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What is OGA File and How to Open and Convert OGA File

by Christine Smith • 2020-10-12 11:15:17 • Proven solutions

OGA format is one of the rare formats you will come across if you deal with audio files extensively. Therefore, it is important to learn about it, know how to open it, and also have an idea about how to convert it to the common audio formats like MP3.

Despite being unpopular, the OGA creators are working on ensuring that multiple applications can open their files. The best programs that open OGA files on Mac and Windows are VideoLAN VLC media player and Apple QuickTime Player. If you do not wish to continue with this format type, you can always convert it to MP3 using FreeConvert.com. The details are explained below.

Part 1. What is an OGA File

OGA, which means Ogg Vorbis Audio, refers to a compression file format and multimedia container for audio files. Ogg Vorbis, which Xiph.Org Foundation developed, represents the file’s basic functionality; ‘Ogg’ is the standardized and open bitstream container format that was developed for manipulation and streaming, while ‘Vorbis’ is the compression mechanism name. Additionally, OGA is unpatented, free and open-source.

oga file

OGA files can utilize different audio codecs, including Ghost, Ogg FLAC, and OggPCM, independent open source CODECs for text and video. There are other less recommendable codes, Speex and Ogg Vorbis, which seem less compatible with the OGA format. If you must use them, Xiph.Org recommends using the OGG file format instead since it can be encoded by either of the two.

OGA format is not as popular as OGG since the Ogg Vorbis audio files use the OGG file extension more often. Therefore, the OGA format developers, Xiph.Org, are working on increasing its awareness by releasing a DirectShow codec pack. This will allow developers to add the OGA support in commercial and open-source Windows applications.

Part 2. How to Open an OGA File

After learning what an OGA is, you will definitely want to open its files for more exploration. The process is simple; just right-click the file, choose the “Open with” option, and choose the respective application.

This means that you need the appropriate software to open an OGA file. If no suitable software is available, opening OGA files will be impossible, and you could get a notification. For instance, if you are using a Windows 10 computer, the message may read, “How do you want to open this file?” If it is the discontinued Windows 7, the message might read, “Windows cannot open this file.” A Mac computer or Linux system will give a similar alert too.

There are several windows and Mac programs that you can use to open OGA files. The best include the following;

VideoLAN VLC media player

VideoLAN VLC media player is quite popular because it is an open-source media player compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, among others. Many users recommend it because it has a simple interface and also converts media files. It plays various types of media formats such as audio and video files and content in discs. It can open OGA files perfectly and others in AAC, 3GP, M4A, MKA, and MP3 formats. The simplest way to play OGA files is by dragging and dropping them in the software. It allows you to create playlists so as to categorize the content.


Apple QuickTime Player

Apple QuickTime Player is another program that Mac users enjoy using as it comes bundled in macOS. Since it is free, Windows users can get it and open OGA files, among others, like 3GP, 3GA, AC3, AIF, AU, CAF, and WAV. As you open OGA files, you will notice its clean user interface embedded with playback controls that are easy to use. It can also record audio using the computer or personal microphone.

apple quicktime player

Part 3. How to Convert OGA to MP3 Online

If you would like to use another audio format aside from OGA, you can easily convert the OGA format to another like MP3. However, you need a recommendable tool like FreeConvert.com, which is a free online tool. It converts your OGA file to MP3 easily and fast, since MP3 is one of the most-used audio formats. It allows you to upload files using URL, from your computer or by dragging and dropping in the upload area. When uploading, you must keep in mind that the site allows batch conversion, and so you can upload 20 files at a time. However, the total size should not exceed 1GB.

FreeConvert.com also has optional advanced features that enable you to alter basic file parameters such as audio sample and bit rates and channel. What’s more, you can cut your audio to make it shorter as you capture the most relevant part. You can also fade in or fade out the OGA audio file, or reverse it. Aside from OGA and MP3, the website also supports other formats such as FLAC, WMA, AMR, OGG, WAV, AAC, and M4A. FreeConvert.com is also recommendable for the conversion of video files to audio. It accepts video formats like MKV, MP4, AVI, FLV, and VOB, among others.

Below is the procedure to convert OGA format to MP3 using FreeConvert.com

Step 1: Upload the OGA files.

There are various ways to upload your OGA files. You can simply drag and drop them within the uploading zone, click the Choose OGA Files function to get from the computer or input the URL.

upload oga file

Step 2: Convert to MP3.

Before conversion, you can change various aspects in the Advanced Settings section. Here you can change audio bitrate, sample rate, and audio channel and cut audio. You can also specify if you would like to fade in or out. When done, click on the Convert utility.

convert oga file to mp3

Step 3: Download converted file.

As soon as conversion completes, click on the Download button to get the new MP3 file.


Learning never stops, and so you should continue getting familiar with various audio files such as OGA. If not interested, convert to the common, MP3, and proceed using the audio files as you wish.

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