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Best 15 education software online and offline

The field of education is no stranger to technology. With revolutionary tech spicing up the world now and then, learning has been made quite easy and fun. To make teaching more effective and accessible, most educational institutions around the globe have acquired different educational software. The prime purpose of such software is to enhance the learning experience for both instructors and students. Discover some top-notch software for schools and colleges, whether you are an educator or a student, and use these educational software solutions to step up your learning game.

Part 1. 10 best educational platforms for learning

Looking for the best educational platforms to quench your thirst for knowledge? Here is a list of the top 10 best educational software well-suited for both learning and teaching.

  1. eduWare
  2. Google Classroom
  3. Edmodo
  4. TED-Ed
  5. TalentLMS
  6. Canvas LMS
  7. Schoology
  8. Projeqt
  9. ClassDojo
  10. Quizlet

1. eduWare

best educational software

eduWare is primarily a school management software best suited for instructors or administrators. It is a unique software that has made mundane school-related tasks such as marking attendance, fee collection, or constructing timetables much easy. It can also help to regulate employees' status, exam management, and e-mail or SMS alerts.

2. Google Classroom

online education software

Powered by Google Apps, Google Classroom is free education software primarily meant for teachers and designed to create an efficient virtual classroom effectively. Google's online education software provides a platform where instructors can easily create and manage their classes and effectively communicate with the students. The online teaching software features an easy-to-use interface and can be accessed on any device. You can assign tasks or quizzes, share lecture materials, and keep track of the students' progress with remarkable ease.

3. Edmodo

free educational software

Edmodo is one of the world's leading educational software for schools, which works well with teachers, students, administrators, and parents alike. The program is well-suited to keep its users in touch with the learning process. Edmodo assists users in creating a resourceful environment for fun learning and also provides a useful communication network. Alongside these resourceful tools and features, the tool also allows room for customization so users can adjust the software to meet their requirements.

4. TED-Ed

education software for pc

TED-Ed is a unique and innovative platform for curious learners worldwide who can meet their educational needs on the website. Besides students, TED-Ed also provides teachers extensive support, with a global network of over 650,000 active instructors. It is free educational software that offers its services across the web. For students, TED-Ed has an ever-growing library of animated videos filled with intriguing educational content provided by experts around the globe. It also helps teachers create their lessons related to topics ranging from history to media and from science to journalism.

5. TalentLMS

software for schools

TalentLMS is yet another educational platform that provides state-of-the-art facilities. The software is built best for training individuals for a smarter organization. Users can enhance their management and training skills with TalentLMS. Above all, the software can be personalized to match your specific needs.

6. Canvas LMS

educational software for schools

Canvas LMS is an online learning platform that is aimed to make learning and teaching fun for everyone. It is not merely a learning software for schools but also works for higher education institutes and business organizations too. Canvas provides dynamic and engaging learning experiences with flexible paths to strengthen the educational abilities of learners.

7. Schoology

schoology best educational software

Simple and elegant education software for PC that provides effective learning solutions is Schoology. The app works brilliantly to bring students, teachers, administrators, and parents together on a single engaging platform. Schoology offers excellent integration of all the various classroom needs onto a single platform.

8. Projeqt

projeqt online education software

Projeqt is a youth and education initiative specifically designed to help your presentations shine. Despite being a student or a teacher, Projeqt's free educational software can help you create dynamic, engaging, and interactive slides. You can create and share your presentations on Projeqt from anywhere. The software also allows to review and give feedback on other presentations or track student progress with it.

9. ClassDojo

classdojo educational software

ClassDojo is another reputable software that works primarily as a classroom management platform. The software focuses on positive interactions between students, parents, and teachers. It is an excellent initiative to follow the activities and performance of a student. ClassDojo helps monitor your students' participation and work and provides them with effective feedback.

10. Quizlet

quizlet online education software

Quizlet is a one-of-a-kind platform that has changed the entire course of digital learning. It is an easy-to-use educational software meant for simple and quick learning. Quizlet provides short quizzes on a multitude of topics, offered on multiple modes of study, including flashcards, matching, and tests. You can also create flashcards of your own and share them with the rest of the Quizlet community.

Part 2. Top 5 creative tools to enhance the learning experience

The world has seen the marvels of digital learning in many ways, and traditional learning tools have become a thing of the past. These days, one might need the assistance of a good creative media tool for multiple reasons. Not only do media tools help to provide better quality content for learners, but they also help channel creativity into educational content to make learning more fun.

For that purpose, here is a list of some esteemed creative tools to enhance your learning experience:

  1. Wondershare UniConverter
  2. Fotophire Slideshow Maker
  3. PPTX to MP4
  4. Scratch
  5. PDFelement

1. Wondershare UniConverter

UniConverter by Wondershare is a complete video toolbox to convert, compress, edit videos, burn DVDs, and much more. It helps you create a successful tutorial video to enhance learning and provides innovative solutions for teaching online to engage students better with full-advanced features.

the best educational software

Here are some features of UniConverter that can prove helpful in your educational journey:

  • Record live video or audio lectures online, whether you are a learner or an educator.
  • Combine two or more lecture videos in a single file.
  • Compress video lectures if the file size is too big.
  • Trim videos and get rid of unwanted parts from your lectures.
  • Add subtitles in your lecture videos for better comprehension.
Try the Creative eLearning authoring tool Wondershare UniConverter for free now!

Over 3,591,664 people have downloaded it to try the advanced features.

2. Fotophire Slideshow Maker

Fotophire is a marvelous photo slideshow maker. You can easily create educational slideshows choosing from a variety of themes and step up your presentation game.

fotophire slideshow maker for education

Following are some features of Fotophire:

  • Share your educational slideshows with your community using a single click.
  • Set up background audio in your slideshow for better understanding.
  • Set up an extended time to emphasize a particular point in your educational slideshow.
  • Choose a specific template or theme for your slideshow to make it interesting.
  • Trim your slideshow to remove the unnecessary bits.

3. PPTX to MP4 –

online convert online education software is a web-based service that acts as a means to convert video file formats. Here is what it can do for your educational needs:

  • Capture a screenshot of any educational website or URL.
  • Compress large-sized PDF lecture notes or books.
  • Reduce the size of lecture images for better access.
  • Reduce the size of video lectures and share them easily.
  • Use OCR to extract useful information from scanned notes or books.

4. Scratch

Scratch is online education software that offers resources for students and educators across the globe, such as workshops and helpful tutorials to program your creations.

scratch educational software

Scratch offers the following useful features:

  • Block-based programming to make coding easier.
  • Scratch can be used on tablets to make learning accessible on multiple platforms.
  • Text-to-speech input and translation to make the learning process easier.
  • Parallelism so that multiple events can occur simultaneously.
  • Impressive tools for sound and image editing.

5. PDFelement

pdfelement education software for pc

PDFelement is a one-stop solution for all PDF-related problems that might arise in digital learning platforms. Here is a list of impressive features by PDFelement:

  • Highlight and annotate important aspects of your material for students.
  • Extract important data from scanned images or text.
  • Convert your written assignments or lectures into digital PDF files.
  • Easily edit your lectures and notes as PDF files.
  • Compress large PDF files of lectures and notes.

The bottom line

The increased use of educational software has proven to be helpful in a variety of ways. Besides providing smart and efficient learning content, these software have also made communication easier. As a teacher, you can use the tools mentioned above to provide a better learning environment for the students. As a student, you can better organize your content and gain better insight into the educational content.

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