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How to Make Video Lectures with Ease [Record, Edit & Share]

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:28:52 • Proven solutions

How to make video lectures on laptop? I am an art teacher and do not know my way around computers or software. I am supposed to record video lectures on PowerPoint for my students and not know how to record them. What is the easiest method to record, edit, and share lectures?”

Due to the Pandemic, several professionals, such as teachers, are required to perform their job in an unorthodox manner. Instructors or lecturers now have to either deliver live online lectures or record them for their students. People with no technical skill may find it a bit challenging to complete such a task. However, they can follow this article and learn how to create video lectures using the best recording software.

Part 1. How to Make a Video Lecture Using PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint offers its users to make their presentations or lectures into videos. The process listed below is incredibly straightforward:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and click on the File tab from the toolbar.
  2. Select Save & Send from the menu on the left, and click on Create a Video option.
  3. Under the Don’t Use Recorded Timings and Narrations tab, select Record Timings and Narrations.
  4. Click on Start Recording, which will begin the lecture capturing process.
  5. Now, press the File option again, and select Save & Send.
  6. Click on Create a Video, and save the file.
  7. Share the recorded video lecture on the relevant platform.

Part 2. The Best Way to Screen Record Powerpoint on Windows/Mac

The technique where you use Microsoft PowerPoint to record lectures doesn’t offer much creative freedom. Moreover, there are reports of the method being ineffective on macOS. Under such a scenario, it is wise to use a dedicated screen recording software for Windows and Mac, such as Wondershare UniConverter, to record and share video lectures.

The tool offers you room to capture PowerPoint presentations with high-quality resolution and edit them as well. Moreover, you can add yourself to the lecture using its Webcam Recorder function to efficiently deliver the course.

You can follow the list below to check some other relevant features of the UniConverter:

  • You can record lectures, games, and movies on full screen.
  • It also enables you to customize which part of the system’s display you wish to record without quality loss.
  • The software lets you manage the aspect ratio before starting the recording.

Step 1Open the UniConverter Screen Recorder

Once you install the software, launch it on your Windows or Mac desktop. Next, click on Screen Recorder and press the Camera tab on the top-left corner. From the list, select Screen Recorder again.

Open the UniConverter Screen Recorder

Step 2Change the Recording Settings

A toolbar will pop up when you complete Step 1. From there, adjust the Aspect Ratio, Frame Rate, Quality, Format, and Sound Settings. Enable the Timer as well.

Change the Recording Settings

Step 3Record and Save the Lecture

Press REC to initiate the lecture recording process. Once you complete delivering the course, click on Stop to end the recording. Hit Open to access the recording, which you can share to any platform you intend.

Record and Save the Lecture

Part 3. How to Make Video Lectures Online?

If there is some issue with installing software on your computer and you wish to record video lectures using an online tool, we recommend using Panopto. The service is accessible on all modern browsers and devices. Moreover, it has a screen sharing function that makes lecture delivery much more manageable.

Follow the steps and learn how to make online video lectures:

  1. Open Panopto and access the screen recorder utility.
  2. Click on Screen and Apps option to select which screen you wish to share.
  3. Enable the Audio and click on the Record button.
  4. Stop the online lecture once you conclude delivering it.

Follow the steps and learn how to make online video lectures

Part 4. Tips for Making Video Lectures

In this section, we will share some tips and tricks related to creating efficient video lectures for students.

The guidelines are as follows:

  1. Students do not respond to long lectures as they may find them boring. It would help if you kept the lessons short and engaging. Anything between 7 to 10 minutes would be rewarding.
  2. Practically demonstrating the lecture would make it easier for students to understand it and apply it to their homework.
  3. Use animations or similar effects to grasp the attention of the students fully. The younger audience might not respond well to non-visual presentations.
  4. Use suitable equipment for the video lectures. Your microphone and camera must be of the highest quality. Moreover, there should not be distortions within the class. We recommend editing the recording before delivering it to the students.
  5. Interact with the students by asking questions and see how attentive your students are during the lecture.


Delivering online lectures isn’t as complicated as they seem to be. However, it could be a bit overwhelming for users with minimal technical know-how. They only have to follow this post to become an expert in recording and delivering video lectures.

Here, we have discussed the technique to conduct video classes using both online and offline platforms. It is entirely up to you which service you think best serves your needs. However, if you wish to have more creative freedom and room to edit recorded videos, then the UniConverter is an excellent choice.

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