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Wondershare UniConverter
Enriched with 20+ lightweight features, we offer an ultra-high-speed video converter and compressor designed to process 4K/8K/HDR files.
  • Accelerated GPU conversion for high-resolution videos/audios/images.
  • Easier 8K video compression, less quality loss.
  • Empowered with 9 AI features, efficiently processing files.

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13 Best Webcam Recorders for All Platforms

by Christine Smith • 2024-06-18 18:07:27 • Proven solutions

A webcam recorder makes it easy to show your facial expressions while creating interactive videos, be it for gameplays, product reviews, or even educational tutorials. Even though the majority of people use laptops these days that already have an integrated webcam, many times, such computers lack decent software to exploit the webcam video recorder to its maximum.

With that said, here we will be discussing some of the best and most recommended webcam recording software applications for the two major platforms, i.e., Windows and Mac. By the time you are done reading this, you will have a fair idea about which is the best webcam recorder for you as per your requirements and budget.

Part 1. Best Webcam Recorder for Windows and Mac Recommended

Although there are multiple webcam recorders for Mac and Windows, few can match Wondershare UniConverter. With this program, you can capture high-quality videos of yourself using the system’s webcam or a connected device. As expected, it allows users to choose a microphone for recording voice narrations over the webcam video. You can also preset the output format, frame rate, and video resolution. Best of all, users can edit the recorded webcam by trimming, cropping, adding effects, applying subtitles, etc.

Wondershare UniConverter – Best Desktop Webcam Recorder

Wondershare UniConverter - Best Video Converter for Mac/Windows

wondershare UniConverter
  • It is compatible with all webcam types, including the system camera and external cameras.
  • It records high-quality webcams with voice narrations using the inbuilt/external mic.
  • Users can preset the output video resolution, frame rate, and file format.
  • You can preview and edit the recorded webcam by trimming, cropping, compressing, rotating, etc.
  • It can convert the recorded webcam to MP4, MP3, MOV, M4A, VOB, MTS, and other media formats.
  • It’s the best webcam recorder for Mac OS X 10.9+ (Mojave and Catalina included) and Win 10/8/7.
Security Verified. 5,481,347 people have downloaded it.

Apply the following steps to record a webcam using Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1Launch the Webcam Recorder tool.

Install and run Wondershare UniConverter and then click Screen Recorder. Now open the drop-down list at the top-left corner, then choose Webcam Recorder. Your system’s webcam will launch automatically.

Launch the Webcam Recorder tool

Step 2Configure the recording preferences.

Do you want to use the system camera or switch to a connected device? In that case, open the Webcam menu and choose your preferred Facecam. Now proceed to select a mic that you’ll use to capture your voice as you record the webcam.

Configure the recording preferences

It doesn’t end there. Wondershare Webcam Recorder allows you to set an output resolution, frame rate, and format. It enables users to record webcams in AVI or MP4 formats.

Step 3Start recording a webcam video.

Are you ready to start recording yourself? If yes, click the REC button. You’ll have three seconds to prepare yourself before the recording process begins. Finally, click Stop to finish capturing a video of yourself. That should be easy!

Start recording a webcam video

Part 2. Other 6 webcam recorders for Windows

In addition to the most recommended webcam video recording software explained above, a couple of other alternatives for Windows computers are listed below:

1. Windows Camera

Developed by Microsoft Corporation, this webcam recorder can be obtained directly from Microsoft Store and can be installed on Windows 10 computer, Xbox, One, or even on a Windows-based tablet. Windows Camera enables you to pause and resume video recording as per your convenience, and the fragmented footages generated by such action are automatically stitched after the recording is done.


  • It can automatically back up your captured images to OneDrive.
  • It offers a countdown timer before starting with the recording to give you enough time to get into the frame.


  • It can be installed only on the devices with supported hardware.

webcam recorder

2. Active Webcam

Active Webcam can record the footages at the framerate of 30fps from almost any relevant device such as a camcorder, IP camera, web camera, etc. It makes the cam recorder one of the most versatile applications in its category that can even be used for surveillance purposes in both commercial and domestic premises.


  • It can record and broadcast from multiple cameras simultaneously.
  • It uses its HTTP server that enables all the authorized persons to review the footage as needed.


  • The setting up could be challenging for some non-techie users.

webcam recorder

3. Free2X Webcam Recorder

It is a complete recording package that enables you to record the footage from digital video cameras, webcams, etc. The recordings can be saved in MP4, AVI, or WMV formats that can then be imported to any professional post-production application for further editing, fine-tuning, and adding other filters and effects.


  • It is incredibly lightweight and less resource-intensive.
  • It is free to use.


  • It lacks some advanced editing options.

webcam recorder

4. SplitCam

Available for both 64-bit and 32-bit architecture, SplitCam can record videos in up to 4K resolution as long as the hardware supports. The cam video recorder can stream live video recording, thus making the application more robust and useful for almost all kinds of users, irrespective of their profession or interests.


  • It allows splitting so that the webcam can be used with multiple applications simultaneously.
  • It allows you to apply effects to the videos to make them more attractive.


  • It requires specific hardware to be present in your PC to exploit all the features to their full.

webcam recorder

5. Bandicam Webcam Recorder

It can be used for both domestic and professional purposes as it can record footage from video capture cards, USB cameras, camcorders, etc. The recorded clips can be saved as AVI, MP4, etc., and can be compressed with a high compression ratio with the support of h.264 encoder.


  • It allows you to share the recorded videos directly to your YouTube channel.
  • It enables you to capture Xbox One gameplays on your PC.


  • The cam recorder comes with a price tag.

webcam recorder

6. TechSmith Camtasia

One of the most popular screencasting tools across the globe, the latest version, enables you to record webcam footage without recording the screen. The captured clips can then be transferred to Camtasia Studio, the built-in video editor, for further editing, fine-tuning, and adding animations, transition effects, or annotations.


