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DVD Won't Play on Windows 10/Mac [Solved]

by Christine Smith • Jul 23,2019 • Proven solutions

Have arranged the disc of your favorite movie or a game and now all set to enjoy it? As you insert the DVD into your PC, it does not play; it’s really frustrating and irritating. There are a number of reasons due to which your DVD won’t play on Windows or Mac system and in the following article we discuss in detail about the same.

Part 1. Troubleshooting Issues Related to DVD Playing

There can different reasons for your DVD disc not playing on your Windows or Mac system. The best way to resolve them is by troubleshooting. You need to check out the possible reasons till you find the actual one. The most common reason when your DVD won't play on laptop is due to DVD drive. Again if there are issues with the drive, it can be mechanical or technical.

Mechanical issues: If the DVD drive of your laptop has dirt, damaged parts or its lubrication is dried, there will be issues playing with the disc. So if your laptop is placed in an area having a lot of dust or smoke, the lens of the drive becomes dirty and causes disc playing errors. The best solution for it is to clean your lenses properly. If you are aware of the process, go ahead; else take the help of some professionals.

Software issues: When there are software related issues with your DVD drives or DVD-ROM drives, you will encounter problems like skipping of DVD, audio noise, problems in searching the track, and similar others. You can diagnose and resolve the software problem if you are aware or can take help from the experts in the field.

Part 2. Common Problems and Errors Encountered

Some of the most common problems or errors that you may encounter while playing your DVD disc into your laptop are enlisted below. Round-up of the possible causes is also listed.

1. DVD Drive rot recognized

The most common error that you may encounter while playing your disc into your laptop is disc error when your DVD does not seek to load or read by the drive. Possible causes of the problem are:

  • Defective discs which are dirty or scratched.
  • Upside-down loaded disc.
  • The objective lens or the spindle motor is defective.
  • Ribbon cable having cracks.
  • There is some external interference.
  • The connections are poor or missing.
  • The power supply or control logic is broken.
  • Lubrication is not proper.

2. Erratic Operations

Mode problem with the DVD drive is another reason for DVD not playing on laptop. You have face intermittent or erratic operations where disc plays perfectly fine at times and then skips or does not play at times. Causes for the problem in Windows or Mac can be attributed to the following factors:

  • Dirty lens.
  • A defective disc which is scratched or dirty.
  • Loading issues of the disc.
  • The disc length may be more which drive is not capable of reaching.
  • Internal damage in the optical pickup.
  • Dirty limit switches or drawer.

3. Disc skipping and freezing

Skipping and freezing are other issues when your DVD won't play on Windows 10, other OS versions or Mac system. The coding of the DVD disc is done in a spiral wave that starts from the center and then moves to the outer edges. If there is a change in the disc’s drive laser path it will result in the skipping or freezing. These changes in the path commonly happen due to the following reasons:

  • Dirty or defective disc.
  • Damaged or tainted objective lens.
  • Damaged sled drive mechanism.
  • The lubrication is not proper.
  • Lens suspension is damaged.
  • If the lens cover is damaged it will prevent the free movement of the disc.

4. Disc not played by DVD Drive:

Many times when you insert your disc into your system, nothing happens and you face issues of DVD not playing. This may happen due to the problem in the disc drive that may be caused due to following factors

  • The contacts on RCA jacks on disc drive or amp are dirty.
  • Muting relay contacts are defective or dirty.
  • The connection to RCA jacks are bad.
  • The power supply has a fault in situations when audio circuits are used.
  • The analog circuitry has dirty components.
  • Dirty controls on an amp unless there are issues with the headphones.

In addition to the above listed, also ensure that your DVD disc is burned properly. Compatibility is another major reason when DVD won't play on the computer or a DVD player. Before playing a disc makes sure that it is encoded as per your geographical region and is compatible with your system or the player.

Part 3. Best Solution to Solve DVD Playing Issues

The above DVD playing issues can be tried to resolve by cleaning the disc, using a DVD drive cleaner CD or DVD, and other means. Still, if you encounter the issue, the best solution is to install third-party software that not only allows playing your disc seamlessly but also helps to resolve compatibility and other issues. Considering the requirements, we recommend Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) as it is a professional software with expert features. The program comes with a built-in player for enjoying high-quality video playback. Using UniConverter, you can also burn a DVD or a Blu-ray disc in high quality at fast speed. Almost all types of formats can be burned to a disc without any issues.

The program works as an excellent video converter and allows converting videos to a wide range of formats. There is a complete built-in video editor in the program that allows video editing before burning or converting files.

So if your VLC won't play DVD, windows media player not playing DVD or DVD player not reading a disc, don’t worry as Wondershare UniConverter is there to take care of all your disc playing, conversion, editing, and other issues.

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Christine Smith

chief Editor

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