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Top Harvard University online courses for free

Online courses feel like a sigh of relief as they are flexible and easily accessible. They can be studied by the comforts of a room, a library, and even a coffee house. Harvard University free online courses are popular around the world as they offer the best programs. The courses cover every subject area while bringing diverse courses to the youth and professionals. The article introduces the ten best free Harvard University online courses for you to have a try.

Part 1. 10 best Harvard University free online courses

Taking Harvard University online courses feels like a dream come true as this university is pretty much on the bucket list of most students. The section offers a reflection on ten of these courses and what it provides to the students. Let us start this.

  1. CS50's introduction to computer science
  2. Shakespeare's life and work
  3. Predictionx: john snow and the cholera epidemic of 1854
  4. Salary negotiation techniques
  5. Early childhood development: global strategies for interventions
  6. Principles of biochemistry
  7. Fat chance: probability from the ground up
  8. CS50 for lawyers
  9. Causal diagrams: draw your assumptions before your conclusions
  10. Systematic approaches to policy design

1. CS50's introduction to computer science

harvard university free online courses

If you are a programming fanatic, Introduction to Computer Science would be the right course for you. With a time commitment of 10-20 hours per week, this Harvard University free online course introduces the science and art of programming. The course covers abstraction, data structures, web development resource management, software engineering, and languages. Furthermore, the languages include C, Python, C++, JavaScript, HTML, etc. The enrollment begins on October 20, 2021.

2. Shakespeare's life and work

harvard university online courses

From the subject line of Humanities, the course Shakespeare's Life of Work has to be your choice if you are into literature. With four weeks‘ duration and 5-7 hours per week commitment, the course is about the cultural significance of Shakespeare's plays and performance. The students can learn about authorial intention, historical context, and relevance of the author with the present work. An idea would be offered to the students to read Shakespeare's plays and analyze them through this biography.

3. Predictionx: john snow and the cholera epidemic of 1854

free harvard university online courses

Harvard University online courses offer "PredictionX: John Snow and the Cholera Epidemic of 1854" from the subject area of "Health and Medicine." The course would be in English, which shall be covered in a span of one week with 3-5 hours of dedicated work across the course. It is an engaging course that helps students learn the role of John Snow in modern epidemiology. Being a subject of history and medicine simultaneously, the course shall guide students into understanding modern concepts with the help of past occurrences.

4. Salary negotiation techniques

harvard free online video lectures

Offered by Harvard Business School Online from the subject line of "Business," allow me to introduce you "Salary Negotiation Techniques," taught by Mike Wheeler of Negotiation Mastery. The course is for students who want to learn about career development, communication skills, self-improvement, and professional grooming. The people who are inclined to start and excel in their own business can use this 15 minutes Harvard free online video lecture. The course reflects upon the story of Derek Sanderson and how he became the highest-paid professional athlete in 1972.

5. Early childhood development: global strategies for interventions

top harvard online courses

Coming from the subject line of "Education and Training," this online course would be extremely workable for people who aim to develop childhood support strategies and bring change. This course is all about a comprehensive exploration of best practices for understanding the dynamics involved in early childhood development. Being a 7-week course, it offers a deep insight into understanding the need for effective intervention for early childhood development. People who wish to make an impactful study on this topic are most likely to enroll in this Harvard free online course.

6. Principles of biochemistry

top harvard university courses

Offering 15 weeks long Harvard free online video lecture, "Principles of Biochemistry" is presented by "Science." Students and doctors with queer love of protein structures, enzymes, cellular metabolism, and macromolecules are more likely to enroll in this course. This course is about introducing macromolecules, protein functions, enzyme kinetics, and characterization of metabolic pathways. The learners would understand how to develop problem-solving and analytical skills when it comes to science.

7. Fat chance: probability from the ground up

online courses for free

The subject case "Mathematics" offers this Harvard University free online course. The mathematicians who always tend to play with numbers can enroll in the study. It is a seven-week-long course. The students can enhance their quantitative reasoning skills by going through probability and statistics. The course has been designed for learners who are new to probability and who need to solve problems based on that. Additionally, one would understand how statistics have been abused.

