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[New] 5 best YouTube gaming intro maker [free and paid]

YouTube has been a platform that has set up a mark across the digital community within various sectors. From gaming to content-based videos, these sectors have been catering to millions of viewers worldwide. Talking about the progress of the gaming sector within YouTube, it is quite surprising for the users that the two top channels out of the five YouTube channels belong to the gaming sector.

To develop a proficient video, a YouTube gaming intro maker is necessary. As the intro to a gaming video provides users an insight into the complete video content, YouTube content creators keep a bird's eye view across the quality of these video portions. This article would be providing a detailed introduction to YouTube gaming intro maker free and paid for the users who wish to design a perfect gaming video for their channel.

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Part 1. 5 best YouTube gaming intro maker recommended [free and paid]

This part shall introduce the five best options in YouTube gaming intro maker software. If you are willing to develop a gaming video for your channel, you should definitely look across this list of free and paid tools.

1. Gaming Intro Maker

youtube gaming intro maker
Average Rating 4.0/5
Compatibility Web-based
Free Free with Watermark
No Ads
No Watermark

The first YouTube gaming intro maker that may come across your searches is the Gaming Intro Maker. This tool provides users with the option of adding gaming intros across YouTube videos. While providing a set of templates to work on, the user can customize the available templates according to their convenience. Being a gaming intro maker, it provides the appropriate customization options to work with.


Provides different browsing options under different customization options, which covers text, logo, subtitles, and vice versa.

Allows users to search intro templates based on durations.

Gaming Intro Maker covers several other categories, including Technology, Music, Sports, etc.


User needs to merge customized intros with their main videos across other video editing tools.

2. Free online gaming intro maker – Canva

youtube intro maker gaming
Average Rating 4.7/5
Compatibility Web-based, Windows, Android, iOS
Free Free
No Ads
No Watermark

Talking about the best online editors in the market, Canva features an exceptional platform for its users that can be utilized to develop impressive gaming intros. The tool, being an epitome of excellence, covers professional tools that can be utilized to gain viewers' attention. This can be an eventual booster towards growth in subscribers and the success of the channel. Users are recommended to make the best use of the tool's services.


There are no watermarks added across the intro video edited within the platform.

Use different page animations to enhance text across the gaming intro video.

Change the background color of the intro video template to a color of your choice.


Canva is a tool that is a little advanced for beginners who are new to YouTube intro making.

3. Gaming intro maker – PhotoADKing

youtube gaming intro maker free
Average Rating 4.4/5
Compatibility Web-based
Free Free
No Ads
No Watermark

Continuing with the list, PhotoADKing provides an exceptional environment as a YouTube intro gaming maker to its users. Being known for its exceptional list of features, it works great for users who have a professional gaming video to upload across the platform. The platform depicts an easy-to-use system with consistency and serenity.


PhotoADKing features a system for managing images, text, and music across the intro video for the gaming channel.

There are other trimming and repeating tools available.

Users can work through the how-to-guide provided across the interface of the YouTube gaming intro maker free.


The rendering of the intro video across the tool is a relatively slow procedure.

4. Gaming intro maker online – MakeWebVideo

Gaming intro maker online MakeWebVideo
Average Rating 3.7/5
Compatibility Web-based
Free Free with Watermark
No Ads
No Watermark

Looking for a simple platform to develop a gaming intro? MakeWebVideo is the tool meant for you to provide you with special effects for creating the best content from your side in a few minutes. MakeWebVideo assures in offering HD, royalty-free music to its users, making it an exceptional choice in the market. With such an effortless environment, MakeWebVideo can be the perfect YouTube gaming intro maker for you.


Easy to use.

It supports to record videos that have been created and edited.

Provides a proficient list of templates to work with for creating gaming intros.


The Full HD video resolution is not available for free.

5. Create impressive gaming intros – OFFEO

Create impressive gaming intros with OFFEO
Average Rating 4.2/5
Compatibility Web-based
Free Free with Watermark
No Ads
No Watermark

A sleek option in YouTube intro maker gaming platforms, OFFEO makes it easy for users to create content within a few minutes. The profitability in creating content across OFFEO is evident, which is particularly possible with its drag-and-drop features. Video customization across OFFEO is a simple procedure covered under an interface that has an impressive record of making gaming intros.


Add layered text across the gaming intro easily with the tool.

The tool offers the option of adding different graphics, overlays, and effects across the template.

You can also upload your media across the interface and add it into the intro maker accordingly.


Most of the templates available across the platform only range between 5-7 seconds in time.

wondershare uniconverter 13

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Batch add intros or outros to videos without any hassle.

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Part 2. How to batch add gaming intro to YouTube videos

The part discussed above provided several solutions involving gaming intro makers that can help users make effective YouTube gaming intros for their video. However, users have to use another video tool to add the gaming intros to YouTube videos. To make things simpler, they can try Wondershare UniConverter, an all-in-one video editor that provides extensive video editing features in an environment that caters to all kinds of users.

Apart from these submerging tools, the Intro & Outro Editor of UniConverter allows you to batch add intros to YouTube gaming videos effectively. To understand the process of batch adding intros with this YouTube gaming intro maker, you need to look across the following steps in detail.

Step 1 Launch Intro & Outro Editor.

You need to download, install and launch Wondershare UniConverter across your device. Following this, click on the Toolbox option on the left-hand side of the panel. Select Intro & Outro from the available list of Value-added Features.

launch intro-outro editor

Step 2 Import main videos.

Following this, select Adding from the two options displayed on the next screen. Tap on the + icon to import the main videos to be batch processed by the platform.

import main videos

Step 3 Add the intro and execute.

Once you have added the videos, you need to move forward towards adding an intro. Click on Add File across the Starting Video section to import the intro across the platform. Proceed to select the Apply to All option followed by Start to execute batch adding gaming intro to YouTube video.

add the intro and execute
Try Wondershare UniConverter for free now!

Over 3,591,664 people have downloaded it to try the advanced features.

Part 3. Frequently asked questions about YouTube gaming intro maker

1. How do I make a gaming intro for free?

To make a gaming intro for free, you can consider using Canva for effective results. The process of making a gaming intro across it is free and easy. Initially, search for a template across the template library and select the perfect theme and brand for yourself. Furthermore, you can also create an intro from scratch.

Customize the template's background, colors, font styles, and sizes across the proficient media library. Once you are done, you can download the file as an MP4 video.

2. How do I make a PUBG intro?

PUBG is a common game across millions of users worldwide. While making an intro video for posting PUBG gaming tutorials or videos across the channel, your intro can contain several relevant contents. It can include the match type that is being played across the game. Along with that, the target can also be focused on showing the period of the game along with other insights that can attract users into viewing it.

3. How do I make a gaming channel logo?

To make a perfect gaming channel logo for yourself, you need to identify the genre you are a part of. While realizing the proficiency of your channel, work through the audience and proceed to the customizing elements of the logo. Use colors that evoke emotions and add text that attracts the viewers to your channel. The style of your logo should be directed towards a preferred gaming style, which leads to a perfect gaming channel logo.

4. How long should your YouTube intro be?

YouTube intros are meant to a short. However, the minimum time frame for an intro should be 5 seconds. The maximum time for an intro should be personalized to 20 seconds. While keeping this time frame under observation, this particular depends on displaying your video purpose to the viewers.


This article has presented clear guidelines for creating a gaming intro for your YouTube channel. With a detailed introduction to several YouTube gaming intro maker software, the article has also provided a focused overview on how to use UniConverter for batch adding gaming intros across the main video. Go through the article to learn more about the topic in detail.

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