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What is ARJ File? How to Open and Convert ARJ File

by Christine Smith • 2020-10-12 11:15:19 • Proven solutions

As you handle various types of work, you will create many folders to differentiate between various files. As the files and folders increase in your Mac or Windows increase, you will notice a decrease in storage space. So, you have to compress and stores them in easily manageable files with the help of archive file types. ARJ is an example of such archive file types. In this article, you will explore the ARJ file format and how to open and convert it.

Part 1. What is an ARJ File

ARJ is the abbreviation for Archived by Robert Jung, meaning that it is a file format created by Robert Jung in the early 1990s. Any file that carries the ARJ file extension is definitely an ARJ compressed file since the ARJ file format was designed for high-efficiency compressed file archives. As an archive file type, ARJ file compresses and then stores several files and folders into one, making them more manageable.

So, an ARJ file comes in handy when backing-up or sharing many files with another person. It allows you to package all files into one ARJ file, making it appear as one single file. This saves you from losing track of files and folders or sharing one file after another, which is time-consuming.

An ARJ file is known to support data integrity protection, long file names, multiple volume archives, and file version management, which are generally termed as Robert Jung compression. The current ARJ versions are 3.20 for Microsoft Windows and 2.86 for DOS. It also supports 16, 32, and 64 bit Intel architectures.


Part 2. How to Open an ARJ File

Once you understand what an ARJ file entails, you need to learn about opening it so that you can run your operations smoothly. You can open an ARJ file using any popular compression or decompression program. There are several programs that are compatible with different operating systems, and so you should understand the difference before getting any.

The following programs are the most recommended to open an ARJ file.


7-Zip is an open-source and free application that works perfectly in a Windows computer. It is used to compress and archive data since it combines multiple files into a single archive and also reduces file size for fast transfer. By default, this application uses the .7Z archive format that provides higher compression than others, including .zip format. Aside from .arj and .zip compression formats, 7-Zip supports others like GZIP, WIM, XY, and BZIP2. It also features an impeccable compression ratio and offers security through file encryption. With 7-Zip, you can also copy and move files to other locations.

7 zip


The free and open-source software for Mac and Windows, Zipeg, is great at the extraction of compressed file archives. Despite being a decompression utility, it is not able to compress archives. However, it decrypts archives with password protection. It further allows you to view archive materials to choose what you should extract. It works with multiple archiving formats like ARJ, RAR, TAR, WAR, BZIP, BZIP2, and 7Z. Zipeg is also a great choice if you are looking for software to examine archive files and extract the necessary parts quickly.



PeaZip is also a popular file archiver that will open your ARJ file with ease. It is also a perfect choice because it is free and open-source, and compatible with Windows computers. Considering that it is 7-Zip open technologies based, is it reliable. PeaZip is user friendly, although it comes with great features. During archiving and extraction, it works with multiple archive file formats like ARJ, PEA, BR, ARC, ZIP, ZIPX, DMG, RAR, and WIM, among others. PeaZip upholds security as its packages are secure for download. Additionally, it does not have any harmful or advertising software. As PeaZip provides high compression working at high speed, it also deploys editing, browsing, and searching functions.


Part 3. How to Convert ARJ to ZIP Online

Archived by Robert Jung, the file can be converted to other formats like ZIP, a common format used to compress data. ZIP appears better for compressed files because it is utilized by multiple applications to exchange file compression, data, and back-ups. Various compression algorithms are used in ZIP archives. The proprietary is the cryptographic algorithm, which enables the storage of confidential data in an archive that has a more complex protection system.

The best way to convert ARJ file format to ZIP online is through Convertio. This is an online converter that works with different types of files, including videos, audios, and other files. Considering that it is a browser-based tool, you are not required to download and install any application on your computer. The only requirement for ARJ file conversion to ZIP is to visit https://convertio.co/arj-zip/.

Convertio is easy to use since the interface is intuitive and simple as well. If you are a beginner in such conversions, you will find it quite reliable and easy. The site values high security as it deletes input and output files 24 hours after completion of editing. This ensures that no one can access them.

Aside from ZIP, Convertio supports other formats like 7Z, JAR, RAR, TBZ2, TAR, LHA, TGZ, and CPIO, among others.

The following is the procedure to convert ARJ to ZIP using Convertio.

Step 1: Open the Website.

You need to open https://convertio.co/arj-zip/ on your browser. Alternatively, open https://convertio.co/ and then click on ARJ to ZIP.

Step 2: Upload ARJ files.

To upload ARJ files for conversion, you can choose the files on your computer, upload from Dropbox or Google Drive, or simply put in URL. The maximum file size is 100MB.

arj file

Step 3: Download and Convert to the ZIP file.

Afterward, click on Convert. After converting the file, proceed with the download process to acquire your new ZIP file.


Backing-up, as well as sharing files, is part of the digital world. Therefore, understanding various formats like ARJ that help in making this process easier is inevitable.

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