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Best DVD to MP4 Converter & Extractor

Wondershare UniConverter

  • Convert DVD to MP4, MOV and any popular video formats for easy playback.
  • 120X faster conversion speed than any conventional converters.
  • Burn and customize your DVD with free DVD menu templates.
  • Edit, enhance & personalize your videos via trim, crop, and more.
  • Versatile toolbox combines screen recorder, GIF maker, fix video metadata, etc.
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All Ways to Convert DVD to MP4 and Popular Formats with Ease

by Christine Smith • 2024-04-25 17:00:38 • Proven solutions

"All my new computers for at least 6 to 7 years DO NOT have a DVD... so I have to use my old, old Notebook to convert DVD to MP4 so I can watch lectures, tutorials or of course movies... Also, a lot of companies use their online tutorials online, so I download them, as I want to have them in my archive?" ---A question from our customer

If you have a massive collection of your favorite videos on DVDs, then you are restricted to enjoy watching them only when there is access to a DVD player or PCs with DVD playing options. So to make your videos compatible with all types of media players and devices, you can convert DVD to MP4. Having your files in digital format after DVD to MP4 conversion not only prevents them from physical damage but also facilitates them playing anywhere, anytime. To handle all your queries on how to convert DVD to MP4, we have shortlisted the best five DVD to MP4 converters.

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Software Platform Features Drawbacks Download
UniConverter windows & Mac
  • Professional video converter supporting over 1000 formats.
  • Batch processing for converting multiple files simultaneously.
  • Offers video conversion, editing, recording, downloading, and DVD burning.
  • Requires download to use. Incompatible with document files.
  • Lacks advanced editing features.
Convert.files Online
  • Free online video and audio converter.
  • No viruses.
  • Supports conversion of document, drawing, presentation, and e-book files.
  • Cannot convert files in bulk.
  • Conversion controls are limited.
  • Maximum file size currently up to 250 MB.
  • Contains numerous advertisements.
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VLC windows & Mac
  • Free and open-source player, portable across different platforms.
  • Capable of playing DVD files.
  • Does not offer control over output file quality and resolution.
  • Limited conversion controls.
  • Functions primarily as a media player rather than a professional video converter."
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Handbrake windows & Mac
  • Free and open-source video transcoder.
  • Includes a forum for community support.
  • Users report compatibility issues with Mac Mojave and other versions.
  • Cannot convert protected or commercial DVDs.
  • Steep learning curve.
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Freemake windows
  • Converts DVDs to various video formats.
  • Capable of creating slide shows or films by combining photos and videos.
  • May trigger antivirus alerts.
  • Occasionally involved in payment disputes with users.
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Part 1. Free Method to Convert DVD to MP4 Online

Online tools are also a decent option to convert your DVD to MP4 and other formats if you don't install any software. Convert.files is one such program that supports some popular formats for conversion and can convert large VOB to MP4 online. Using this online DVD to MP4 converter, you can add the DVD files from your PC or can also add the download link for the videos. Popular formats for videos, documents, audio, images, archives, and others are supported for conversion. If needed, you can also get the download link to the converted file to your desired mail ID.

Steps on how to convert DVD to MP4 online using Convert.files:

Step 1: Open Convert.files on your PC/Mac. Insert DVD into your PC that you wish to convert.

Step 2: Choose a local file option, click Browse to search, and add DVD files from your PC. Alternatively, you can also save your DVD to your PC and then add files.

Step 3: Select MP4 as the output format.

Step 4: Enable the option if you want to get the download link after conversion.

Step 5: Finally, hit Convert to start the process.

You can download the converted file once the DVD to MP4 online conversion is completed.

Convert DVD to MP4 Online Free

Compare with UniConverter:

Convert.files is a free online video and audio converter that allows users to easily convert files from one format to another. However, it has some limitations; it can only convert videos from a few popular formats such as AVI, MP4 and MOV, and also does not support DVD conversions. UniConverter, on the other hand, is an all-in-one desktop media converting software that offers greater control over conversions, with more options for customization. It enables users to convert any file type including DVD discs into various popular formats like MP4. Moreover, UniConverter is reliable and fast compared to Convert.files as it can process videos in batches quickly without quality loss.

UniConverter offers a safe and efficient way to convert DVDs into digital files in high quality quickly and easily. With this powerful software tool, you also get advanced features like automated video downloads from 1000+ websites, an integrated media player&editor with advanced editing tools and GPU acceleration technology for faster speed.

So if you are looking for a reliable and comprehensive DVD conversion tool with an impressive range of features at an affordable price, then UniConverter is definitely worth considering! Get your copy today by making the purchase at our website or App store!


If you want to know more about VOB to MP4 online converters, just move to the top 5 online VOB converters >> to learn more.

