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Take remote learning to the next level with the 10 best tools

Distance learning has become a part of educational schedules due to the ongoing pandemic. Its benefits are workable in the long run. This article recommends 10 best software for distance learning that offers advanced features for students and teachers. Let us have a look at ten remote learning software in the market.

Part 1. What is remote learning, and how does it affect the learner's development in terms of education?

distance learning software

Remote learning is also known as distance learning which means giving education to the students via a virtual portal through a system of internet connection. The efficiency and workability of remote learning are based on the technology tools, student support infrastructure, and preparedness.

It wouldn't be wrong to claim that remote learning has a fair share of impact on the development of a student. There was a significant concern if students were listening to the lecture or were present elsewhere. The unstable internet connection and the complicated sign-up process are a turn-off in distance learning.

As for statistics, 59% of parents are concerned about their kids' mental health, and 63% worry about their child having extravagant screen time. According to a survey, 55.1 million students were affected due to the transition from physical to remote learning. The distance learning presents more flexible schedules, and students can learn at their own pace. Additionally, there are fewer distractions for students who struggle to participate in a physical classroom. With more sleep and self-regulation skills, remote learning has a good deal of advantages.

Part 2. 10 best software for distance learning

1. Google Classroom - Save time with a simplified learning

Available: Online, Android, iOS

software for distance learning

Google Classroom takes learning to the next level and works best for online learning. The online tool works like a charm for educators and students. The interactive tools give rise to simplified and productive learning.

Effortless adjustment. Students can adjust their accessibility settings as they find necessary. It helps tailor the system according to individual needs.

Tracking progress system. Google Classroom helps keep everyone on track with students' upcoming assignments and teachers who have to review the pages.

Improve image capturing. It allows students to capture and upload their homework in the app.

Transparent grading. The grading is kept transparent and consistent with rubrics along with the student's work.

Issue investigation. Google Classroom presents reports to investigate issues and make learning effective.

2. Edmodo- Handling teachers' cumbersome duties

Available: Online, Android, iOS

remote learning software

Edmodo is another unique remote learning software for schools that have eased the teaching process for teachers.

All-in-one platform. Edmodo is a free and mobile-friendly platform that handles most teaching duties like an expert-for instance, sending messages, tracking grades, sharing assignments, and creating quizzes.

Parents control over educational gaps. The parents can have their login passwords to know what the child has been up to and understand any learning gaps in education.

Enhances classroom inspiration. The lessons can be shared in the classroom using hashtags so that other teachers can have inspiration from them.

Teaching updates. The classroom activity can be reviewed, and teachers can stay updated about the student's progress.

Classroom management. The teachers can manage the classroom as they wish to. The lectures can be organized effortlessly.

3. Wondershare UniConverter — Create video-based learning content

Available: Windows, Mac

remote learning software for schools

Wondershare UniConverter presents practical tools for distance learning.

Video Downloader. Students and teachers can download the course and lecture video from courses website through UniConverter.

download for distance learning

Video Converter. UniConverter supports converting 1,000+ video and audio formats.

converter for distance learning

Subtitles Editor. The subtitles are added automatically to your educational videos that engage the audience easily.

subtitle editor for distance learning

Smart Trimmer. Trim your educational videos automatically with AI.

smart trimmer for distance learning

Screen Recorder. Teachers and students can record online lectures and record online classes in high quality.

recorder for distance learning
Try Wondershare UniConverter for free now!

Over 3,591,664 people have downloaded it to try the advanced features.

4. Google Forms - A seamless survey creator

Available: Online

best remote learning apps

Google Forms is an online tool that works on surveys to handle quantitative data analysis.

No survey limitations. The students can create indefinite surveys for their data analysis free of cost.

Response analysis. One can sign up quickly in Google Forms, and the responses are analyzed in real-time.

Form creation. The form creation process is effortless, and students can use multiple choice questions as well. Reorder and change the sequence of questions and customize values flawlessly.

Polished surveys and forms. The polished surveys and forms come into being by using specified colors, fonts, and images. The logic can be mentioned alongside to ensure a seamless experience.

Automatic summaries and charts. The automatic summaries and charts are formed that make analysis deeper and frictionless.

5. Panopto - Video content management

Available: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

best remote learning apps Panopto

Supported by multiple operating systems, Panopto is considered the best video management tool and remote learning software for schools.

Lecture video management. Panopto does a phenomenal job in managing the recorded lectures. It is a searchable video platform that integrates with LMS.

Rich virtual classroom. Compelling video conferencing solutions are offered by Panopto that create a rich virtual classroom for teachers and students.

Flexible captioning system. Panopto comes with a flexible captioning system that has compliant with federal accessibility requirements.

Effortless lecture capture solution. Be it campus-wide installations or small department deployments, Panopto is the most effective lecture capture solution.

