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[100% Free] Top 10 free game recording software in 2024

The gaming industry is a new trend globally as they are a huge source of entertainment for everyone. Many individuals like to record their gaming sessions to share them with the viewers on online sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

Sharing the game recording is to provide free entertainment and enjoyable content with their commentary to the audience. Others share their game recording to demonstrate how to play difficult levels of any particular game. If you are interested in recording your gaming experience, this article will provide the best free game recording software with their respective descriptions. Let's dig into the details to know about free game recording software.

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Part 1. The best game recording software free download for PC

free game recording software

For recording your gaming sessions, you would need an efficient and free game recording software like Wondershare UniConverter to complete your task. This best free game recording software is extremely affordable, yet it comes with advanced key features for screen recording. You won't require any professional experience to use this tool as it has a friendly and cluttered free user interface. Just with a single click, you can easily screen record your gaming session with this reliable platform.

Key features

  • Recordlive stream videos: Through this screen recorder, you can record live Zoom, Skype, and Team Meetings and streaming videos on social media while running other applications on your Windows PC.
  • Picture-in-picture recording mode: Record your webcam and screen simultaneously! It is perfect for reactions and tutorials.
  • Providescustom settings: Before beginning with screen recording, you can manually control the settings such as frame rate, video quality, and output format easily.
  • Allowsscreen switch: While screen recording, you can switch between multiple screens instantly and can record the essential parts easily.
  • Providesaudio recording: Apart from screen recording, you can also record your live commentary or voiceover through this tool in good quality.

User review

"Being a game lover, I prefer UniConverter to record my gaming sessions as it allows me to record the screen record in the best quality. I can also edit the screen recorded video afterward by trimming the unwanted parts. Thus, it works for me every time!"

wondershare uniconverter 13

Wondershare UniConverter — Best Game Recorder for Mac and Windows.

safe mov video converter free download Security Verified. 3,591,664 people have downloaded it.

Record the screen of a particular Application while using another one. (on Windows)

Capture games, movies, or live streams in the background while browsing other websites or using other software. (on Windows)

Support picture-in-picture recording mode.

Convert and compress your video, audio, and image files without quality loss.

Save any online video or music from more than 10,000 platforms and sites.

AI-powered features such as Smart Trimmer, AI Portrait, and Background Remover take your video to the next level.

The complete video toolbox to convert, compress, edit videos, burn DVDs, and much more.

A step by step guide to recording a game using UniConverter:

Step 1 Select the application recorder.

Start with running Wondershare UniConverter on your computer and open its interface. On the left section, tap on Screen Recorder and then click on Application Recorder from the new window.

Select the application recorder

Step 2 Adjust the settings.

From the pop-up window, adjust the settings of your microphone and speakers for flawless screen recording.

Adjust the settings

Step 3 Open the app to record.

Now open the app you want to screen record and then click on Select an Application from the box. Tap on OK and now click on the Record button to begin the recording. You can also pause and stop the screen recording whenever you want.

Open the app to record
Try Wondershare UniConverter for free now!

Record any games with perfect quality.

Part 2. 10 best free game recording software recommended

In this section, we will recommend some of the best free game recording software that you can install on your computer and can use instantly for various purposes.

1. OBS Studio

best free game recording software
Average Rating 4.3/5
Compatibility Windows & Mac & Linux
No Watermark
Ads Free

OBS Studio is one of the popular and widely used free video game recording software by game lovers due to its friendly user interface. It's a free gaming software that depicts that you can use all of its key features without buying any subscription. Any individual who is a beginner in the gaming world can use this tool to screen record the games in the high quality of 1080p at 60 FPS.


High-resolution quality for screen records.

It also supports live streaming on multiple social platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live.

This tool supports output videos in MP4, MOV, FLV, and MKV file formats.

The Scene Transition feature helps you switch from one source to another and helps you control the transitions.


The main interface does not provide technical assistance for beginners and non-technical persons.

