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Wondershare UniConverter

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  • Best alternative to Toast Titanium Mac to burn videos to DVD easily on Windows/Mac.
  • Support 1000+ video formats including MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, AVI, and others.
  • Customize video with editing, changing aspect ratio, selecting menu templates, etc.
  • All-in-one tool: video compressor, file transfer, GIF maker, screen recorder, etc.


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Toast Titanium Mac Alternative Free Download: How to Burn Videos to DVD

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:26:16 • Proven solutions

"I am fed up with various techniques that I use to burn my videos into a DVD. The process is too complex, and now I am seeking a user-friendly and easy technique in the form of software so that DVD burning can be made easy. Is there any simple software that could help me out?"

Well, why not? At present, with technological advancements, there is helpful software that paves the way for our simple problems. Toast Titanium once the most popular software for Mac users to burn videos to DVD, but now we have many alternatives that are easier to use or have more functions to have more choices to burn videos to DVD better. To burn videos to DVD easily without any hassle, read the following parts to learn the best Toast Titanium alternative for Mac.

Part 1. Best Alternative to Toast Titanium to Burn Videos to DVD on Windows/Mac

Need a backup of all your videos in a DVD format? Finding difficulty in the burning process as it is too long? Why should you panic when Wondershare UniConverter is here to assist you? This program is one of the best alternatives to Toast Titanium, supporting almost all video formats and video-related functionalities. It makes your DVD burning process quicker and more lossless; you'll find it works as the best alternatives for Toast Titanium on both Windows and Mac system.

video converter icon Wondershare UniConverter - Best Alternative to Toast Titanium

wondershare uniconverter
  • The best alternative of Toast Titanium to burn videos in any format to DVD with free menu template designs.
  • Built-in editing tools to crop, trim, add effects on videos before burning to disc.
  • Burn DVD with customization options, super fast burning speed, and high-quality output.
  • Convert VD to videos in 1000+ formats for easy playback, including MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, AVI, etc.
  • Make a DVD copy on Mac easily within a few clicks.
  • Convert videos in any format to another among 1,000+ provided formats on Mac and Windows.
  • Additional functions include downloading videos by URLs, fixing video metadata, making GIF, recording screen, etc.
  • Supported OS: Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.
security download Security Verified, 5,481,347 people have downloaded it.

Steps to burn videos to DVD on Mac with Toast Titanium best alternative

Step 1 Launch and import files to Toast Titanium alternative Mac

Download and install Wondershare Toast Titanium alternative on your Mac first. Then open the program and choose the DVD Burner tab on the left panel, allowing you to burn videos to DVD within a few steps. Click the +Add Files button on the interface's left-top, and you'll open the search window where to add videos on your Mac to the Toast Titanium alternative DVD burner.

Choose and add videos to burn DVD with toast titanium alternative

Step 2 Make DVD burning customization with Toast Titanium alternative.

All loaded videos will be displayed as a thumbnail with some information if you want to make any customization on your video, click the icons on the thumbnail to open the video editing window. You can crop, trim, add watermark, apply effects, and make other adjustments here.

Edit videos on toast titanium alternative

Step 3 Choose DVD menu templates you like.

You can find DVD menu templates on the right panel, click the left or right arrow to switch DVD template, and select your favorite one for your DVD creation. You can also make adjustments on template settings, which are shown under the menu template preview window.

Choose DVD templates

Step 4 Burn videos to DVD with Toast Titanium alternative on Mac.

Insert a blank disc into your Mac, and click the Burn button after all settings are completed. Your videos will be burned into DVD within a few minutes with the alternative of Toast Titanium on Mac. You can also burn your videos to ISO/IFO files by clicking the drop-down menu on the right-top corner next to the Burn DVD to button.

Burn videos to DVD with toast titanium alternative

Video Tutorial to Burn Videos to DVD with Toast Titanium Alternative on Windows/Mac

Wondershare UniConverter is the best alternative of Toast Titanium to burn videos to DVD on Mac. With this all-in-one video tool, you can do more things such as DVD Copy, Video Convert, Video Download, Video Editing, etc.

Part 2. How to Burn Videos to DVD with Toast Titanium for Mac

Burning video to DVD is now possible with Toast Titanium 17, a digital media suite, and acts as a complete DVD burner. Toast Titanium is compatible with Mac and helps in the burning and copying process related to DVD and CD. With the help of toast titanium for Mac, you can now capture video and audio and convert it to any format in turn and share it with other social pages too. All the data is kept safe and secure as Encryption and decryption option is available for both USB and DVD. With toast titanium for Mac, you can easily recover the stored files in damaged CDs.

Features of Toast Titanium 17 for Mac:

  • With the DVD authoring feature's help, you can edit and personalize the videos with background effects and a lot more.
  • With simple steps and user-friendly interfaces, videos can be burnt easily and quickly with drag and drop techniques.
  • The burnt videos are highly compatible as you can now burn any HD videos, standard videos, and stream it on any Mac, Window, and TV sources.

Steps on Downloading and Burn Videos to DVD on Mac with Toast Titanium.

Step 1. Download Toast Titanium for Mac and install it on your Mac. Once you launch Toast Titanium 17 for Mac on your computer, you will be directed to the below interface. On the bottom, click on the DVD option that will be visible near the red button.

Choose DVD on Toast Titanium for Mac

Step 2. At the left panel, choose the Disc Copy icon, and you will be able to see two options like Formats and Media from where you can use various choices to edit the video.

Choose Disc Type on Toast Titanium for Mac

Step 3. In the next window, you have to give the specifications like the number of copies and recorder type. Click on Record once you are done.

Select settings for Toast Titanium for Mac

Step 4. Now, all the contents from the input will be copied to temporary storage, and you will get a pop-up like the below shot. You can now insert the DVD into which the videos are to be burnt and once, the device gets detected, Toast Titanium 17 for Mac starts to burn the video files unto the disc.

Start burning DVD on Toast Titanium for Mac

Without a doubt, I am sure that the software Toast Titanium for Mac and toaster titanium alternative Wondershare UniConverter will make your video to the DVD burning process an easier one and recommend it to your friends too to help them out too. Though both are good in its place, if you ask my choice, then without delay, go with Wondershare UniConverter.

Christine Smith

Christine Smith

chief Editor

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