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Convert PPT to video on Mac

7 Ways to Export Powerpoint to Video on Mac

by Christine Smith • 2020-02-24 11:23:06 • Proven solutions

PowerPoint presentation becomes convenient when a demonstration is to take place. Most of us know a lot when it comes to PowerPoint presentation but still, we do not know that it can be converted into a video or we don’t know how to go about it. One might be wondering that it can’t be possible nevertheless it actually can be converted. It could be in the Business World, Academic or otherwise. It is very understandable that users might actually need to convert PowerPoint to video on Mac because they don’t want to lose certain important slideshow. Therefore, in this article today, we shall know about the best ways through with you can export PowerPoint to video on Mac.

Part 1. How to Save Powerpoint as Video on Mac Directly and Free

PowerPoint presentations have always been used to add colors to a demonstration. They are highly rated and also offer diversities of features to enhance its appearance. You might be facing one of the difficulties of having to send the presentation across to the recipient who might actually not have a PowerPoint, the easiest way to look into it is to export the file to a video format.

Below are the necessary steps to follow on how to convert PowerPoint to video on Mac. The procedure is actually cool that will keep you wondering why you haven’t been doing it. To effortlessly export PowerPoint to video on directly to your Mac, there is a prerequisite to installing the PowerPoint Presentation accurately on your Mac especially the latest version to get the desired result.

Step 1. Create your PowerPoint presentation as usual and have it saved. The next thing to do is to select the File which is located at the top left side on your Mac screen.

Step 2. Select Export which is under the File and then click on Create a Video. Make sure that your presentation is saved.

create PPT to a video

Step 3. Next is to choose the quality of the video you prefer and also customize the video size. Note this; the quality actually determines the video size.

choose video quality

Step 4. If you have already set your Documented Timings which you intend to use for the video to be created, click on the box next to Incorporate all Recorded Timings and Narration. You are allowed to set the period of time the video can spend on each slide if you haven’t set timing yet. Make sure to choose the quality of the video and also the size to be exported.

Step 5. Now, click to create video after all the selections have been made, which will lead to another step.

move to create ppt to video

Step 6. Here, enter an appropriate name for the video and also determine where to really save it. Click on save to protect your newly created video. The video will automatically save, double tap on the file to play the video. Remember, the more slides you have, the more time you will allocate to each slide and more space your video will consume. Once this is done, you can start sharing your videos.

save ppt as video

Now, you see with small and simple steps, this is how to export PowerPoint presentation to video on Mac.

Part 2. Online Tool to Turn Powerpoint into Video

Another easy method to export PowerPoint to video on Mac is using Online Convert, a free online tool to convert file formats. It helps to convert PowerPoint files into video format to MP4/AVI or any other video format. All you need to do is to input the intended file or provide an address to the video file into the online converter. The software produces videos of high quality and it is not limited in usage. It automatically downloads the converted video to your computer with a very high speed. The video converter will actually not show any watermark in the finished file. The amazing thing is that it provides numerous optional settings for output configuring.

Step 1. Visit the URL ( and select target format which is under Video Converter and click on convert to MP4/AVI or other format you like.

Step 2. The next thing is to upload the PowerPoint you want to convert to MP4/AVI. Move to the Optional settings box and choose the customization settings as you like.

turn ppt to video online

Step 3. Save the settings you have made and write the file name, then click on Convert file button, and your powerpoint presentation will be converted into MP4/AVI format within a few minutes.

Part 3. Other 5 Recommended Software to Export Powerpoint to Video on Mac 2020

Different software can really be helpful if you want to export powerpoint to video on Mac. These software will help in protecting your presentation. 5 recommended software listed below which will help you in exporting PowerPoint to video.

Before we learn the tools work on PPT to video, we'd like to recommend the best video converter for Mac first. Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate), which helps to convert videos and audio files in any format. You can customize your PowerPoint to video playing with recording a screen, and then convert the recorded video to any format you want. It supports 1,000+ popular media formats including MP4/MOV/AVI/MKV/MP3, etc. With this software, you can not only convert media files easily, but also downloading videos from websites by pasting URLs directly, and more additional tools related to videos.

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1. Digital Office Pro

This helps to export your PowerPoint file to DVD or Video format. It also gives room for further varieties of video file types to choose from. The files are friendly with most portable devices including Mac.

Digital Office Pro


  • The video will be able to maintain all effects including transitions and animations from the original file.
  • It enables easy conversion of PowerPoint to other formats such as WMV, MOV MP4, and M4V.
  • Supports all type of PowerPoint files and also all versions.


  • It can actually take a while for the files to be fully exported.
  • It hardly supports Video and Audio narration.
  • It does not allow technical support on it.

2. RZ Soft

RZ soft is unrestricted software for PowerPoint conversion. It supports virtually all the versions of PowerPoint and its formats. The output resolution and size is in line with the user’s specification. It also supports conversion to different popular formats such as AVI, MP4, and FLV, to the specific portable device. The conversion is very easy and fast. The software allows videos to be shared on blogs and social media. The video settings can actually be changed to the users taste from the quality, to frame rate and video bit rate.

RZ Soft


  • The software comprises DVD burner features.
  • The video that is been exported, tends to preserve its original slideshow features like the video clips, sounds, and transitions.
  • The free version doesn’t have a time limit.


  • You must purchase a paid version for HD Quality.
  • External devices are not allowed on the free version.
  • The free version only export files to AVI.

3. ImToo

The ImToo exporter enhances the ability to export your PowerPoint files to video format without having to install or download the PowerPoint on your computer. The software also allows its users to add watermarks and music to the PowerPoint file before actually exporting it. With this awesome software, you can export two or more files with just one click. It is specially designed for your Mac, making it fit the screen. It allows its users to customize its parameters like the bit rate, frame rate, resolution, quality etc.



  • Allows a very swift conversion of files.
  • Export files to most current formats.
  • The video quality is very high which will fit into your computer screen without any problem.


  • The free version does not support HD and external devices
  • Can only convert up to 800 × 600 video resolution.
  • The free version doesn’t have many features.

4. MoyeaSoft

This software has amazing features that will convert your PowerPoint slideshow to varieties of formats and also keep its original effects without altering anything. It is compatible with most tablets, computers and even mobile phones. It has a multilingual feature which supports up to 8 languages, educational facility to encourage e-learning lessons to video formats especially to tutors.



  • This software is very easy to install on your Mac.
  • Has a good range of video outputs.
  • It is user responsive.


  • The conversion maybe slow which might take a while to fully export.
  • A very big watermark is placed at the middle of the presentation.
  • Will not being able to convert PowerPoint to a video if the PowerPoint is not installed on your Mac.

5. ETinySoft

The ETinySoft converter claims to have all in one PowerPoint converter to be able to export files to all common video formats. The site provides a lot of video tutorials to help beginners get started. Its conversion speed is ultra-fast. Exported videos can easily be shared on social media platforms. It is a brilliant converter, which is specially designed for Mac users.



  • It allows its users to choose between high quality, rapid and simple conversion.
  • It offers a wide range of output formats.


  • Utilize system resources.
  • Actually runs only on Mac OS X 10.6 higher version.


It is both easy and free to export PowerPoint to video on Mac without experiencing any difficulties at all if you follow the ways and guidelines explained in the article. Every method is well organized and reliable to process even by an amateur. So, go ahead and choose any of the above ways to have your PowerPoint video on Mac.

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