Active learning sessions. Active learning is offered with interactive videos that engage the students and make the focus better.

6. iSpring Learn - Robust solution for planning training programs

Available: Online, Android, iOS

best remote learning software iSpring Learn

Acting as a fast LMS for your project, iSpring Learn is another software for distance learning. The features include:

Facile process.The LMS is made super-easy to use with iSpring Learn workability.

Reasonable price on the go. There is no hidden fee for its usage. The advanced technology can be put to use at a fair price.

Development of training program. A new training program or lecture can be issued in the most robust fashion possible.

Training management on autopilot. The deadlines are easily managed with iSpring Learn acting under the hood. The reminders are sent automatically.

Comprehensive reports. iSpring Learn establishes comprehensive reports that track the progress of the member, student, or trainee. It helps make informed decisions about the team's effectiveness.

7. Moodle - Impeccable student engagement and user experience

Available: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

best remote learning apps Moodle

As the world's most effective learning management system, allow me to introduce you to Moodle, serving as a workable remote learning software. The attributes are as follows:

Free and open-source. Moodle is considered the free and open-source LMS. Its usage is witnessed by K-12 schools and institutions of higher education.

Interactive learning experience. The interactive learning experience is offered by the combination of learning materials and course videos.

Moodle plugins. The Moodle plugins are used to enhance the effectiveness and workability of LMS.

Better user experience and engagement. Moodle covers a diverse range of learning, from course authoring to a better educational experience and student engagement.

Management and organization. The teachers have a better attempt at managing virtual classrooms, tracking grades, and course completion.

8. TalentLMS - Workable integrations with engaging content

Available: Online, Android, iOS

best remote learning tool TalentLMS

The next on the list of remote learning software for schools is TalentLMS. It has a fair share of features for teachers and students, mentioned below:

Versatile and intuitive platform. TalentLMS is an intuitive platform that offers eCommerce, cmi5, Watershed LRS support, xAPI, and Zapier integration.

Engaging video lectures. The different content types are mixed to make the learning engaging and interactive. It includes images, videos, PPT slides, and self-assessments.

Selling online lectures. More importantly, the teachers can sell their lectures online from the LMS.

Enabling integrations. The system functionality can be enhanced by enabling integrations with Zoom, Google calendar, and Slack.

Digestible and short courses. The platform offers short and digestible courses to make learning more fun and less burden.

9. Canvas LMS - Learning management system tool

Available: Online, Android, iOS

best remote learning app Canvas LMS

Canvas LMS is an extensive LMS that amplifies the learning experience of everyone in the loop. Some of its significant features are given below:

Robust digital foundation. As an open and extensible LMS, Canvas delivers an engaging and dynamic learning experience. It acts as a robust digital foundation for all aspects of education.

Versatile platform for all. The versatile platform offers every tool in one place, offers accessibility, and enhances the productivity of students and teachers.

Accessibility and workability. The teachers can grade the students on the go as the mobile app has its fair share of workability and accessibility no matter where you go.

Unlimited file size. Canvas LMS doesn't mind file size. The users can pile upon indefinite documents to enrich the learning experience.

10. Google Meet - A virtual meeting in heaven

Available: Online, Android, iOS

google meet

Last but not least, allow me to introduce you to Google Meet. Some of its primary features are given below in detail.

Joining meetings. Google Meet helps the educators, learners, and scholars join meetings via Calendar invite, link, email invite, or Gmail.

Dial-in phone number. The stakeholders can also create a dial-in phone number to enhance accessibility.

Meeting engagement. The teachers enhance the meeting engagement and interaction through Questions/Answers, polls, and hand raises.

Screen Sharing. The documents and files can be flawlessly shared during the conference call without any complications.

Safety and security. The video meetings from Google Meet are safely encrypted with an array of safety measures.

Part 3. FAQs about remote learning

1. What are the pros and cons of distance learning?


Distance learning helps to learn and earn at the same time.

The access to courses is flexible.

One doesn't have to worry about the geographical location.


There is a lack of individual attention to students.

The students miss out on campus life.

2. What are some remote learning tips for students?

  • Create a study schedule with a suitable study planner app.
  • Communicate with teachers and classmates regularly.
  • Create an environment dedicated to studying.
  • Maintain a good sleep schedule, eat well, and exercise.
  • Stay focused.

3. How do I pay attention during remote learning?

The students can pay attention during remote learning by developing a learning environment at home and relaxing in breaks. Additionally, try your best to have meals regularly to be attentive enough.

Final thoughts

There are multiple pros and cons associated with online-cum-distance learning. However, it is vital to have access to impeccable software for distance learning. The article discussed ten remote learning software. The students and teachers are expected to choose the tool that favors their workability.

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