Try the easiest and fastest way to convert DVD into MP4 on Windows and Mac:

Part 2. How to Convert DVD to MP4 Free with VLC

Another simple and straightforward method to convert DVD to MP4 free is by using a VLC media player. VLC is a free and open-source player that is portable and works on different platforms. In addition to playing your video files, the player also allows converting your DVD to MP4 as a free DVD converter for Mac. So if you are in search of a method that facilitates simple conversion without any need for downloading separate software, VLC is the right way.

Steps to convert DVD to MP4 with VLC:

Step 1: Click the Orange and White traffic cone icon to open the VLC Media player on your PC/Mac.

Step 2: Insert the DVD that you want to convert into your PC. On the top-left corner, click Media, and from the drop-down menu, select Open Disc.

Step 3: A new Open Media window will open from where select the Disc tab and choose DVD as disc selection. You can see the title of your inserted disc in the Disc Device section.

Step 4: At the bottom right corner, open the drop-down menu at the Play option and select Convert.

Step 5: A new Convert Window will open from where you need to select the MP4 at the Profile tab as output format. Select the name of the converted file and its location on the PC.

Step 6: Finally, click Start to proceed with the conversion process.

Depending on the size of your video, VLC will convert your DVD into MP4 format.

convert DVD to MP4 with VLC

Drawbacks of this method:

  • It does not allow selecting the desired quality and resolution of the output file.
  • Video editing features before conversion are not supported.
  • Conversion controls are limited as compared to professional software.
  • Conversion quality is not very good when compared to other paid programs and tools.

Try the easiest and fastest way to convert DVD into MP4 on Windows and Mac:

Part 3. Easiest Way to Convert DVD to MP4 on Windows/Mac

There is a long list of conversion programs and tools available. But if you do not want to compromise on the quality and to look for the best option to extract DVD to MP4, Wondershare UniConverter is there for you. This professional software is a complete video toolbox that supports video conversion, editing, recording, downloading, and DVD burning. The program ensures super fast conversion speed without compromising on quality. In addition to ripping DVD to MP4 Windows 10, the program is also available for converting DVD to MP4 Mac.

Key Features of Wondershare UniConverter:

wondershare DVD converter logo Wondershare UniConverter - Best DVD Converter for Windows 10/Mac (Catalina Included)

Windows dvd burner
  • DVD into MP4 conversion takes place at 90X faster speed than other tools.
  • DVD files can be loaded directly from the inserted DVDs or PC.
  • Facilitates to convert home DVD to MP4 without any loss of video quality.
  • The built-in video editor facilitates video editing with some tools like cropping, trimming, cutting, and others before DVD to video conversion.
  • Batch processing for converting multiple files at a time is supported.
  • In addition to MP4, DVD files can be converted to a number of other formats as well as devices.
  • A simple and easy-to-use interface helps to turn DVD into MP4 without any hassles.
  • Multiple features: Add video metadata, GIF maker, video compressor and screen recorder, video downloader, DVD burner.
Security Verified. 5,481,347  people have downloaded it.

Watch Video to Convert DVD to MP4 Easily and Quickly:

How to Convert DVD to MP4 Easily Using Wondershare UniConverter:

Before proceeding with the below steps, insert the DVD that you want to convert into your PC. Alternatively, you can also copy the DVD on your PC if you wish.

Step 1 Launch Wondershare DVD to MP4 converter and add DVD files.

DownloadDownload, install and launch the UniConverter software on your PC. Enter the Converter tab on the interface. Click the inverted triangle next to the add dvd files icon in Wondershare UniConverterto open the drop-down menu. Select the inserted DVD that you want to convert. If your DVD files are present on PC, browse and select by hitting Load DVD Folder.

add DVD files to Wondershare DVD to MP4 converter

Step 2 Edit DVD files (Optional).

It is an optional step where you can personalize and edit the video before conversion. The icons for editing are present under the added video thumbnail. Click any one of the icons to open a new window. You can trim the video, cut the unwanted parts, add subtitles, and perform other functions. Once done, click the OK to confirm the changes.

Edit DVD files

Step 3 Select MP4 as output format.

At the lower-left corner, open the drop-down menu next to the Output Format: option. Select the MP4 and the file resolution from the Video tab.

select the output format for DVD to MP4 conversion

Step 4 Convert DVD to MP4.

At the File Location tab, select the PC location where you want to save the converted MP4 files. Finally, hit Start All to start the conversion process.

dvd to mp4

Note: To change the location or the folder on PC, just click Menu > Preferences > Location and change the folder.

DVD to MP4 location folder

If you're a Mac user, you can download Wondershare DVD Converter for Mac and follow the similar steps above to convert DVD to MP4 Mac.

