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Helpful Advice To Tell You How To Use The Loilo Game Recorder?

Are you planning to establish a new YouTube channel and share your gaming videos online with your fans? Have you opened a new social media profile to become a significant gamer?

If yes, using the Loilo game recorder sounds like the best option as it will help you record the gameplay on the screen and share the same with your friends and followers. With no compromise with the screen resolution, image and audio quality, and gameplay visuals, you can have the best gaming experience and start gaining kore lovers for your new social media gaming channel. The best part of the Loilo app is its interactive user interface and compatibility with most devices.

However, using Loilo is not everyone’s forte, especially if you are an amateur. To master the app’s use, you require a guide which we have explained in the below article.

loilo game recorder

Part 1. Basic specifications and critical functions of Loilo game recorder

Before using the Loilo game recorder, you must understand the essential requirement you must meet mandatorily. Failure to meet these requirements will be a bigger hassle when you start using the app to record the gaming screenplay. So, to help you out, we have shared the basic requirements for using the Loilo app.

  1. Operating system: Windows 7 and Windows 8, both 32-bit and 64-bit
  2. CPU: Intel iCore series and higher
  3. Memory: RAM should be 2 GB
  4. HDD: The device should have at least 5 GB of empty space
  5. Supported games: The Binding of Isaac, GTA I , Diablo 3
Battlefield 4
Call of Duty:Ghosts
League of Legends
Dota 2

World of Warcraft:
Mists of Pandaria

StarCraft II:
Heart of the Swarm

Call of Duty:
Black Ops II

Path of Exile
The Binding of Isaac Diablo3 Heroes of Newerth Battlefield 3

kompatible Games



With the Loilo recorder, you can easily record the gameplays and upload the same in either a downloaded or live broadcasting fashion. It is one of the best software platforms you can use. It comes with a wide range of features that enhance the user experience and take it to a new level. Here are some of its features that you can enjoy without any hurdles.

Features Description
Outstanding resolution One of the best features of the Loilo app is its outstanding resolution. You won't find any blurredness or distortion in the recorded game video.
Minimal loss in performance There will be no loss in the performance of the recorded gameplay video. All the audio and video snippets will be in proper sync.
Easy UI The user interface of the application is relatively easy. Just a little guide, you can quickly master the art of using the recording software and upload the same.
Completely free You don't have to pay any further price to use the application. It is completely free, ensuring seamless use.
clcik game to recorder

Part 2. How to use the Loilo game recorder to record the game?

  1. Launch the Loilo application and click on the Action button from its function panel.
  2. Click on Settings to customize all the options.
  3. A popup dialogue window will open up. Select the Folder option to choose a location where you would like to export the file.
  4. Once done, customize the features like resolution, frame rate, quality, frame display rate, and more. Save and Close it to apply the settings.
click on settings to customize options
  1. Click the Microphone in the Record Your Voice toolbox. Adjust the volume and Close it to apply the same settings in case you want to add comments or instructions.
click on record your voice
  1. Go back to Loilo’s game interface and start playing the game. Hit the red-colored record button from the function panel. Once the recording is complete, export it to your chosen location or share it on any other platform.
go back to loilo's game interface

Part 3. Commonly occurred problems in Loilo game recorder

Although the Loilo screen recorder is one of the best applications with which you can easily record gaming videos and share them with your friends or fans, it is not 100% error-free. Many players have raised concerns about the significant drawbacks of the Loilo recorder, which prevent them from having fun and the best experience.

Some of the common problems you can face while using the Loilo game recorder are:

  1. The supported export format options in Loilo are limited. Therefore, you won’t be able to choose any format and use the same file for editing.
  2. Sometimes, you can also face file size issues where larger files won't be exported to the concerned location you have entered in the settings panel. Due to this, players have to record the entire gaming session in multiple snippets, which can introduce redundancy in the game recording.

Part 4. How to select a suitable game recorder?

As you can often encounter the problem mentioned above in the Loilo game recorder download, finding an alternate option to record the gameplay and share the same with others is necessary There are many alternative options you can find in the market. However, finding the best software is not easy, especially when you have so many things in hand. So, let's find out what aspects a good screen recording software should have.

  1. Synchronism: First, the app should have wonderful synchronism between the recorded video and audio files. There shouldn't be any lead or lag in the video play and your comments or instructions.
  2. Export format: The supported export formats are the following things to consider to find the best screen recording application. It should be able to offer multiple format options so that you don't have to face limitations.
  3. Quality and resolution: The videos recorded should have higher quality and resolution. This way, you won't have to worry about distorted pictures or blurredness throughout the video.
  4. Pricing: Good screen recording software should come with free and premium options. Hence, you can try out the software with the free option, and if the app suits your needs, you can move to the premium plans.

Wondershare UniConverter comes with all these features that you are looking for in the screen recording software. From recording videos and audio with the highest resolution and clarity to preventing leads and lags, the app will help you to enjoy the gaming experience like a pro.

The steps to record gaming screenplay with Wondershare Uniconverter are:

wondershare uniconverter 13

Wondershare UniConverter — All-in-one Video Toolbox for Windows and Mac.

safe mov video converter free download Security Verified. 3,591,664 people have downloaded it.

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  1. Open the Wondershare Uniconverter application and click on the camcorder icon saying Screen Recorder.
open wondershare uniconverter
  1. Launch the game and adjust the frame for recording. You can also set the entire screen as the recording frame or give custom values.
launch the game
  1. Now you need to configure the settings. From system audio to the microphone, webcam, and several other options will be there that you can customize.
configure the settings
customize other options
  1. Go back to the home screen and click the record option from the toolkit. Once the recording is complete, export the file to the desired location.
click on record option


With the Loilo game recorder, you can easily record gaming videos and upload them on social media platforms. In addition, you can also edit the videos and customize the frame rate, resolution, bit rate, and so on. Just download the application and get started with recording the videos.

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