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Top 10 educational websites for students and teachers

According to the research, 63% of students pass online courses and get good grades. The educational websites offer interactive learning and are cost-efficient for students. The content is regularly updated, and it helps the teachers as well to send the message across. This article introduces ten free educational websites for both students and teachers. They are top educational websitesso, let us commence this!

Part 1. 10 best free educational websites

The market teams up with online education websites that make the process effortless for both teachers and students. The section introduces ten top educational websites with their features. So, let us have a look!

  1. edX
  2. Coursera
  3. Fun Brain
  4. Khan Academy
  5. WolframAlpha
  6. Sesame Street
  7. Education Possible
  8. Scholastic Teachables
  9. ReadWriteThink
  10. Book Wizard

1. edX - Best online courses websites

top educational websites

edX is an educational website that offers different courses for learners globally. With 3000+ courses, every subject area is covered by edX extensively. Following are some features associated with this online education website.

  • edX offers graduate, undergraduate, and master's programs.
  • The X-Series courses bring an in-depth understanding of the subject line.
  • The courses cover Architecture, Art and Culture, Biology and Life Sciences, History, Health and Safety.
  • There is an extensive range of languages offered by edX for students and teachers.
  • edX comes up with Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

2. Coursera - Best online courses resources

educational websites

Coursera is yet another top educational website helping students and teachers be at the top of their game. This educational website presents multiple features.

  • The students can build their careers and pave new pathways for their profession.
  • The subjects are highly in demand which favors the student career.
  • The learner outcomes from Coursera is 87% as it gives the anticipated promotion and raises salary.
  • The subject area helps build good skills in students and teachers.
  • One can join Coursera for free.

3. Fun Brain - Best educational games for students

free educational websites

Another best educational website for students is Fun Brain. It has been designed solely for kids and teens. The features include:

  • Fun Brain offers interactive games that help the children work on their mental growth.
  • There are reading options on this online education website for kids.
  • The website lets the parent browse based on student grades.
  • The search can be conducted to look for suitable games, books, videos, and subjects.
  • The "Math Zone" enhances the kid's grip on mathematics.

4. Khan Academy - For high school students

best educational websites

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that teaches high school students and acts as a free educational website effortlessly. The key features are as follows:

  • Khan Academy offers personalized learning, keeping in view the student's pace.
  • The content is trusted as created by experts.
  • 90% of the US teachers use Khan Academy for their lectures.
  • It offers Mathematics, Science, Arts and Humanities, Reading and Arts, and Life Skills.
  • Khan Academy has organized the syllabus and lectures based on different grades.

5. WolframAlpha - For college students

online education websites

WolframAlpha uses the Al technology to provide the students with education while favoring the teachers as well. The key traits include:

  • WolframAlpha is faster than a tutor and more reliable than copying friends.
  • The online education website offers output on Mathematics, Science, Technology, Society, Culture, and Personal Health.
  • The computational intelligence covers math input, natural languages, examples, and you can upload the problem.
  • The educational resources presented by this website works in the long term and are easily accessible.
  • The tool helps compute answers and provides knowledge helping students and teachers excessively.

6. Sesame Street - For elementary students

top educational websites

The next on the list is Sesame Street which is popular among elementary students. The free educational website offers games, videos, and Muppets for kids. Let us have a look at the features.

  • The games offered by Sesame Street enhance the child's interaction with the environment.
  • The "Art Section" plays a vital role in improving the kid's creativity.
  • The grownups can also access the tool for better learning opportunities.
  • The learning section reflects upon dance, visual arts, music, and movement.
  • It is a free signup process.

7. Education Possible - For middle school students

top educational websites for students and teachers

Enjoying the middle school years at home, Education Possible has brought ease to students as well as teachers. The features are as below.

  • This top educational website offers books about progressive women highly suitable for middle schoolers.
  • It offers weather and climate-based activities to enhance the student's interest in geography and science.
  • Education Possible comes up with personalized homeschooling help.
  • The subject area covers Science, Mathematics, Science, History, and Life Skills.
  • Joining the community is easy and flawless.

8. Scholastic Teachables- Best for teaching resource

best free educational websites

Scholastic Teachables is the top educational website that engages students by offering an interactive session. The attributes are as under:

  • Scholastic Teachables comes up with more than 2000 mini books from the library.
  • The free trial is of 30 days which can be ended as soon as you wish to.
  • There are ready-made collections to accommodate learning requirements.
  • The file cabinet helps access the saved resources from any device.
  • The topic includes foreign languages, Arts, Science, Health, Safety, and Writing.

9. ReadWriteThink - Best for teachers to engage students

free educational website you must know

In the ocean of online education websites, ReadWriteThink pretty much takes the lead. The features offered by the tool include:

  • There are collections of educational resources that comprise lesson plans, teaching materials, and professional sources.
  • The RWT literacy calendar offers important events of history.
  • One can explore the resources based on grade.
  • The students and teachers can use the search bar to look for needed material.
  • The teaching sessions can be energized with publications, training, and networking.

10. Book Wizard - Best for leveling books

top educational sites

Book Wizard helps explore new books and find out relevant content in the market. It offers a leveling chart as well. The primary characteristics are as given:

  • The themes include Language Arts, Fiction, Classic, and Fantasy.
  • The category for educational material covers classroom books, materials, interactive whiteboards, and digital audio.
  • Digital books are highly functional and workable for people of different age groups.
  • The search helps look based on author, keyword, or ISBN.
  • The chart aids students and teachers to shop by Guided Learning.

Part 2. Bonus tip: Save online educational videos easily

Wondershare UniConverter takes complete responsibility to cater to your everyday media problems. It does so by offering a video toolbox that has all the operations under one platform. UniConverter allows you to download online videos from more than 10,000 sites and platforms and record online courses in high quality. Follow the steps to learn how to save online video lectures:

Step 1 Launch UniConverter Downloader.

Copy the URL for any video of an educational course. And then launch Wondershare UniConverter to choose the Downloader tab from the left panel.

Launch UniConverter Downloader

Step 2 Pasting the course URL.

Tap on the URL (+) icon located on the top left side of the interface and paste the URL. Pick out the quality and format of the video.

Pasting the course URL

Step 3 Saving process.

Preview the video in the Finished tab and access the downloaded video in your system by clicking on Folder icon.

Saving process
wondershare uniconverter 13

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Final remarks

Everyone should have access to education. The free educational websites provide education to all. The article introduced ten top educational websites and how they help bring productivity for students and teachers. Wondershare UniConverter was also part of this write-up.

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