  • It is a full-fledged feature-enriched program to prepare professional, industry-standard videos.
  • It offers advanced video editing tools.


  • It is pretty expensive as compared to other competitors available in the market.

webcam recorder

Part 3. Other 6 webcam recorders for Mac

A few more webcam video recorder applications for people using Mac computers are listed below:

1. Debut Video Recorder

Developed by one of the IT giants, NCH Software, Debut Video Recorder can be considered one of the best webcam video recording software. In addition to recording from the webcam, the application can even capture footages from external devices, record your computer screen, or the streaming videos on your PC. However, before doing so, it is important to make sure that the streaming videos are not protected with DRM policies.


  • It supports almost all major formats like WMV, FLV, MPG, AVI, MP4, MOV, etc.
  • It can be used to record webinars and video conferences.


  • It is a paid application.

webcam recorder

2. Movavi Screen Recorder

A multipurpose capturing application for Mac users, Movavi Screen Recorder can record footage from an integrated or externally connected webcam. It makes the tool an ideal app for recording webinars, conferences, and video calls. The recorded footage can be saved in multiple formats for further fine-tuning, editing, and sharing on your favorite social media platforms.


  • It allows you to record more audio and video streams simultaneously or separately.
  • The webcam video recorder enables you to pick your preferred shortcuts to get complete control over the recording process.


  • The free version of the app adds a watermark to the recorded videos.

webcam recorder

3. OBS Studio

One of the best, free, and opensource screen and webcam recording programs, OBS Studio is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The tool can record webcam and computer screen simultaneously and is therefore used by many professionals to produce industry-standard interactive videos and How-To tutorials for the audience across the globe.


  • It offers advanced editing tools.
  • It allows professional-level mixing.


  • Being opensource, it is prone to frequent crashes.

webcam recorder

4. QuickTime Player

It is the cheapest solution for Mac users as QuickTime Player is installed along with the operating system itself, and is therefore already available in macOS. While the built-in app is generally used to play the media files, it is also capable of recording the computer screen. Besides, if the PC has a front camera, the program works as a perfect cam recorder as well.


  • It doesn’t require any manual installation as QuickTime Player is already installed along with macOS.
  • Being a proprietary of Apple itself, the program tightly integrates with macOS and works flawlessly.


  • It doesn’t offer advanced editing tools.

webcam recorder

5. CamWiz Webcam Recorder

It is another laptop camera recorder to capture footages using the integrated or externally connected camera. The software allows you to select the recording preferences where you can choose the resolution, audio capturing, and much more. ‘Night Vision Mode’ that the software has enables you to record the footage even in dark places.


  • It allows color adjustments at the source itself to make video conferences and calls clearer.
  • It has a record timer that automatically stops the capturing when the threshold is reached.


  • Advanced features are chargeable and must be purchased separately.

webcam recorder

6. ApowerREC

A product by Apowersoft, ApowerREC, is an efficient screen and webcam recorder for Mac computers. Also, the software can record audio from your computer and the integrated or externally connected microphone as well. Post recording, you can easily fine-tune the footages with the built-in video editor, and can even add watermark to them for brand promotions.


  • It allows you to add annotations to the videos to make them more informative.
  • It enables you to highlight the area of interest with the spotlight while recording the computer screen.


  • It is a paid app and comes with a price tag.

webcam recorder

Part 4. Comparison table among these 13 webcam recorders

Below is a comparison table to give you a clear picture of the features and facilities of all the webcam video recording software discussed above:


Supported System

Supported Functions

Technical Support Types

Wondershare UniConverter

Windows, Mac

Webcam/screen/audio recorder, video editor, video compressor, video downloader, dvd burner, etc

24 x 7 Wondershare Technical Support

Windows Camera


Webcam recorder, automatic sync with OneDrive, panorama capturing, video stabilization

24 x 7 Microsoft Tech Support

Active Webcam


Webcam recorder, 30fps recording, simultaneous recording, supports motion detection

Online Tech Support

Free2X Webcam Recorder


Webcam recorder, audio recorder, external device recording

Via Email



Webcam recorder, live streaming, splitting (multi-app recording), audio mixing

Only Via Tech Support Forum

Bandicam Webcam Recorder


webcam recorder, screen recording, game recording, streaming video recording

Via Email and Tech Forum

TechSmith Camtasia

Windows, Mac

Webcam recorder, stream recording, audio recorder, video editor, multi-format support

Support via Ticket Generation (Eastern Time Zone)

Debut Video Recorder

Windows, Mac

Webcam recorder, screen recording,VHS recording, audio recording, color adjustment at source

Via Contact Us Page

Movavi Screen Recorder

Windows, Mac

Webcam Recording, screen recording, scheduling, mouse effects, personalized shortcuts

Via Request Submission Page

OBS Studio

Windows, Mac, Linux

Webcam recorder, screen recording, audio recording, video editor

Via Community Chat and Forum

QuickTime Player


Webcam recorder, screen recording, iOS device screen mirroring

Via 24 x 7 Apple Tech Support

CamWiz Webcam Recorder


Webcam recorder, audio recording, auto-stop scheduling, night vision mode

Via Contact Us Page and Direct Email


Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Webcam recorder, screen recording, audio recording, video editor

Via Tech Forum and Ticket Generation


A webcam recorder can come in handy when you want to show your facial expressions to exaggerate your tone when preparing interactive tutorials, videos, gameplays, or reviews. While several free and paid apps can get the job done, Wondershare UniConverter takes the most robust approach by offering advanced editing tools that can be used to fine-tune the recorded footage to give them a professional look.

* Some of the above codec formats may need to be supported by system.
Christine Smith

Christine Smith

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