to speed up Facebook videos using the chrome extension 

  1. On your system browser, open the video speed controller.
  2. Click on the Add to Chrome button at the top-right corner or the bottom center of the page. 
  3. A dialog box will appear asking you to add the extension to your Chrome and also informing that the extension may read the browsing history and can also read and change the Facebook data. Click on the Add extension button.
  4. After successfully installing the extension, open the Facebook video, and a speed indicator will appear at the top-left corner. As you move over the indicator, the speed control options will appear. You can speed up the video as needed. Alternatively, a keyboard shortcut can also be used for speed adjustment.

Keyboard shortcut keys for adjusting Facebook video speed

The shortcut for the browser extension is as follows: 

S- for decreasing the speed of the video

D- for increasing the speed of the video

R- for resetting the playback speed

Z- to rewind the video by 10 seconds

X- to forward the video by 10 seconds

V- for showing/hiding the controller

adjusting Facebook video speed

Part 2: How to speed up Facebook videos for other use - Wondershare UniConverter

Several times you may like a video on Facebook that you wish to share with your friends or other social media platforms or use it for other personal or professional purposes. Since Facebook does not allow downloading their videos locally, good video downloader software is required. Moreover, when these videos are long, you may also need to speed them up.

Thus, to download videos, speed them and perform other functions, Wondershare UniConverter is excellent software. This versatile tool comes packed with a wide range of useful features to take your video experience to a whole new level. 

The clean interface of the software makes it user-friendly for beginners as well as professionals. Videos from over 10,000 sites, including Facebook, can be downloaded in high quality, and using the built-in editor, the downloaded video can be further customized as needed.

Key features of the software:

  • Video download supported from more than 10,000 sites, including Facebook
  • Built-in editor supporting multiple functions like speed change, adding effects, adding watermark, cut, trim, crop, and more
  • Video conversion in more than 1000 formats supported
  • Additional features include video recording, DVD burning, editing meta-description, and more
  • Windows and Mac support

Steps to download and change Facebook video speed using Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1 Download the Facebook video

Copy the YouTube video link and on the Wondershare UniConverter software, click on the Paste URL button from the Downloader tab to locally download the Facebook video. For detailed downloading steps, refer to 

Download the Facebook video

Step 2 Add Facebook video 

On the software interface, click on the + Add Files from the Video converter tab to browse and add the downloaded Facebook video.

Add Facebook video

Step 3 Change speed of the video

Under the added video thumbnail image, click on the Effect icon, and a pop-up editing window will open. Click on the Change Speed and select from the available options to speed video Facebook. The Output Preview on the left-hand side will show the changes in the video. To confirm the selection, click on the OK button.

Change speed of the video

Step 4 Customize and edit the file

If required, you can further customize the video by adding the effects, adding a watermark, changing the volume, trim, cut, crop, and other functions. The Trim, Crop, and Effect icons under the thumbnail image can be used for editing. 

Customize and edit the file

Note: To upload the video on other social media platforms, you could change the aspect ratio depending on the platform requirements. The option for changing the aspect ratio can be found in the Crop section.

Customize and edit the file

Step 5 Select output format and process

After all the changes are done to the video, choose the desired target format from the Output Format drop-down menu. Also, choose the folder on the system to save the video from the File Location tab. Finally, click on the Start All button to start the processing. 

The Finished tab saves all the processed files on the software interface.

Select output format and process

Part 3: FAQ about speeding up Facebook videos on mobile

1.How do you speed up videos on Facebook on Android?

To speed up the Facebook videos on your Android phone, you can use the Fast Playback application by Invariant Labs. Through the app, the playback speed of Facebook videos can be controlled. The app is simple and quick to use.

Steps on how to speed up videos on Facebook  on Android

Step 1. Download and install the app on your Android phone.

Step 2. Open the video on Facebook, for which you need to change the speed and click on the share button. Next, click on the More button at the bottom bar.

Step 3. At the Share menu, choose Fast Playback. 

Step 4. The video will now open on a separate page having the controls for the speed. To speed up the video, use the plus sign. With every press of the plus sign, the speed will increase by 0.25X times. 

speed up videos on Facebook on Android

2.How do you speed up videos on Facebook on your iPhone?

The app on iPhone that helps you speed up the Facebook video is Video Speed Up & Down, Playbex. This is a paid app that allows changing the speed from 0.25 X to 8X as needed. In addition to Facebook, you can edit the speed of several other videos like YouTube, Vimeo, TED Talks, and more. The speed of the video can be changed directly from the browser without any need for entering the URL. 

Steps to change Facebook video playback speed on iPhone

Step 1. On your iPhone, download the app.

Step 2. Open Facebook on your iPhone browser window and then click on the share button at the top-right corner. Choose the Video Speed Up & Down list from the available options. 

Step 3. Next, open the desired video, and the speed controls can be seen. Click on the + sign to speed up the video. You can speed up to 8X.

Facebook video playback speed on iPhone


Many Facebook videos are pretty interesting to watch and share, but the experience can be ruined when they run for long. In such a scenario, speeding up the video is the best solution, and this can be done using the appropriate tools and apps. Adding a browser extension is a simple and quick method that only supports system playback and fails at times, whereas the apps are suitable only for mobile phones. For a feature-packed tool, we recommend Wondershare UniConverter that allows downloading Facebook videos, changing the playback speed, and further customizing them using the additional editing tools. 

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