Part 4. Convert DVD to MP4 with Handbrake Free on Mac

Using the Handbrake application is another widely used method to convert DVD to MP4 Mac & Windows. Handbrake is an open-source and free transcoder application that allows converting DVDs into a number of formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, and others. The Mac DVD to MP4 converter is available for a number of platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, and comes packed with features suitable for beginners as well as intermediate users. The application uses third-party libraries like x265, Libav, and Lipvpx.

Steps for Handbrake DVD to MP4 conversion:

Step 1: Download, install and launch the Handbrake application on your system.

Step 2: Insert the DVD that you want to convert into your PC. Hit on the icon saying Source and then select the DVD drive option.

Step 3: Select Title and Chapters for the DVD files. The main title for the source is selected by default in the case of non-commercial DVDs. Hit Browse to select the location where you want the converted file to be saved.

Step 4: Choose MP4 as output format. You can also select other file parameters like the quality of the video, bitrate, settings, audio track, and others.

Step 5: Finally, hit Start to proceed with the conversion process. The progress bar at the application will show the speed of conversion.

The steps for windows and ubuntu convert DVDs to MP4 are almost the same.

handbrake dvd to mp4

Drawbacks of HandBrake Converting DVD to MP4:

  • It does not allow converting protected and commercial DVDs.
  • A lot of users complain about compatibility issues while working with the application on Mac Mojave and other versions.
  • DVDs can be converted to a limited number of formats.

Try the easiest and fastest way to convert DVD into MP4 on Windows and Mac:

Part 5. How to Convert DVD to MP4 with Freemake

Freemake Video Converter, a free conversion tool, is capable of ripping your video DVD to MP4 when saving it to the hard drive. Besides, the program can also burn your media clips to DVD that can then be played on any DVD player or movie player software on your computer. The best thing about Freemake Video Converter is that its interface is pretty intuitive and enables you to convert DVD to MP4 free without any technical knowledge. However, at the time of this writing, the app is available only for the Windows platform. You can follow the step-by-step instructions given below to learn how to convert DVD to MP4 with Freemake Video Converter:

Step 1: Import DVD to Freemake Video Converter

Grab the DVD you want to convert to MP4, insert it in the DVD drive of your computer, launch Freemake Video Converter, click the DVD button from the top of the main window, select the DVD drive in the Browse For Folder box, and click OK.

Step 2: Set Up Output Preferences

Click to MP4 from the bottom of the window, on the MP4 output preferences box, select your preferred output quality from the Preset drop-down list, and from under the Save to section, choose a destination folder to save the converted file to.

Step 3: Convert DVD to MP4

Click Convert from the bottom of the box to extract DVD to MP4.

turn dvd into mp4

Drawbacks of Freemake Converting DVD to MP4:

Freemake Video Converter is a free, and indeed an efficient tool to turn DVD into MP4 alright. However, as mentioned earlier, at the time of this writing, the software is available only for the Windows system. To use it on Mac, you must try a workaround that includes installing any virtualization application like Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox, or VMware Fusion on your Apple computer, installing Windows on the virtual machine, and then downloading and installing Freemake Video Converter on the guest operating system (Windows installed on a virtual machine).

Thus, considering all the above methods, their features, and drawbacks, it can be concluded that Wondershare UniConverter is the best choice to backup DVDs to MP4. Download and have a free trial now.

Try the easiest and fastest way to convert DVD into MP4 on Windows and Mac:

Part 6. People Frequently Asked about DVD to MP4 Conversion

1. How do I convert DVD to MP4 for free?

In Order to convert your DVDs to MP4 format for free, there are several freeware programs available. Some of these popularly used tools are VLC, Handbrake, Freemake, and others. These are simple tools that can quickly convert your disc into MP4 format so that they can be played on a wide range of players and devices.

2. Can VLC convert DVD to MP4?

Yes, VLC can convert DVD to MP4 on your Windows as well as Mac systems. The steps for Windows 10 are listed below.

  1. Launch VLC Media Player and choose Media > Open Disc.
  2. At the Open Media window, check the No Disc menu box and browse for the disc location at Disc Drive.
  3. Expand the Play button at the bottom and choose Convert.
  4. Select MP4 as the target format from the Profile section.
  5. Choose the Destination folder and click on the Start button.

3. What software can I use to convert DVD to MP4?

If you are looking for a user-friendly, quick, and professional tool, Wondershare UniConverter is the best option. Freeware programs supporting basic conversion are also available, and some of the popular ones include VLC, Freemake, and Handbrake. In order to convert DVD to MP4 without downloading any additional software, online tools are a good choice, and one such widely used program is Convert.Files.

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