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[Tutorial] How to mute video on Instagram easily | Step-by-step guide

by Christine Smith • 2023-06-01 14:12:07 • Proven solutions

"How to mute video on Instagram? I shot a video tutorial on cooking to post on Instagram. However, the audio is quite distracting, so I wish to remove it. What is the most convenient process to fix the predicament?"

Audio or background music is essential for a video to be noticed on Instagram. However, it is better to keep the clip silent if the sound distracts the viewer from the original message of the video. It is quite possible to remove sound from an Instagram story before posting it. Follow this guide and learn how to mute Instagram video.

Part 1. How to mute video on Instagram before posting?

Instagram lets you record videos from its interface that you can add as stories on the popular social media site. Moreover, you can post pre-recorded clips from the device as Instagram stories.

If you do not like the sound or background noise on the video, then you can effortlessly mute it before publishing it on the internet. Instagram provides a built-in function to remove audio from video. The method is as follows:

How to mute video on Instagram before posting

  1. Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Step 2: On the top-left corner of the app interface, tap on Your Story.
  3. Step 3: Record a live video or press the Gallery icon on the left to access a pre-recorded clip.
  4. Step 4: Once the video is uploaded, press on the Speaker icon to mute the video.
  5. Step 5: Lastly, tap on the Your Story button to post the video on Instagram. You can also send it to your friends individually by hitting the Send To option.

Part 2. How to mute a video on Instagram using Wondershare UniConverter?

 How to mute a video on Instagram

Instagram is not a suitable platform to edit videos or remove the background noise. It would help if you had complete video editing software to mute Instagram videos and apply additional editing functions to enhance the original footage.

For that, we suggest Wondershare UniConverter, which offers you the much-needed creative freedom you require to make the Instagram story look presentable. It works on all recent versions of Windows and macOS. Moreover, it supports 1000+ file formats and offers a conversion speed 30 times faster than an average desktop video editor.

The handy functions of the UniConverter related to muting videos are as follows:

  • You can mute the existing audio and add another one to the video using the software.
  • It lets you add multiple audio tracks to the clip as well.
  • The tool enables you to convert the audio file's format.
  • It will keep the output video quality as better as the original without any loss.

Follow the steps and understand how to mute Instagram video with the Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1 Run the UniConverter.

how to mute instagram video

After downloading and installing the UniConverter, launch it on your system. Click on the + icon to import the video you wish to post on Instagram.

Step 2 Customize the video settings.

instagram mute my video

Once the video is added to the interface, click on the Advanced Audio Codec settings. From the drop-down menu, select the No Audio option. Proceed to the next step after that!

Step 3 Save the Video.

Save the Video

Now, head over to the bottom part of the interface and press File Location. Select the new folder for the muted video, and click on Convert to start the audio muting process. The software will notify you upon the successful completion of the task. You can post this video as an Instagram story now!

See how it only takes a few minutes to mute an Instagram story with the Wondershare UniConverter!

Part 3. Top 3 helpful tools recommended to mute Instagram video on iOS/Android

If you wish to mute the video on your Android or iOS device, we follow this section to show you how to mute Instagram video using the three helpful apps.

1. VivaVideo

mute video on instagram

VivaVideo is an excellent application to edit a video and apply various catching effects and templates. You can also add new audio to the video and remove the existing soundtrack from it. It is available on Android and iOS.

How to mute video with VivaVideo?

The step-by-step guide to mute video with VivaVideo is as follows:

    1. 1. Run VivaVideo on your smartphone, and tap on Edit.
    2. 2. Select the video you want to customize from the Gallery.
    3. 3. On the bottom-right corner, tap on Mute to remove sound from the clip.
    4. 4. Tap on Save and select the video resolution, which will start video processing.

That's it!


  • Elegant interface, which is easy to use.


  • Sometimes crashes while exporting larger videos.
  • It only lets you export videos in 720p for free.
  • The edited videos are watermarked.

2. VideoShow

mute instagram video call

VideoShow is a handy app that lets you create a video slideshow, screen recording, and resize larger videos. The mute video feature can quickly remove any amount of unwanted audio from the clip.

How to mute video sound with VideoShow?

Here is how you mute videos using VideoShow:

  1. 1. Open the app and tap on the Edit Video option.
  2. 2. Select the video(s) from the list and press Next.
  3. 3. Tap on the Music button and select Remove Original Sound.
  4. 4. Hit Export, and choose the video Frame Rate and Resolution.
  5. 5. Finally, tap on Save to Gallery option to download the edited video.


  • The VIP version supports 4K videos.


  • The app lags and crashes during video processing.
  • The VIP package is not pocket-friendly.
  • Ads are prominent.

3. VideoMute

mute video calls on instagram

No matter what the video format is, the MuteVideo application can instantly enable you to remove audio from video. You can apply various themes, stickers, and effects and export the video in HD.

How to remove sound from Instagram using VideoMute?

Please follow the instructions mentioned below to remove sound from an existing Instagram video with VideoMute:

  1. 1. Firstly, open the application on your device.
  2. 2. Tap on Video Mute, and pick the file you wish to edit from the list.
  3. 3. Select which section of the video you wish to mute.
  4. 4. On the top-right corner, tap on the Check button, which will save the video back to your device,


  • It is a dedicated application to mute audio from video.


  • The app cannot mute a long video.
  • It is pretty slow.
  • The ads could hinder the video editing process.

Part 4. FAQs of muting video on Instagram

For a beginner, muting a video on Instagram using a third-party platform could be overwhelming. If you still have any queries related to video sound removal, then go through this section of the article. We have managed to answers some of the most frequently asked questions here!

Q1: How do I mute video online for free?

Ans: Wondershare also offers an online version of the UniConverter, allowing you to mute videos for free. You can access the platform from the web browser of any device to apply the video muting process.

  • Run the and access the Mute Video section.
  • Click on Choose Files to import the video.
  • The video will be muted instantly upon upload.
  • Hit Download to save the clip to your local device or cloud account.

Q2: How can I mute video on my iPad?

Ans: The works exceptionally well on devices like the iPad. You only need a working browser to complete the activity. Access the online platform from the iPad, open the Mute Video tool, and upload the video by pressing Choose Files. The service will automatically mute the clip. Lastly, tap on Download to save the edited file back to the iPad.

Q3: How to mute video calls on Instagram?

Ans: Instagram lets you call and text your friends and family for free. Moreover, you can mute the call quickly on Instagram. Follow the steps listed below and learn how to mute video calls on Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app and access the inbox of the person you wish to call. You can also pick up the call if someone is calling you.
  2. On the top-right corner, tap on the Speaker button, which will let you mute the call.

Bonus Tip: How to remove background noise from video with Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1: Upload your video.

Enable the UniConverter and go to the Video Editor tab, and then click the Audio button to upload your video.

remove noise from video

Step 2: Remove background noise.

Select the Remove Background Noise and the noise of your video will be removed. You can also adjust the volume, the human voice, and the stereo of your video.

remove background noise from video

Step 3: Save the finished video.

Click Save to start removing noise from your video. The processed video can be found in the Finished tab.

how to remove noise from video


Adding useful sound effects or music to a video is necessary. However, if you shoot a video in an outdoor environment, the unavoidable background noises could make the video seem unattractive and plain irritating. If that happens, it is better to mute the video and add text subtitles to it. Here, we have discussed the various techniques on how to mute video on Instagram. It is no doubt that the best option to remove sound from video is the UniConverter, which also offers tools to manage the audio settings of the video before you post it on Instagram.

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