8. CS50 for lawyers

university online courses

The following Harvard University online course has its foundation from "Computer Science." With the duration of 10 weeks, CS50 for Lawyers allows the students to learn challenges faced at the intersection of law and technology. While presenting significant knowledge on Cryptography, algorithms, data structures, and computational thinking, the course is designed for lawyers. The law students will learn about informed legal arguments and know when they can mine data to answer themselves.

9. Causal diagrams: draw your assumptions before your conclusions

free harvard university courses

Causal Diagrams: Draw Your Assumptions Before Your Conclusions is yet another Harvard University free online course from the subject section of "Data Science." As a nine-week-long course, people with an intense love for research should go for it. The students would learn how to use causal diagrams in identifying the common biases. The causal diagrams can be used to guide the data analysis. The course is about data visualization, data analysis, mathematics, statistics, and causal inference.

10. Systematic approaches to policy design

harvard university online course

Governing the topics of "Social Sciences" to be exact, the next Harvard online course is Systematic Approaches to Policy Design. Decision-making is an important part of a person‘s life, with students being one of the most crucial beings in the system. This course provides the students with access to a greater amount of data and evidence to help in their decision-making. The course is designed and is made available in June 2020 for free. With no specific timeline for completing the course, understanding the analytical factors behind decision-making is highly simple and intuitive.

Explore more free online university courses.

Part 2. How to save Harvard University online courses without quality loss?

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Download Harvard university online courses with URL:

Step 1  Launch UniConverter Downloader and copy the URL.

Download Wondershare UniConverter and launch it as soon as the process concludes. Copy the URL of the free online course video and navigate to the Downloader tap.

uniconverter downlaoder

Step 2 Paste the URL.

Set the downloaded video format and resolution before pasting the URL of your online course at the interface that appears.

online courses downloader

Step 3 Save the video.

After settings are set, hit the Download icon. The video would be automatically saved to your system in seconds.

downlaod harvard course

Record Harvard university online courses in high quality:

Step 1: Launching the Screen Recorder.

Open Wondershare UniConverter and launch Screen Recorder. Click on Screen Recorder optionor icon afterward.

record harvard online courses

Step 2: Adjust the settings and starting the recording.

Customize the capture area and the video quality of the online course by clicking the Setting icon. Initiate the recording by clicking the REC tab, and the software will successfully start to record the online course.

record harvard course

Step 3: Preview and save.

As soon as you stop the recording, the video will be previewed on your screen. Test check and have it downloaded into your system.

savr harvard university online courses

Part 3. Frequently asked questions about Harvard University free online courses

1. Does Harvard do free online courses?

Yes, Harvard offers free online courses for everyone globally. The different subject line includes Education and Training, Mathematics, Computer Science, Data Science, Humanities, Health and Medicine, Programming, Business, and Social Science.

2. Can I get a Harvard degree online?

No, you cannot get an online degree from Harvard. However, one can try to study the mix of online and in-person educational classes to get the degree. Additionally, the student can earn professional certificates in various learning programs. It means that one can add "Harvard" in their CV without setting foot on campus.

3. Are free Harvard courses worth it?

According to a survey performed, one-third of respondents stated that they could transition into a new field through online courses. More than half said that it enhanced their scope of work, and one in four respondents received a promotion of a title change.

4. How much is an online degree from Harvard?

New England Commission of Higher Education accredits Harvard University, and it offers 414 major programs for degree-granting and other certifications. The online courses present 36 effective programs and post-graduate certificates simultaneously. The tuition fees is $53,968 for undergraduate programs and $50,654 for graduate programs in 2021.

Closing words

Students and other creative professionals prefer to have their graduate and undergraduate degrees from the most acknowledged university in the world. Owning to the pandemic, Harvard University offers multiple online courses.

The article discussed the top ten Harvard University free online courses. The students can enroll in their favorite subject line and program to get the most knowledge possible.

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