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8 best intro and outro makers for YouTube

No video is complete without conveying elements and good graphics conveying a strong message. An interesting start and powerful ending of a video do the trick. YouTube content creators and channel owners have limited time to engage the audience. Therefore, you need a workable YouTube intro and outro maker. The article shall offer 8 intro and outro makers for YouTube free.

Part 1. What is the importance of intro and outro to YouTube videos?

The well-crafted intros and outros are important to create a captivating YouTube video. Before getting into best intro and outro makers for YouTube, let us talk about the significance of an effective intro and thoughtful outro. Let us begin!

  • Brand recall and credibility: The intros placed at the video's start help the audience know the brand. It helps establish awareness and trust in the person behind the lens.
  • Audience retention: It is important to hook the viewers' attention in the first 5 seconds, and a well-designed intro does that. A persuasive outro compels the audience to act on the video's message.
  • Brand's online presence: The social media links in the YouTube video's outro enhance the brand's online presence.
  • Professional impact: A well-planned intro and outro impacts the audience professionally and improves the brand's popularity.
  • Video marketing: Intro and outros are the perfect tools to use videos for marketing. The high-quality videos shall always work in your favor if you have put effort into crafting great intros and outros.

Part 2. 8 best YouTube Intro and Outro Maker recommended

The need for and importance of perfectly crafted intros and outros cannot be denied. Henceforth, the sub-section shall present you with 8 YouTube intro outro makers to make the conscious decision. The key features, merits, and demerits would also be mentioned in detail for each of them.

1. Crello

youtube intro and outro maker
Average Rating 4.5/5
Compatibility Web-based
Free or Paid Both Free & Paid

Crello is the perfect intro and outro maker for free YouTube, giving the users control over the design process.

Key Features

  • There are amazing intros and outros templates that can be navigated effortlessly.
  • The design customization can add images, videos, and fonts.
  • Crello comes up with more than 6000 animations to bring innovation.
  • Crello offers the top quality-visuals.
  • There is a top-notch library for audio tracks.

The interface is simpleand easy to navigate from one feature to another.

The drag and drop features are easily workable.

The tool is up to date and regularly updated.


It is hard to move the text by using keyboard arrows.

2. Intro Maker, Outro Maker

best intro and outro maker for youtube
Average Rating 4.6/5
Compatibility Android
Free or Paid Free (In-app purchases)

Intro Maker, Outro Maker is another free YouTube intro and outro maker.

Key Features

  • More than 1,000 templates to make creative intros and outros.
  • The design can be customized as the user desires.
  • Add music to the beginning and end of your video easily.
  • It offers amazing YouTube intro makers, including cool intro, animated intro, cooking intro, blank intro, and team intros.
  • Sharing the videos is an effortless process.

Making the intro and outro doesn't take much time.

You can add images and videos to make it more thoughtful.

The app has a huge template library.


The video editing tools are limited.


intro and outro maker for youtube free
Average Rating 4.3/5
Compatibility Web-based
Free or Paid Paid is an online and best intro and outro maker for YouTube.

Key Features

  • It offers some of the best intro and outro templates based on different themes.
  • The video can be created in less than 15 minutes.
  • The fully automated creation tool accelerates the process.
  • The customizable templates make life easy.
  • io is a collaborative online tool for all videographers in the business.

io supports audio tools to have a variety of options.

It offers automatic subtitles to lubricate the process.

Professional HD results are offered in intros and outros.


Some bugs slow down the process.

4. Canva

youtube intro outro maker
Average Rating 4.7/5
Compatibility Web-based, Android, iOS
Free or Paid Both Free & Paid

The next application to discuss is Canva acting like a YouTube intro outro maker.

Key Features

  • Canva is easy and simple to use.
  • You can create an intro with no watermark.
  • Canva has got you all covered to establish a YouTube brand.
  • The designer-made templates make the job facile.
  • The layouts and design are beautiful.

It is available on browser, iOS, and Android.

The library of motion graphics makes perfect intros and outros.

The templates make the process more effective.