2. Xbox Game Bar

best game recording software free
Average Rating 3.5/5
Compatibility Windows
No Watermark
Ads Free

Xbox Game Bar is a free game capture software for Windows users and provides a friendly user experience to beginners. Through this tool, you can not only record gaming videos but can also capture other apps like YouTube videos or Zoom Meetings. You can chat and talk with your friends while playing a game and can instantly switch the screens through this amazing tool.


Without constant ads and bugs.

It is extremely easy to use due to its basic and organized user interface.

You can find your teammates and groups through the key feature of this game recorder.

Apart from screen recording, you can also capture screenshots while playing your game.


While screen recording the video, you cannot pause the recording in between.

3. FBX Game Recorder

free game capture software
Average Rating 4.5/5
Compatibility Windows
No Watermark
Ads Free

FBX Game Recorder also qualifies for the proficient screen recorder as it comprises advanced and exclusive features for the users. You can capture live streaming videos through this recorder and can edit them by changing their size and quality. It also works well as an excellent game recorder as it allows HD screen recording for professional and appealing visual results.


It allows capturing the highlights and moments of the game.

You can add different sound effects to your recorded audio while screen recording.

You can generate captions for the video and can choose their font, size, and color.

You can create and add GIFs or stickers to the video through this platform.


FBX game recorder is only supported by Windows operating system.

4. iTop Screen Recorder

free video game recording software
Average Rating 4.2/5
Compatibility Windows
No Watermark
Ads Free

iTop Screen Recorder is a potential option to record your game sessions in HD quality. For the best high-resolution results, it captures the screen recording at 120 FPS without making your system's speed slow. You can manually decide to record a particular area of the screen, which makes it a highly flexible screen recorder.


You can conduct and capture facecam recordings to share your facial expressions while playing a game in the best resolution possible.

It only takes 8% of CPU utilization, you can easily play your games at the fastest processing speed.

It offers 12 different output formats to suit your preferences and compatibility.

You can either choose to add your own audio while playing a game, or you can use the system's audio for screen recording.


The subscription plan for this tool is a bit pricey, and you may find it unaffordable.

5. ScreenRec

free game recording ScreenRec
Average Rating 4.8/5
Compatibility Windows & Mac & Linux
No Watermark
Ads Free

Are you looking for an efficient yet reasonable free game recording software? Then explore ScreenRec to conduct a fast and easy screen recording of your game sessions. Through this tool, you can record your computer's screen and sound coming from either your microphones or speakers. Moreover, it comprises cloud recording that allows the users to share the link of their recording directly through a link.


Multiple mouse effects on this tool such as highlighting the cursor, clicking sounds...

Cloud recording enables the users to post their private recordings directly to their friends without sharing them on cloud storage such as Google Drive and DropBox.

It offers the users free 2GB of cloud storage.

You can add both sounds of your voiceover and the system's speakers to add versatility to the video.


The tool does not have any video editing feature, which means you can only screen record the videos.

6. NVIDIA GeForce Experience

free game recording NVIDIA GeForce Experience
Average Rating 3.2/5
Compatibility Windows
No Watermark
Ads Free

This free game recording software is also a popular tool that many game lovers prefer to record their videos. If your computer has NVIDIA GPU, you can easily install this game recorder and can use its tools and features. The main interface of this platform is specially designed to record game videos in the best possible quality. Also, it updates and improves the user interface to offer the best user experience.


Records the gaming videos in the same resolution as your monitor, which depicts that if your PC has 4K quality, it will also do screen recording in 4K.

You don't have to buy this tool and can download it free if you have an NVIDIA graphics card.

It is compatible with HD live streaming videos for screen recording.

It provides multiple language options.


This game recorder is not available for other graphic card users.

7. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

free game recording Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder
Average Rating 4.8/5
Compatibility Online
No Watermark
Ads Free

This free game recording software is an excellent choice to record live presentations, streaming videos, and game sessions quickly and easily. It gives multiple options to provide optimistic recording through its key features and keyboard shortcuts. This tool also has multiple exports format options such as MP4, FLV, AVI, and MOV.


You can record lengthy gaming sessions without any interruption as this tool does not have time limitations.

You can export the recorded video to other platforms confidently as it does not leave a watermark on the videos.

You can also conduct an instant screen recording while switching on your webcam.

You can upload the recorded video directly to platforms like YouTube and Google Drive.


This tool does not function well to screen record game sessions effortlessly.

8. VLC

free game recording VLC
Average Rating 4.4/5
Compatibility Windows & Mac & Linux
No Watermark
Ads Free

Many individuals are not aware of the full potential of a VLC media player as a best free game recording software. VLC can function as your screen recorder perfectly on both Windows and Mac OS. Any non-professional can use this tool to screen record as the user interface is simple and basic.


The interface is basic, yet it provides many options for screen recording the video in good quality.

You can instantly download this tool and can use it easily for simple screen recordings.

You can make custom settings for screen recording through VLC, such as increasing the FPS.

It instantly converts and saves the screen recordings files to your computer without asking you to create an account or buy a paid version.


This tool does not feature audio recording options.

9. QuickTime

free game recording QuickTime
Average Rating 3.1/5
Compatibility Mac
No Watermark
Ads Free

QuickTime is a Mac-supported media player that also performs well as an efficient screen recorder. For Mac users, you can instantly shift to your QuickTime free game recording software to record video games sessions without paying any cost. After screen recording the game, you can also edit the video quickly.


It allows voice recording along with screen recording in good quality.

You can add annotations while screen recording your game.

You can either show or hide your mouse clicks through this tool.

You can trim, rotate, or can add soundtracks to the recordings easily.


It lacks advanced features that are being offered in other game recorders.

10. Icecream Screen Recorder

free game recording Icecream Screen Recorder
Average Rating 4/5
Compatibility Windows & Mac
No Watermark
Ads Free

This amazing screen recorder includes an easy-to-use interface with multiple options to record any area of your screen. This tool is suitable for game recording, and you can also record business presentations. Along with its other screen recording features, you can use their mouse effects for more great results.


You can add texts and shapes to your videos instantly.

You can add custom watermarks to on-screen recordings through this tool.

You can adjust the speed of your video according to your will.

You can share the screen recordings directly to YouTube, Google Drive, and other platforms.


The customer service of this tool needs to be more responsive.

Try Wondershare UniConverter for free now!

The best game recording software to capture any games easily.

Part 3. Frequently asked questions about free game recording software

1. What is the best game recording software for free?

UniConverter is the best choice among all other game recording software due to its exclusive and advanced features. Through its "Select an application" feature, you can only screen record the application you have selected. Meanwhile, if you have opened another application, the tool won't show other applications in a screen record. Hence, it makes this tool versatile and an advanced screen recorder.

2. Is OBS good for recording?

OBS works pretty well in screen recording and offers every basic feature. The user interface is easy to utilize and produces good quality results. Although some users think it takes time to set up this tool, overall, it's a free and efficient screen recorder.

3. What do most YouTubers use to record?

As Wondershare UniConverter is gaining popularity, many YouTubers prefer to use this tool as their ultimate screen recorder. You can record, edit, convert and share the screen recordings in the best resolution without facing annoying ads.

4. How do gamers record their gameplay?

UniConverter has also entered the gaming industry, where many gamers like to record their gameplay through it. You can add your audio, voiceovers, and system sound to the screen recordings instantly. It also works amazingly for webcam recordings simply and quickly.

Try Wondershare UniConverter for free now!

The best game recording software to capture any games easily.


Are you interested in recording your gameplays in the high-quality? This article has mentioned free game recording software with its descriptions that will help you to capture screen recording. However, for the best quality outputs, we prefer Wondershare UniConverter as an ultimate free game capture software.

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