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Best teaching methods and strategies that teachers must know

The innovative teaching methods and creative teaching approaches help communicate better and enhance the student's learning multifold. The traditional teaching methodology has gone obsolete now owing to the workable educational benefits of interactive learning. The article reflects upon ten unique teaching techniques that go a long way. So, let us start this!

Part 1. Popular teaching methodology you should know

There are different teaching methods and strategies to engage the students and keep them in the loop. The section shall define eight teaching methodologies briefly.

teaching methods

1. Direct instruction.

The Direct Instruction method is explicit teaching in which the teacher delivers the lecture. The guided instruction and demonstration help the student understand the topic area. The technique is primarily strict as it follows a lesson plan with a negligible window of variation.

As a strict plan, direct instruction is open primarily to critique because the limited active learning workshops reduce the student's interaction. There is little room for personalization and adaptability.

2. Flipped classrooms.

The Flipped Classroom is another teaching technique in which the teachers introduce the content at home and make the students practice working through it at school. It is blended learning that aims to enhance the student's engagement in class multifold.

Most importantly, this teaching approach helps the students to learn at their own pace. It gives the instructor enough time to put effort into individual learners rather than the whole class at once.

3. Kinesthetic learning.

The following teaching method and strategy is Kinesthetic Learning. The method helps the student learn through activities instead of listening to a lecture-physical activity aids in absorbing information through motion, movement, and touch.

Kinesthetic learning is a way to obtain information through real-life concrete examples and get into the field to understand them. This type of learning is also known as the tactile learning style.

4. Personalized learning.

Personalized Learning understands the need of individual learners and customizes the education accordingly. This teaching methodology tailors the learning material by reviewing students' strengths, skills, and interests as an educational approach.

Personalized learning increases productivity and targets the area that needs more focus. The approach can be handled by setting learning plans, encouraging self-assessment, and using project-based learning results.

5. Differentiated instruction.

Another teaching approach is Differentiated Instruction which is a framework that provides compelling learning scenarios. It is also known as Differentiated Instruction and Assessment and lets the students learn through various avenues.

The method considers children's learning ability by providing unique teaching materials, assessment measures, and interactive sessions. Differentiated instruction responds to student variety in readiness levels, learning profiles, and interests.

6. Expeditionary learning.

Expeditionary Learning is an excellent teaching method and strategy. It means that it puts full responsibility on the student as it works on the philosophy of "Learning by Doing." The method excites the students about learning and the flow of education they are in.

Expeditionary Learning creates a classroom where teachers have a good chance of fulfilling their aspirations and students can achieve more than their expectations. The learning is connected to real-world issues to enhance practical knowledge.

7. Game-based learning.

Game-based Learning incorporates the usage of game characteristics and principles to create a better learning environment. The gaming principles are embedded in the learning activities to promote critical thinking and enhance problem-solving skills.

It is a teaching method where games are played to teach through repetition, failure, and accomplishment of goals. It is a dynamic way to engage the learners from a gaming context designed by teachers.

8. Inquiry-based learning.

Inquiry-based learning is a critical teaching methodology. Here, active learning is ensured by asking questions, handling problems and different scenarios.

Inquiry-based Learning helps in enhancing the comprehensive levels instead of making students memorize facts and notes. The discussion with peers and teachers open the children's mind and enhances mental growth.

Part 2. 10 creative teaching approaches for teachers nowadays

The educational sector and teachers have shifted their focus to some other creative teaching approaches. The techniques implemented by the educators are non-traditional, and the usage of the above methods has become almost obsolete. Let us have a look at ten teaching methods and strategies in detail.


teaching methodology

Brainstorming is a workable teaching approach that generates ideas and shares knowledge to solve a problem. It is primarily a group technique in which efforts are made to conclude. The method helps think more openly without any fear of judgment. An extensive range of ideas are produced, which can be merged to create a revolution.

Case studies

teaching approach

The case studies are developed to be used to discuss and analyze the problem at hand. It is an instructional method that refers to scenarios based on different situations, and students are expected to observe, implement, conclude, summarize, and recommend solutions. It plays a crucial role in enhancing the student's ability to think critically and analytically.

Classroom video diary

teaching techniques

The usage of classroom video diary turns out to be a more creative way than written diary when it comes to workable teaching techniques. According to a study, the classroom video diary gives the richness of emotions, faster compilation, authenticity and acts as an excellent alternative to written diaries. The students get used to hearing them on camera that boosts confidence in them.

Educational games

teaching methods and strategies

The educational games are yet another innovative teaching method and strategy to engage the students. Teachers designed the different games to help students use their leadership, teamwork, and analytical ability to win. The educational games teach the children about loss and open their minds to different life realities.


best teaching methods

Flashcards are considered to be an excellent way to memorize things and ace the test. They are small note cards used to test and improve memory through practiced information retrieval. There are two sides to flashcards. One side has the query, while the other has the solution. Essentially, it contains quiz questions, procedures, concepts, or vocabulary.


best teaching strategies

Another creative teaching method on the list is role-playing. It permits the students to explore unique and realistic solutions by interacting with different people and reversing their roles. The students are given roles and expected to act as they would in a given scenario. The role-playing can be performed in groups, pairs, students, and the whole classroom.

Student presentations

teaching methods and strategies

The student presentations work as an excellent idea for an exceptional teaching session. The students are expected to create presentations about specific topics and share them with the classroom. The practice helps the students use interactive and engaging videos to self-learn and insert in the presentation to teach it to the other students. The presentations are always an excellent way to have more information about a topic in less time. Tips on creating a catchy presentation to engage your audience.

Video creation

creative teaching methods and strategies

Watching videos and pictures is a more efficient way of sending the message across than reading books. The teachers can use multiple video ideas to make engaging and unique content. You can incorporate effects, transitions, animations, texts, and annotations to create an impression.

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Video lessons

creative teaching strategies

The video lessons are a fantastic teaching technique. It covers the educational material and shows it in the most distinctive way possible. It includes several photographs, a person talking in the camera, many questions about their concepts, charts, and text research response. Essentially, several effects are used to keep the student's attention where it is due. Helpful tips to design an effective online course.

DIY activities

best teaching methods

Developing confidence and strength in the students, Do It Yourself activities work effortlessly. The students are asked to perform certain safe activities at home, which helps them stay in contact with their learning. Teaching practical skills to the students is a part of education, and DIY activities handle it like a pro.

Final thoughts

The traditional teaching methodology and strategies have gone dead now. The educational sector practices creative and innovative teaching approaches to engage the students and prepare them for both theoretical and practical worlds. The article discussed ten teaching techniques in detail and introduced UniConverter for impeccable video creation.

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