The Canva mobile app is not user-friendly.


free intro and outro maker for youtube
Average Rating 4/5
Compatibility Web-based
Free or Paid Both Free & Paid has come to the business to stay. Let us know about its major characteristics:

Key Features

  • You can give credits to the people who helped in content creation.
  • The stock videos can be personalized to make compelling outros.
  • Veed allows you to add background music and sound effects.
  • No video editing experience is required to create intros and outros.
  • The drag and drop feature improves the speed at work.

You can add a logo and watermark to your intro and outro.

Veed creates automatic subtitles for the YouTube videos.

The split tool makes the process facile.


There are bugs with the recent updates.

6. Panzoid

free youtube intro and outro maker
Average Rating 3.8/5
Compatibility Web-based
Free or Paid Paid

Panzoid is the right software for you to create creative intros and outros. Following are some workable features of this free YouTube intro and outro maker.

Key Features

  • It has some built-in intro outro templates, making it enough for struggling YouTubers.
  • You can change the music and bring innovation.
  • The robust tools make video editing effortless.
  • Panzoid helps change backgrounds to set the tone.
  • The amazing effects can be added effectively.

The custom creations make Panzoid popular.

You can create YouTube channel art and custom graphics with this tool.

The process is fast and doesn't waste time.


It isn't very easy to use the tool.

7. Intro Maker

Intro Maker
Average Rating 4.6/5
Compatibility iPhone/iPad
Free or Paid Free (In-app purchases)

Allow us to introduce you to another impeccable YouTube intro and outro maker.

Key Features

  • You can add more than 20 video effects to your intros and outros.
  • The music can be added to the video.
  • The fast-rendering speed accelerates the job.
  • You can count on Intro Maker to make attention-grabbing intros and outros.
  • The tool is effortless to use.

Feel free to add overlays to your video's intro and outro.

The real-time editing is featured.

The intro templates are offered, which are highly customizable.


The in-app purchases are expensive.

8. Introbrand

Average Rating 4.6/5
Compatibility iPhone/iPad
Free or Paid Both Free & Paid

Introbrand takes your YouTube entrepreneurial enterprise seriously.

Key Features

  • You can create professional intro and outros using Introbrand.
  • No beforehand knowledge is required to use the tool.
  • The templates are detailed and well-crafted.
  • There are free audios included in the application.
  • Introbrand comes up with customizable designs.

Introbrand is super-fast to work on intro and outros.

No complex designer skills are needed to access Introbrand and use it.

The quality of the videos is to die for.


The soundtracks are limited.

Part 3. How to batch add or remove the intro and outro of YouTube videos?

Wondershare UniConverter cannot be left behind when the "Intro and Outro" feature is being discussed. The recently updated feature of UniConverter allows the users to add or remove intros and outros from your YouTube videos. So, if you are YouTuber looking to add an intense intro and interesting outro to your video, UniConverter has covered your basics. Similarly, if you have to remove them, you can rely on this impeccable software.

How to add or remove the intro and outro of a YouTube video

More importantly, you can batch process the videos to add or remove intros and outros, which means you get to be productive in the process. The following procedure offers a step-by-guide to add intros and outros to your YouTube videos.

Step 1 Visiting intro and outro feature.

To begin the process, open Wondershare UniConverter from your computer. Click on the Intro and Outro feature from the Toolbox menu. Click on Adding afterward.

Visiting intro and outro feature

Step 2 Input starting and ending video files.

Input a video file as your intro in the Starting video space. Similarly, add a video as the outro in the Ending video. Hit Apply to All and save the video.

Input starting and ending video files

UniConverter supports batch add an intro and outro to YouTube videos. You can import multiple YouTube videos to add intro and outro.

add an intro and outro to YouTube videos

Follow the guide below if you want to remove the intro or outro from a YouTube video.

In the same way, navigate to the Trimming section to remove intros and outros. Set the starting and ending duration to remove the sections of the video. Tap Apply to All and get done with the process.

Apply to All
wondershare uniconverter 13

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Final thoughts

YouTube is actively used to build brands and entrepreneurial ventures. Every YouTube channel needs exceptional intros and outros to grab the viewers' attention. Therefore, the article discussed 8 YouTube intro and outro makers with their upsides and downsides. You can also use Wondershare UniConverter to process the intros and outros in batches.

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