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How to Open Djvu File and Convert DjVu Files to PDF Online

by Christine Smith • 2020-10-12 11:15:42 • Proven solutions

Rich content is known to have color photographs and graphics. If you have such type of information on paper, you may want to put it online so that it can be accessing to other interested parties. DJVU format can make this happen as DJVU files ensure that the internet distribution of high-resolution images of scanned photographs, digital documents, and scanned documents takes place smoothly. However, what’s a DJVU file? In this article, you will discover what a DJVU file is and how to open the DJVU file, and how to easily convert it to other formats like PDF using a DJVU file converter free tool.

Part 1. What is a DJVU File

The computer file format, DJVU, was created for storage of scanned documents, mostly those that have line drawings, text, photographs, and indexed-color images. These contents can be compressed and still maintain their high quality, an aspect that makes DJVU file format suitable for some eBooks, ancient documents, newspapers, and manuals that are scanned into a computer.

The design of DJVU files allows content developers to scan books’ color pages, catalogs, magazines, and comics in high resolution and later publish online. Therefore, this web-centric format is also useful in the distribution of images and documents. As expected, DJVU files use the.DJVU extension.

djvu file

Due to DJVU format capabilities, experts refer to it as the new image compression technology. It was developed at AT&T Labs in 1996 and continues to use various technologies to ensure that high-quality images remain readable after storage in the DJVU archive, which occupies minimal space. Such technologies include arithmetic coding, progressive loading, lossy compression, specifically for monochrome images, and image layer separation of image or background and text.

Part 2. How to Open DJVU File on Windows and Mac

DJVU format is special, and hence you need special software to open the DJVU file. One of the simplest ways to open DJVU in Windows and Mac is through a plugin for the web browser, which helps you open the files in the browser window of your computer. A standalone viewer included in the plugin software may also be useful. This DJVU plugin chrome program is known as DjVu Viewer Extension for Google Chrome, which is a reading program that works like other document readers in Mac and Windows.

To open DJVU in this software is easy since you can simply drag the file into the browser window and then allow the DJVU plugin to run. Alternatively, you can open the DJVU file by right-clicking on it and then choosing the “Open with” function, which will lead you to the list of browsers to specify. It can zoom in and out, move between pages and print, among other tasks. This plugin allows you to edit DJVU files by copying and pasting document sections.

There are also other programs for Windows and Mac that can easily open DJVU files. They include the following;

ACD Systems ACDSee Photo Studio

ACD Systems ACDSee Photo Studio refers to a digital image-editing and photo management software for Windows that is common among home users and personal digital photographers. It can touch-up and edit photos were taken by digital cameras. It is quite powerful and hence manages thousands of digital photos. It also has a search function to simplify locating files and organizes images using categories and filters. You can use the program to create slideshows, especially before sharing with others online. ACD Systems ACDSee Photo Studio works with over 100 file formats aside from DJVU, and some include ABR, APD, ADTS, BMP, ZIP, PDF, MPG, JPG and JIF.

djvu file converter online

DjVuLibre DJView

DjVuLibre is another reliable software that can open DJVU files since it is a GPL implementation of this type of file. It maintained by DJVU’s original inventors. It works perfectly in Mac and Windows. It does not come with additional software during installation and hardly presents any challenges. Aside from viewing DJVU files quite well, it enables you to export DJVU in PDF format, as a postscript, and also other image formats. This means that it supports many other formats. It is easy to use as well and thus recommendable for new DJVU users.

djvu format

Part 3. How to Convert DJVU Files to PDF Online

Considering that DJVU format appears as an alternative format for documents that is similar to PDF, you can as well go ahead and turn it to PDF. PDF file format was created by Adobe Systems. The files’ length is hardly limited, and it carries any number of images and fonts. Additionally, its design enables you to create and move printer-ready output, making it quite an interesting format.

With a free DJVU file converter online, you can easily turn DJVU to PDF and enjoy its usage. The best DJVU converter online is Zamzar (https://www.zamzar.com/convert/djvu-to-pdf/), an online tool that has been trusted by millions of users and thus converted more than 480 million files since its invention.

Aside from DJVU and PDF, this online converter works with formats like BMP (Windows bitmap), PNG (Portable Network Graphic), WBMP (Wireless Bitmap File Format) and GIF (Compuserve graphics interchange). Zamzar also supports many other formats like text and AZW and hence can change DJVU to txt and act as a Kindle DJVU converter, respectively. The process to convert DJVU to Kindle or txt file format is not different from the one displayed below.

Here are the steps to follow to turn DJVU to PDF using Zamzar:

Step 1: select the DJVU file you need to convert.

To choose the right DJVU file that needs conversion, click on Add Files utility and proceed. You can choose files from your computer or cloud storage service and drag and drop them or select a link.

Step 2: Choose PDF as an output format.

Since you are converting to PDF, make it your selection from the drop-down list displayed at step 2.

Step 3: Convert DJVU to PDF.

To convert DJVU file to PDF, click on the Convert Now function.

djvu converter online


The DJVU format is quite interesting, considering that it helps in the distribution of scanned documents and photos over the internet. It maintains the high-resolution and ensures the content posted is high quality and thus attractive.

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