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Top 5 MD5 Converters You Should Know

by Christine Smith • 2020-09-27 15:09:35 • Proven solutions

One of the significant and continuous challenges that the world faces in the digital era is the security of information. If you are interested in information technology, you need to learn about MD5 and MD5 converter, to understand how data is protected. Find multiple MD5 converter online tools for 2020 below.

Part 1. What is MD5

Message Digest algorithm 5 (MD5) refers to a cryptographic hash function that ensures that a file remains unchanged or not tempered with. Cryptographic hashing involves taking a significant data block and returning a fixed hash value. You can do this with any size of data but acquire a fixed hash value. The MD5 function produces a fixed hash value of 32 digit hexadecimal number.

When finding out whether two data sets are identical, you may opt to compare the raw data. However, this process is tiresome and time-consuming. On the other hand, MD5 saves your time, effort, and energy by producing a checksum on the two data sets and making a comparison to verify that they are similar. As a result, MD5 is incorporated in multiple security applications, especially those that check file integrity after transfer.

For example, after downloading a certain large file, you may have noticed that it was accompanied by the hash value. You can always use this hash to confirm that the file downloaded is not different from the file expected or advertised. On the basic level, MD5 may also apply to messages, whereby the hash value verifies that the message you receive is the same sent. The hash code makes it easy to confirm the contents of the message without having to check it word by word.

md5 converter

Ronald Rivest designed MD5 in 1991 as a replacement for the previous version, MD4. Despite its importance, it was established that the MD5 hashing algorithm had flaws in 1996. The problem was not fatal at first, and so the usage of MD5 continued. However, in 2004 researchers discovered a more serious issue whereby it produced the same MD5 hash value for different files.

Due to this collision attack, the concerned parties began looking for more problems to discredit MD5. Their efforts bore fruit in 2008 when they acquired an SSL certificate validity, which convinced users that browsing securely was impossible when using MD5. Consequently, the government discouraged the usage of the MD5 algorithm, claiming that it was cryptographically broken and thus unsuitable.

Despite these attempts, some users still rely on MD5. The majority understand the risk and hence create a random string that is linked to the pre-existing password hashes and hashed again to avoid potential attacks.  

md5 format converter

Part 2. Top 5 MD5 Converters You Can Try

Any MD5 converter changes Text into MD5 hash value or vice versa. You may find at least one MD5 format converter, which can also transform MD5 to other formats aside from Text. With the right converter, the MD5 hash value can be generated in seconds. There are several converters you should know in 2020, as listed below.

  1. Generujemy.pl

Generujemy.pl is a website with a collection of different converters, generators, and other tools. So, it generates not only MD5 code from a given text, but also generates a random password, number, and color. Additionally, it is a color converter that transforms RGB to Hex and vice versa, as well as RBG to HSV. It is also a URL converter with a day calculator, text counter, and scrum capacity calculator.  


  • It offers other conversions and services including calculations
  • It has an intuitive interface


  • The sites have multiple ads


  1. CafeWebmaster.com(CW)

CafeWebmaster.com refers to a free MD5 value converter that online communities comprising of web developers use. The process to generate MD5 hash value involves putting Text, specifying the conversion type, and pressing the Convert function. The output text appears in seconds.   


  • It is simple and usable by beginners.
  • Users can share web design-related material online.


  • It does not warrant or guarantee code, information, and data reliability found on the site.


  1. MD5 Creator

MD5 creator is a converter MD5 online tool with a very simple interface that makes it easy to transform the Text into hash value. It only requires you to input the Text and click on Create MD5. If you are new to MD5, it provides information if you click on “What is MD5?” at the page bottom.


  • It creates MD5 hash value instantly through an incredibly short process.
  • It provides more information on what is MD5 for newbies.


  • It contains too many ads.

converter md5

  1. MD5 Converter

MD5 Converter is a great MD5 converter online tool you should consider in 2020 since it does multiple conversions aside from MD5 to Text and vice versa. Additionally, the process of these conversions is simple, whereby you put in the relevant Text or MD5 code and click on To MD5 or To Text, respectively.


  • It converts Text to MD5 and can reverse the process by changing MD5 to Text.
  • It does other conversions like PDF to Text, HTML and images, Text to HTML, images to PDF, and others.


  • The site has many ads, which pose a risk to computers if not legitimate.

converter md5 online

  1. Md5online.it

Md5online.it is another reliable MD5 converter that decrypts and encrypts strings using the MD5 algorithm. Since it is available online, it is free for use. It is quite easy to use since the interface is intuitive. However, if you are a new user that is not conversant with Italian, you must translate the page to English. Unfortunately, some words will not be translated, especially in the process.


  • It does both encryption and decryption of strings in MD5.
  • It is intuitive and fast.


  • The website first displays information in Italian and fails to translate the process, which may confuse new users.



Although MD5 has flaws, there are still ways to make it work for you. Hackers cannot crack the hash value generated, so as it is generated wisely. The above MD5 Converter online tools will help in encryption and decryption in 2020.

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