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The best 10 study planner apps for students

Learning is not only a challenging undertaking for many students; it is also afflicted by procrastination, external interference, and a lack of free time. These will have a detrimental impact on performance and add unneeded stress and anxiety to the situation. Making a study plan is a good approach to managing your time. Study to plan ahead of time, set aside the essential learning time, and use this time properly can help lessen the stress of learning. If you feel like you're drowning in a sea of tasks, you need to organize your life. These are some of the best study planner app for helping you set study time and reminding you of upcoming exams, so you don't forget.

Part 1. 10 best study planner apps for students

1. myHomework Student Planner

Free with ads, $4.99 Per Year iOS, Android, Mac App Store, Windows Store Android: 4.0, iOS: 4.5
study planner app

The myHomework Student Planner app is a simple way to keep track of your learning progress. To begin, add your class schedule and any upcoming assignments. MyHomework Student Planner will then build a color-coded curriculum as well as a calendar to help you arrange your forthcoming courses, lessons, and tests. It will also generate a clear assignment list, which will help you recall critical deadlines.

2. Chipper

Free, available for in-app purchase iOS & Android Android: 3.4, iOS: 4.7
best study planner app

Chipper study planner app can help you improve your time management abilities significantly. This study plan app includes a number of tools designed specifically for students. Simply enter all of the courses you are currently taking and organize them in the built-in timetable by time and date. Chipper also lets you schedule assessments, assignments, due dates, essays, labs, and quizzes to assist you in learning the subject. When you finish the task, the app will provide you with "revenue" in fictitious dollars. In reality, you will not receive any of this income, but it will serve as a good motivator to keep you continuing.

3. My Study Life - School Planner

Free iPhone, Android, Windows Android: 4.3, iOS: 4.7
study planner app for students

My Study Life brings all areas of your academic life together - review homework that should be overdue and classes that conflict with your exams, and even add revision assignments for a specific exam - all it's free, easy to use app. Unlike the standard calendar, My Study Life is optimized from the outset for school life, supporting weekly and daily rotations. Add your classes and view them in a beautiful, easily recognizable, familiar form of the week. With My Study Life, you can easily add tasks, courses and exams to the student's weekly timetable template. When adding courses, you can enter detailed information about these courses, such as room number, module, time, and even the teacher.

4. Todait

Free iOS & Android Android: 4.0, iOS: 4.5
study planner software

This basic to-do list application allows you to schedule specific tasks based on conditions like the number of particular problems to complete, the number of pages to read, or the terms to recall. Todait provides the ability to set a timer for a study course or any other project you are working on. It will notify you how much time you spent learning and the percentage of tasks completed when you add tasks and begin doing them. Todait collects information on all learning courses and displays them in informative graphs to provide a more comprehensive view of your performance. This can motivate you to greater success.

5. Egenda

Free iOS & Android Android: 4.4, iOS: 4.7
study planner app tool

Create easy-to-read timetables for your homework, projects, quizzes, and tests using Egenda. When you write homework in a physical agenda book, you may find that you can't read your handwriting or that you accidentally cover up vital assignments. By color coding and structuring chores, Egenda assists you in avoiding all of these situations. Simply enter the semester's classes, assignments, and deadlines. Egenda will alert you when the assignment is due and remind you of the upcoming due date.

6. remember the milk

Free iOS & Android Android: 4.6, iOS: 4.7
study planner

RTM is a free cloud-based program that allows you to transfer your thoughts from your head to the app swiftly. This eliminates the need always to recall what you need to do; the software will do it for you. Furthermore, RTM allows you to schedule a task as a one-time or recurring action. You can also assign different priority levels to each job and add subtasks to each task category you create. RTM connects with other programs such as your email, Twitter, and calendar app. The most recent improvements feature Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa integration.

7. Easy Study

Free iOS & Android Android: 4.3, iOS: 4.7
learning planner app

Easy Study app created specifically for schoolchildren and students. With it, you can schedule couples, set yourself tasks and reminders. Easy Study app is completely free and available on iOS, Android, and browsers: plan a week from your laptop and check the schedule from your phone, including offline. For the student, Easy Study can completely replace the paper planner.

8. Microsoft To Do

Free iOS, Android & Windows Android: 4.6, iOS: 4.7
best study planner

Microsoft To Do is a personal task management app that empowers users to track and focus on what they need to do. To-Do has added several new features: a personalized task planner, color-coded lists, and suggestions to help you plan your time more efficiently. To-Do helps to work, study and do the housework. You can keep track of deadlines by adding reminders, due dates and notes, and personalize each list with colorful themes.

9. iStudiez

Free iOS, Android, Windows, macOS Android: 4.6, iOS: 4.3
study planner for students

Another application aimed at schoolchildren and students. Like many apps, it will show the schedule of couples and workshops, reminding you of the upcoming test. But besides that, iStudiez can track grades and record teachers' contacts - there are no such convenient functions in other applications from this list.

10. Calendly

Basic: Free, Essentials: $8 /month, Professional: $12 /month, Teams: $16/month iOS, Android, Windows, macOS Android: 3.7, iOS: 4.0
top study planner app

Calendly is a simple scheduling application that takes the effort out of interacting with others, allowing you to focus on more important activities. Calendly provides users with an engaging scheduling process. Calendly integrates with Office 365, Google, Outlook, and third-party programs such as Zapier, Salesforce, and Stripe. Calendly is a tool that students and professionals use to organize events, set meeting parameters, regulations, and assign assignments. Furthermore, the scheduling tool guarantees that no event is scheduled twice and sends out notifications and reminders to keep people on track.

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Part 2. FAQs about study planner app

Q1. What is a study planner?

The Study Planner app helps to organize students' everyday studying tasks. Both students of schools and universities can benefit from a study planner app. It allows them to save the dates of their examinations as a reminder so that they would not fall short of studying ahead of time. When using a study planner app, students can add tasks like homework and projects to their to-do list and then cross them off when they are completed.

Q2. Which is the best study planner app?

Different study planner apps have various features. So, naming one app as the best study planner app is tough. However, you can try the apps Calendly, Chipper, and Todait. These apps can give you numerous functions that you require as a student.

Q3. How do I create a study plan?

Make a schedule of well-balanced activities. Make time to relax, eat, sleep, socialize, and work on other course subjects. Giving yourself planned breaks will increase the effectiveness of your study time, and you will learn best if your basic needs - good diet, sleep, and exercise - are fulfilled.

Q4. Which app is best for online study?

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are no longer merely for entertainment; they are also becoming effective learning tools. they are becoming effective learning tools as well. Mobile apps have transformed cell phones into virtual classrooms where students of all ages, locations, and skill levels may complete curricular exercises with ease and concentration.

Some of the best online learning apps, both easy and engaging, are:

  • Google Classroom
  • Zoom
  • Blackboard


For the modern student, the smartphone is a way to kill time for a couple and an effective tool for study. The study planner app for students helps you write down all the important things and eliminate the need to remember everything. If you learn time management during your student years, it will be much easier to do business in your future job.

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